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College Grads Make 98% More Than Everyone Else

But does that mean that college is 'worth it'?

(Newser) - With college costs constantly rising , and graduates facing increasing economic challenges , more and more people are wondering if college is worth it. To which David Leonhardt at the New York Times offers a simple, straightforward answer: "Yes … and it's not even close." Leonhardt cites a new...

Fed Report: College Diploma Worth $831K

Grads will out-earn those who skip college by that much, says study

(Newser) - Is college still a good investment despite the soaring cost of tuition? Most definitely, concludes a new report by the San Francisco Fed . It found that most of those who graduate with a four-year degree can expect to earn about $831,000 more by retirement age than those who skip...

Teens in Florida Illegally Set to Pay In-State Tuition

Gov. Rick Scott expected to sign bill when it clears House

(Newser) - Florida is on track to become the 20th US state to offer students who are in the country illegally the same in-state college tuition rates as citizens. The state Senate yesterday voted 26-13 in favor of a bill that would save undocumented youth the burden of paying out-of-state fees—typically...

Tennessee Overwhelmingly Passes Free College Bill

Bill Haslam to sign proposal offering free 2-year schooling

(Newser) - Soon, every high school graduate in Tennessee will be able to afford at least some further education. The state's House overwhelmingly passed the "Tennessee Promise" bill Tuesday night; it offers graduates a two-and-a-half-year free ride to any qualifying associate's degree or technical certificate program, the Tennessean reports....

Teen Who Sued Parents: I Got $56K Scholarship

Rachel Canning headed to Western New England University

(Newser) - New Jersey's Rachel Canning made headlines in early March with her ultimately fruitless attempt to sue her parents for college tuition (she dropped the suit shortly thereafter). According to a Sunday post on her Facebook account, she may not have needed to go to so much trouble. "Decision...

Yes, We Should Tell Kids If College Will Make Them Poor

It's perfectly fair to rate colleges on their ROI, Jordan Weissmann argues

(Newser) - A lot of academics get awfully defensive when it comes to PayScale's annual report ranking colleges based, essentially, on how much money their grads make compared to the cost of their educations. "Saying that a mineral engineer makes twice what an artist does, and therefore this particular art...

Judge to Teen Suing Parents for Tuition: Not So Fast

NJ court sees no emergency, worries about precedent

(Newser) - A New Jersey high school senior who's suing her parents for financial support , including college tuition, hit a setback yesterday: A judge in Morristown rejected an emergency order that would have meant more than $600 each week for honor student Rachel Canning, the Star-Ledger reports. Judge Peter Bogaard argued...

18-Year-Old Sues Mom, Dad for College Money

Rachel Canning says she was kicked out, parents owe her financial support

(Newser) - A New Jersey 18-year-old who's been living with her best friend's family is suing her parents for tuition, both for her private high school and her future college. Rachel Canning says her parents kicked her out of the house; she's seeking a court ruling holding that she'...

Student Pays Tuition in $1 Bills

Utah youth protests rising cost of college

(Newser) - A University of Utah student paid his tuition bill with 2,000 one-dollar bills as a protest against the rising cost of college. Luq Mughal brought a metal case full of greenbacks to the school this week after making the rounds of local banks. The 21-year-old tells the Salt Lake ...

Class of 2012 Owes Almost $30K Each

Tuition rising faster than family incomes

(Newser) - The class of 2012 entered a tough jobs market buckling under an average debt load of $29,400, according to the annual report from the Institute for College Access and Success. That's up from an average $26,600 in 2011, and the rise can be blamed on rising tuition...

New Student Cost: Colleges' Sly Fees

Those $2.25 "free HIV testing" fees can really rack up

(Newser) - As college tuition costs skyrocket , a second, sneakier bill is also on the rise, and students may not even see it coming. Many colleges across the country are increasing their mandatory student fees, and although individual charges might look small (and a little silly) on paper—Howard University has...

Colleges Warm to Deals: Buy 7 Terms, Get One Free

Or, get $2.5K cash back if you apply now!

(Newser) - Purchasing a four-year college education is starting to sound a lot more like buying a car. Liberal arts schools throughout the country are offering new deals to win over families with less cash on hand, the Wall Street Journal reports. You might get $2,500 cash back if you apply...

With State Cuts, Public University Costs Skyrocket

Amount students pay climbed record 8.3% last year

(Newser) - Going to a state school may be becoming less of a great way to keep college costs down: With state governments cutting funding, the amount public-college students paid in tuition (after scholarships and grants) soared 8.3% last year. That's the heftiest hike on record, reports the Wall Street ...

Paying Kids&#39; Tuition May Backfire on Parents
Paying Kids' Tuition  
May Backfire on Parents 
study says

Paying Kids' Tuition May Backfire on Parents

Students who pay their own way get better grades, says study

(Newser) - Parents who pay for their kid's college tuition may think they're doing junior a big favor: He'll be able to skip a part-time job and focus on academics, right? Not so much, suggests a new study picked up by Forbes . Sociologists found that students who paid their...

Florida May Vary Tuition Depending on College Major

Governor's task force recommends change

(Newser) - Anthropology majors in Florida may have to pay higher tuition than science majors if a new task force on college costs gets its way. The panel set up by Gov. Rick Scott recommends that state schools give a break to students who major in math and science because related jobs...

More Colleges Join $50K Club
 More Colleges Join $50K Club 

More Colleges Join $50K Club

As tuition rises, 151 schools now above that threshold

(Newser) - Want more evidence that the price of college is exploding? Well this year, 151 schools will cost more than $50,000 a year, including tuition, fees, room and board, CNN reports, based on numbers from the College Board and Chronicle of Higher Education. That's up from 123 last year...

Debt Rises Again for New College Grads

It's up 5%, and that's not counting for-profit schools

(Newser) - It's the latest snapshot of the growing burden of student debt and it's another discouraging one: Two-thirds of the national college class of 2011 finished school with loan debt, and those who borrowed walked off the graduation stage owing on average $26,600—up about 5% from the...

Students Footing More of College Bill

In first, more than half live at home, too: Sallie Mae study

(Newser) - Sallie Mae is seeing a "major shift" in the way Americans pay for college, it reveals in an annual report released today. Regardless of income level, students are paying a bigger share of their educational costs than they have in four years, and mom and dad are paying less....

Quebec Student Protests: 2.5K Arrested So Far

Hundreds of thousands take to streets

(Newser) - With countless students taking to the streets of Quebec to protest tuition hikes, the number of arrests over the last three months has already hit 2,500 —and it's still growing. Protesters were initially furious over the increased fees; now they're also opposing a new law limiting...

Houston Family's College Bill: $1.5M

Marc and Beverly Ostrofsky have five daughters

(Newser) - Good thing he wrote a bestseller. Houston dad Marc Ostrofsky has tallied up his family's college costs, and "we’re looking at roughly $60,000 to $70,000 per child per year," he tells KHOU . "A total of about $1.5 million after tax dollars."...

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