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5 Dead as 7 Tornadoes Tear Through Michigan

Thousands also left without power amid severe storms

(Newser) - At least seven tornadoes touched down in Michigan as part of severe storms powered by strong winds that killed five people, while downing trees, tearing roofs off buildings and leaving hundreds of thousands of customers without power, officials said. The National Weather Service on Friday said an EF-2 tornado with...

Tornado Hit on Pfizer Plant Could Cause Drug Shortages

North Carolina facility made 25% of sterile injectable medication used in US hospitals

(Newser) - A tornado that did serious damage to a Pfizer plant in Rocky Mount, North Carolina, on Wednesday has probably worsened America's nationwide drug shortage, Bloomberg reports. The tornado ripped off the pharmaceutical plant's roof, and the county sheriff said 50,000 pallets of medicine were damaged. According to...

Hundreds of Flights Disrupted by Tornado Near Chicago Airport

Twister touched down near O'Hare

(Newser) - A tornado touched down Wednesday evening near Chicago's O'Hare International Airport, prompting passengers to take shelter and disrupting hundreds of flights, the AP reports. There were no immediate reports of injuries. A confirmed tornado was on the ground around 7pm, according to the National Weather Service in Chicago....

Texas Gets Pummeled With Weather Again

'Killer tornadoes' strike in NW area of state, kill 4

(Newser) - A line of severe storms produced what a meteorologist calls a rare combination of multiple tornadoes, hurricane-force winds, and softball-sized hail in northwest Texas, killing at least four people and causing significant damage around the town of Matador, per the AP . A supercell developed about 8pm Wednesday near Amarillo before...

2 Dead as Tornadoes Strike Central US

Severe weather also includes winds, hail

(Newser) - Strong storms including tornadoes, winds, and hail moved through parts of the Central US on Wednesday, killing at least two people, causing injuries, destroying homes and leaving thousands without power, the AP reports. The National Weather Service began issuing tornado and severe thunderstorm warnings Wednesday evening in Oklahoma, Kansas, and...

Tornado Hits Missouri; Multiple People Dead

Deadly weather system continues to wreak havoc, with more on the horizon

(Newser) - A tornado that tore through southeastern Missouri on Wednesday caused widespread destruction and killed and injured multiple people, the AP reports. The tornado moved through a rural area of Bollinger County, about 50 miles south of St. Louis, between 3:30 and 4am, said Sgt. Clark Parrott of the Missouri...

'Absolute Chaos' as Tornadoes Rip Through Multiple States

At least 21 are dead as severe weather blasts through Illinois, Arkansas, Indiana, Iowa, Oklahoma

(Newser) - The scope of the destruction caused by what may have been dozens of tornadoes that swept through parts of the South and Midwest the day before became clearer late Saturday. Officials raised the death toll to 21, the AP reports; seven of the victims were killed in Tennessee's McNairy...

People in South, Midwest Urged to Prepare for Dangerous Weather

Conditions are similar to those before last week's deadly Mississippi storm

(Newser) - Meteorologists are urging people in parts of the Midwest and southern US to be ready Friday for dangerous weather including tornadoes, saying the conditions are similar to those a week ago that unleashed a devastating twister that killed at least 21 people in Mississippi. An outbreak of severe thunderstorms has...

She Gave Birth to a Son as Tornado Killed Her Daughter

More on Friday night's devastating twister

(Newser) - A tornado packing winds of up to 200mph wreaked havoc on the towns of Rolling Fork and Silver City, Mississippi, on Friday night, killing at least 21 people . More on the victims and what made this storm particularly deadly:

Meteorologist Sees Tornado Track on Air, Offers a Prayer

Matt Laubhan of WTVA in Mississippi has an emotional moment while watching storm

(Newser) - A meteorologist in Mississippi was on the air Friday night tracking a massive tornado about to touch down when he got a live update on the storm's path. "Oh man," said Matt Laubhan of WTVA, per Fox News . "North side of Amory this is coming in....

