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Baby Jessica's Trust Fund Lost in Stock Market Crash

People gave $1.2M after the 18-month-old spent 60 hours stuck in a well

(Newser) - Two decades after she grabbed America's attention by falling into a dark pit, "Baby Jessica" watched the stock market do the same thing. In an exclusive interview with People , 30-year-old Jessica McClure Morales says she lost most of her $1.2 million trust fund when the market crashed...

Baby Jessica McClure Turns 25, Gets Trust Fund
 Baby Jessica Turns 25 

Baby Jessica Turns 25

Now a grown-up mom, Jessica McClure gets her $800K trust fund

(Newser) - Baby Jessica—the 18-month-old girl who was trapped in an abandoned water well for two and a half days in 1987, captivating America—is a baby no more, reports the AP. She turned 25 yesterday, old enough at last to have access to an $800,000 trust fund, left to...

Mom 'Baby Jessica' Nears $1M Payday for Well Accident

Doesn't recall ordeal; has baby of her own

(Newser) - Baby Jessica—the one who fell down a well 20 years ago and captured the world's attention—is now 21, married and the mother of a year-old son in a small Texas town. This week's anniversary of the accident passed with little fanfare, but in a little over three years,...

3 Stories