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Prof Discovers Ancient 'Mary' Gospel

'Gospel of the Lots of Mary' was used for divination

(Newser) - Some ancient Egyptians apparently used a tiny "gospel," believing it could tell their future—even though its oracles were rather vague. Princeton University professor Marie Luijendijk discovered a 1,500-year-old book called the "Gospel of the Lots of Mary" and figured it would tell Jesus' life story...

'Oldest Known Gospel' Found in Mummy Mask

Researchers say Mark fragment pre-dates 90AD

(Newser) - Ancients apparently used various papyrus documents to create mummy masks—including what may be the earliest known fragment of a New Testament gospel, LiveScience reports. Confirming information that leaked in 2012, professor Craig Evans says he's among the researchers who peeled apart the glued layers of a mummy mask...

Hermain Cain, Gospel Singer
 Hermain Cain, 
 Gospel Singer 

Hermain Cain, Gospel Singer

Yes, he actually has an album from 15 years ago

(Newser) - Just when you thought the Republican presidential contest couldn’t get any stranger, we have breaking news: Herman Cain has a gospel album. That’s right, the Daily Caller today discovered an album online bearing the GOP hopeful's distinctive baritone. Cain's camp hasn’t commented, but Dave Weigel...

Pageant Wants Its Money Back for Prejean's Implants

Miss California officials quote scripture right back at stripped winner

(Newser) - The Miss California pageant wants back the money it ponied up for Carrie Prejean to get breast implants, countering her lawsuit with one of its own. Prejean alleges she was a victim of, among other things, religious discrimination in being stripped of her crown after taking an anti-gay-marriage stance; the...

Young Gospel Singer Killed in Tampa

Levi Dixon Jr. may have been mistaken for someone else: family

(Newser) - A promising 17-year-old gospel singer was shot to death early yesterday morning in West Tampa while staying at a friend’s house, the St. Petersburg Times reports. An unknown assailant burst through the door at 4 am and shot Levi Dixon Jr., whom relatives speculate he mistook for someone else....

The Gospel According to Jefferson
The Gospel According to Jefferson

The Gospel According to Jefferson

Founding Father cut and pasted his own personal Bible

(Newser) - Thomas Jefferson cut and pasted together his own New Testament, removing everything he refused to believe—like miracles and the resurrection of Jesus, the Los Angeles Times reports. Dubbed the Jefferson Bible, it reflects his deist belief that God created the universe and let it run on its own. But...

Soundtrack Dylan Covers Score
Soundtrack Dylan Covers Score

Soundtrack Dylan Covers Score

Remade songs from 'I'm Not There' packed with great impersonations

(Newser) - In keeping with the movie it supports, the soundtrack for Bob Dylan biopic I’m Not There is packed with imitators. Twenty-nine singers cover Dylan tracks on the 34-song tribute, which traces every phase of Dylan’s career—from folk highs to gospel lows—proving each to be “as...

Obama Looks for Gospel Lift
Obama Looks
for Gospel Lift

Obama Looks for Gospel Lift

But tour isn't attracting the young believers who fueled his early campaign

(Newser) - Barack Obama's three-city South Carolina gospel tour kicked off over the weekend, with hopes that a little soul would lift his swooning numbers along with spirits. If the goal was, as one local supporter put it, to "get these young folks re-fired up," it wasn't happening at the...

Obama Angers Gays With Choice of Gospel Singer

Donnie McClurkin has said homosexuality can be 'cured'

(Newser) - A Grammy-winning gospel singer who claims homosexuality can be “cured” is scheduled to perform this weekend at a show organized by Barack Obama's campaign, setting off a political brouhaha in the gay community. Obama’s camp has rejected calls to drop Donnie McClurkin, the Chicago Tribune reports, but the...

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