Tornado Survivors Saw Their City and Homes Vanish

At least 25 people were killed in Mississippi Delta

(Newser) - "My city is gone," Eldridge Walker, the mayor of Rolling Fork, said Saturday after a tornado ripped through the Mississippi Delta, killing at least 25 people. Entire blocks were flattened, home were reduced to piles of rubble, and cars were flipping in the storm. Rolling Fork's water...

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Tornado sweeps through Mississippi, Alabama, killing at least 26

(Newser) - A powerful tornado tore through rural Mississippi and Alabama on Friday night, killing at least 26 people, reports CNN . The tornado also destroyed buildings and knocked out power as severe weather that produced hail the size of golf balls moved through several Southern states and prompted authorities to warn some...

Rare California Tornado Rips Roofs Off Buildings

Los Angeles suburb impacted; another tornado touched down further north

(Newser) - A rare tornado touched down in a Los Angeles suburb on Wednesday, ripping roofs off a line of commercial buildings and sending the debris twisting into the sky and across a city block, injuring one person, the AP reports. The National Weather Service sent teams to assess damage in Montebello...

So Long, Midwest: Tornado Alley Has a New Favorite Target

Instances of tornadoes in Great Plains are down, while they're more frequent in the Southeast

(Newser) - Parts of Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Nebraska have long been such rich tornado-magnets that the area was less-than-charmingly dubbed "Tornado Alley ." But as NBC News reports, Tornado Alley looks to be picking itself up and moving south, with researchers noting a pattern in recent years of fewer twisters...

4 Members of Same Family Killed in Alabama Tornadoes

They lived in 2 separate houses on the same road

(Newser) - Four of the people killed in tornadoes in Alabama last week were members of the same family. Robert Gardner Jr., 70, and Deanna Marie Corbin, 59, lived at one house on Sandy Ridge Road in Prattville, and Christopher Allen Corbin Jr, 46, and Tessa Celeste Desmet, 21, lived at another...

Alabama Reports Tornado Deaths
Alabama Reports
Tornado Deaths

Alabama Reports Tornado Deaths

Two young children are found on a Selma rooftop after twister passes

(Newser) - A giant, swirling storm system billowing across the South spurred a tornado on Thursday that killed at least six people in central Alabama. Details about the fatalities were not immediately available. The storm shredded the walls of homes, toppled roofs, and uprooted trees in Selma. Brick buildings collapsed, cars were...

Boy, His Mom Killed by Tornadoes That Swept the South

Widespread destruction reported

(Newser) - The severe storm system currently lashing the US brought at least 21 tornadoes that ripped through Louisiana over a 24-hour period Tuesday into Wednesday. A total of 49 tornado reports came in across the South during that time period, including twisters in Mississippi, Texas, Alabama, and Florida, and CNN reports...

Tornadoes Wreak Havoc in 2 States
Tornadoes Wreak
Havoc in 2 States

Tornadoes Wreak Havoc in 2 States

At least one person is dead and dozens hurt in Texas, Oklahoma after bout of extreme weather

(Newser) - Tornadoes tore through parts of Texas and Oklahoma on Friday, killing at least one person, injuring dozens of others, and leaving dozens of homes and buildings in ruins. Tornadoes hit hard in McCurtain County, Okla., in the southeastern corner of the state. Cody McDaniel, the county's emergency manager, confirmed...

One Dead, Dozens Hurt After 'Catastrophic' Tornado

Michigan declares state of emergency after twister sweeps through Gaylord

(Newser) - "The town is devastated." That was the assessment Friday of Jordan Awrey, a member of the City Council in Gaylord, after a tornado swept through the Michigan town on Friday, killing one and wreaking havoc on buildings, cars, and other structures. Michigan State Police say 44 people were...

Friday Night Twister Slams Into Wichita

And other parts of Kansas, where some homes were 'completely blown away' by twister

(Newser) - A tornado that barreled through parts of Kansas damaged multiple buildings, injured several people, and left more than 6,500 people without power, officials said Saturday. Officials said the twister moved through parts of southeast Wichita and Andover on Friday evening, per the AP . Andover Fire Chief Chad Russell said...

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