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Abortion Rights Could Be on Ballot in 2 More States

Arizona, Nebraska organizers say they have collected more than enough signatures

(Newser) - Organizers in Arizona and Nebraska said Wednesday that they turned in far more signatures than required to get ballot measures on abortion rights before voters in November's election. In Nebraska, there could be two competing questions. One, like the Arizona proposal, would add a right to abortion to the...

Idaho Hospitals Must Provide Emergency Abortions, for Now

Supreme Court issues a procedural ruling and could get the case back again

(Newser) - Hospitals in Idaho must provide emergency abortions, at least for the time being, based on a Supreme Court ruling released Thursday. The ruling is a procedural one that doesn't address key questions in the case, meaning it could end up back before the court again in the not-too-distant future,...

Plaintiff 'Outraged' After Texas Supreme Court Abortion Ruling

State Supreme Court rejects challenge to law that would've forced clarification on medical exemptions

(Newser) - The Texas Supreme Court on Friday rejected a challenge to one of the most restrictive abortion bans in the US. The unanimous ruling from the court, whose nine justices are all elected Republicans, is the latest decision to uphold Texas' abortion ban, which critics say doesn't offer enough clarity...

Abortion Drugs Are Now Controlled Substances Here

Lousiana Gov. Jeff Landry signs legislation on mifepristone, misoprostol

(Newser) - First-of-its-kind legislation that classifies two abortion-inducing drugs as controlled and dangerous substances was signed into law Friday by Louisiana Gov. Jeff Landry. The Republican governor announced his signing of the bill in Baton Rouge a day after it gained final legislative passage in the state Senate. The measure affects the...

Abortion Pills on Brink of Being Reclassified in Louisiana

State House and Senate have both passed bill

(Newser) - Louisiana is one signature away from being the first US state to reclassify two abortion-inducing drugs as dangerous controlled substances. The State Senate passed the bill 29-7 on Thursday, and GOP Gov. Jeff Landry is expected to sign it. The law would move the abortion pills mifepristone and misoprostol into...

After Roe, an Abortion 'Underground' Emerges

Meet the doulas and others in this 'makeshift national network of helpers'

(Newser) - Waiting in a long post office line with the latest shipment of "abortion aftercare kits," Kimra Luna got a text. A woman who'd taken abortion pills three weeks earlier was worried about bleeding—and disclosing the cause to a doctor. "Bleeding doesn't mean you need...

Arizona Governor Signs Repeal of 1864 Abortion Law

Hobbs slams ban 'passed by 27 men before Arizona was even a state'

(Newser) - Arizona's 1864 ban on almost all abortions is a dead law walking. Democratic Gov. Katie Hobbs signed a repeal of the law Thursday, a day after it was passed by the state Senate. She slammed the "ban that was passed by 27 men before Arizona was even a...

Florida's 6-Week Abortion Ban Will Be Widely Felt
Florida's 6-Week Abortion
Ban Will Be Widely Felt
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Florida's 6-Week Abortion Ban Will Be Widely Felt

The state had served those in other Southern states with strict abortion laws

(Newser) - As of Wednesday, a law banning abortions after six weeks of pregnancy, before many women know they're pregnant, took effect in Florida. As the Washington Post reports, the state went "from one with the fewest restrictions for the procedure in the South" to one where abortion is "...

Arizona House Votes to Repeal 1864 Abortion Ban

State Senate vote is expected next week

(Newser) - Arizona's 1864 abortion ban appears unlikely to survive 2024. After two failed efforts , the state House voted 32-28 Wednesday to repeal the near-total ban on abortions, the Arizona Republic reports. Three Republican lawmakers voted with all 29 of the chamber's Democrats, while other Republicans delivered speeches describing the...

SCOTUS Hears Case on Emergency Abortions
SCOTUS Appears Split on
Emergency Abortions Case
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SCOTUS Appears Split on Emergency Abortions Case

Solicitor general says Idaho law has left patients, doctors in an 'impossible position'

(Newser) - As pro- and anti-abortion rights protesters gathered outside, the Supreme Court heard arguments Wednesday in a case that pits Idaho's strict abortion law against a federal law on emergency treatment. The Washington Post reports that the court's conservative justices appeared skeptical of arguments that a 1986 federal law...

Arizona Abortion Bombshell May Be Trouble for GOP
Arizona Abortion
Bombshell May Be
Trouble for GOP
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Arizona Abortion Bombshell May Be Trouble for GOP

GOP Senate candidate Kari Lake denounces ruling, which could drive Democrats to the polls

(Newser) - Arizona is suddenly poised to enact one of the toughest abortion laws in the country, thanks to Tuesday's court ruling . And just as suddenly, abortion has become a monumental issue in a presidential battleground state that just happens to have a Senate contest this year as well, reports the...

2 Major Abortion Rulings From Florida's Top Court

6-week abortion ban can go ahead, but so can ballot measure on abortion rights

(Newser) - In two decisions Monday, Florida's Supreme Court ruled that one of the nation's most restrictive abortion bans could take effect—and that a measure that could overturn the ban can appear on the ballot in November.
  • The ban. The court ruled that the state's constitution does not

Prosecutors Sued for Charging Woman Who Took Abortion Pill

Murder count in Texas was dropped, but Lizelle Gonzalez says harm was done

(Newser) - The murder charge against Lizelle Gonzalez were dropped quickly, and the Texas prosecutor who brought it was punished. But Gonzalez has sued the district attorney for more than $1 million, in a filing that says the humiliation of her arrest and jailing for taking an abortion-inducing drug has "permanently...

An 1873 Law May Be New Front in Abortion Fight
An 1873 Law May Be New
Front in Abortion Fight
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An 1873 Law May Be New Front in Abortion Fight

Comstock Act, banning the mailing of 'obscene' materials, hasn't been applied in nearly a century

(Newser) - A century and a half ago, before women had the right to vote, a federal law was enacted banning the mailing of "obscene, lewd, [or] lascivious" materials, including abortion drugs. Though never fully repealed, the 1873 Comstock Act hasn't been applied in nearly a century and some experts...

In Alabama, a 'Political Earthquake,' Over Abortion, IVF

Democrat Marilyn Lands wins special election for state House seat, running on abortion and IVF

(Newser) - In vitro fertilization has now been granted protections in Alabama, after a controversial state Supreme Court ruling in February that declared embryos as children in the eyes of the law. Now, a Democrat in the deep-red state has been handed a "decisive victory" in a special election there, in...

15-Week Abortion Limit Seems Popular, Trump Says

After winning overturning of Roe, candidate says, 'We're going to come up with a time'

(Newser) - Donald Trump suggested Tuesday that he'd support a national ban on abortions around 15 weeks of pregnancy, voicing for the first time support for a specific limit on the procedure, the AP reports. The Republican former president has taken credit for striking down a federally guaranteed right to abortion...

Olivia Rodrigo's Concert Freebies Cause a Stir in Missouri

Emergency contraception handed out for free at singer's show in state that bans abortion

(Newser) - Attendees of pop star Olivia Rodrigo's recent concert in Missouri got more than a show: Some went home with the morning-after pill, free of charge, in the state where abortion is banned. The emergency contraception from startup Julie, which costs about $50 per pill, was handed out for free...

In Push for Abortion Rights, Harris to Notch a Big First

Vice president will visit Minnesota abortion clinic as part of her reproductive rights tour

(Newser) - A Planned Parenthood clinic in Minnesota that offers abortions will host an unusual guest on Thursday. As part of her "Fight for Reproductive Freedoms" tour across the US to bring awareness to abortion rights, Vice President Kamala Harris will visit the Twin Cities-area clinic, where she'll tour the...

Mifepristone to Be Available at CVS, Walgreens Stores

Biden calls the change a milestone

(Newser) - The abortion pill mifepristone will become available with a prescription at CVS and Walgreens stores in certain states this month, the companies said Friday. The pharmacy chains, the largest in the nation, have received certification to dispense the medication under FDA guidelines issued last year, the New York Times reports....

Biden Rips Alabama Ruling, While Harris Blames Trump

Democrats call decision the result of ending Roe v. Wade

(Newser) - President Biden condemned the Alabama Supreme Court 's ruling that considers frozen embryos to be children, as his vice president and campaign took the opportunity to place responsibility for the decision on Donald Trump. In a statement issued Thursday afternoon, Biden called the ruling the "direct result" of...

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