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New WaPo Publisher Was Part of 'Operation Save Big Dog'

Sources say Will Lewis, allies tried to save Boris Johnson's premiership; Jeff Bezos also weighs in

(Newser) - Commotion at the Washington Post over its new publisher continues. Sources now say that Will Lewis suggested to former UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson and other bigwigs at 10 Downing Street that they "clean up" their phones as those officials were investigated for the "Partygate" scandal during...

Poor Elon Musk Is No Longer the World's Richest Guy

Jeff Bezos, who hasn't held the top spot since 2021, is back

(Newser) - Jeff Bezos has taken back the top spot on the list of the world's wealthiest people. The Amazon founder and his $200 billion net worth on Monday surpassed Elon Musk, whose net worth was $2 billion less, reports the Wall Street Journal , citing the latest rankings from the Bloomberg...

Moving to Florida Has Saved Bezos a Lot of Money

He's selling a lot of stock, and he won't have to pay Washington state's capital gains tax

(Newser) - Jeff Bezos has moved to Miami after almost 30 years in Seattle, and it's going to save America's second-richest resident more than $600 million. The Amazon founder recently sold almost 12 million Amazon shares worth around $2 billion and has filed a plan with the SEC to sell...

Musk, Bezos Agree: We Need More People

Jeff Bezos puts ideal human population at a trillion

(Newser) - Carrying his young son onstage to illustrate his point, Elon Musk on Saturday urged the people of industrialized nations to have more children. Immigration alone can't counteract the population declines that Musk said threaten economics. Without demographic changes, he said, "the culture of Italy, Japan and France will...

12 Richest People Cause More Pollution Than 2M Homes

New Oxfam report points the finger at the 1% for more carbon emissions than poorest 2/3 of world

(Newser) - If you're feeling guilty that you haven't yet bought an EV or installed solar panels on your roof to cut down on your portion of greenhouse gases, you're (somewhat) off the hook—you can blame the 1% for a lot of that pollution. A new Oxfam International...

After 3 Decades, a Big Move for Bezos

Amazon founder is pulling up stakes and relocating from Seattle, where he's lived since 1994, to Miami

(Newser) - Hear "Miami," and thoughts of palm trees, Cuban food, and art deco architecture all come to mind. Now, add Jeff Bezos to that list: The Amazon founder announced this week that he's moving to the South Florida city and ditching Seattle after almost 30 years, reports the...

Feds, States Bring Huge Monopoly Suit Against Amazon

FTC, 17 states say Jeff Bezos' company is an illegal operation

(Newser) - The Federal Trade Commission and 17 state attorneys general filed an antitrust lawsuit against Amazon on Tuesday, alleging the e-commerce behemoth uses its position in the marketplace to inflate prices on other platforms, overcharge sellers, and stifle competition. The lawsuit, filed in US District Court for the Western District of...

Report: Jeff Bezos Has Popped the Question

Longtime love Lauren Sanchez spotted with an apparent engagement ring amid media reports

(Newser) - Last week, the big news on Jeff Bezos was that he was spotted on his new $500 million, 417-foot superyacht, said to be the longest sailing yacht on Earth. This week, even bigger news, at least if you're a romantic: The Amazon founder is said to be engaged to...

Bezos' Blue Origin Gets $3.4B NASA Contract to Build Moon Lander

2 years after losing out to SpaceX

(Newser) - Jeff Bezos' rocket company has won a NASA contract to land astronauts on the moon, two years after it lost out to SpaceX, the AP reports. Blue Origin received a $3.4 billion contract Friday to lead a team to develop a lunar lander named Blue Moon. It will be...

Seattle Band, Team Disagree on Reason for Cancellations

Musicians say it was the lyrics knocking Bezos, while Kraken blames drinking

(Newser) - A Seattle band says singing about Jeff Bezos being "a total jerk" ended the group's three-game residency early at the city's NHL arena, for which Amazon owns the naming rights. The Kraken suggested the group's drinking and unprofessional behavior were the problem, the Seattle Times reports,...

I Tried and Failed to Get Jeff Bezos to Save My Hometown

At least entrepreneur Justin Vandehey learned some valuable lessons

(Newser) - Jeff Bezos will not save the paper mill and—by extension—the local economy in the town of Wisconsin Rapids, but at least he considered the idea thanks to entrepreneur Justin Vandehey. Writing for Entrepreneur , Vandehey explains he has some credibility in the tech startup arena but no experience with...

Bezos' Ex Is Already Doing This. Now He Is, Too

After much criticism, Amazon founder says he plans on giving away most of his fortune in his lifetime

(Newser) - If it wasn't clear what Jeff Bezos plans to eventually do with his amassed wealth, he's just offered some clarification. He's going to give away most of his $124 billion before he dies, he tells CNN , which notes this is the first time the Amazon founder has...

Amazon Is First Company to Lose $1T in Market Value

Share price has fallen almost 50% this year

(Newser) - Just over four years ago, Amazon became the second US company to reach a $1 trillion valuation, weeks after Apple hit the same milestone. The e-commerce giant has now reached a more unwelcome milestone, becoming the first company in the world to lose $1 trillion in value, Bloomberg reports. Amazon'...

Ex-Housekeeper Calls Working Conditions Unsafe at Bezos' Home

Employees sometimes had to climb out a window to reach a bathroom, lawsuit says

(Newser) - A former housekeeper for Amazon founder Jeff Bezos says she and other employees suffered unsafe working conditions that included being forced to climb out a laundry room window to get to a bathroom anytime the Bezos family was home. In a lawsuit filed in King County Superior Court in Seattle...

Jeff Bezos Considers Bid for NFL Team, With Jay-Z

Snyder, facing several investigations, is under pressure to sell Washington Commanders

(Newser) - Jeff Bezos doesn't own an NFL team, but that could change. One day after the current owner of the Washington Commanders retained Bank of America to look into a sale, Bezos is preparing a bid for the team with Jay-Z, the Financial Times reports. The Amazon founder reportedly is...

Jeff Bezos Could Lose $23B Today
Jeff Bezos
Could Lose
$23B Today

Jeff Bezos Could Lose $23B Today

If Amazon stock plunge carries into Friday's trading

(Newser) - Amazon is the latest tech giant to report disappointing third-quarter earnings , with its Q3 results missing revenue estimates, per CNBC . The sales forecast for Q4 also fell short of analysts' expectations. After the report, Amazon stock plunged as much as 21% in after-hours trading after market close Thursday, Bloomberg reports....

Bezos Family Gives $710M to Cancer Center

Seattle research center hopes to use donation to speed up trials

(Newser) - The Seattle-based Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center has announced a $710 million gift from the Bezos family, the largest gift the center has ever received and one of the largest to go to any single cancer research organization in recent years. The donation will fund 36 new research labs, the building...

This Man Pushed Bezos Down One Spot in Richest Rankings

Bloomberg ranks Gautam Adani as world's 2nd richest

(Newser) - Update: And then he was second. NPR reports that Gautam Adani of India has grabbed the No. 2 slot on the world's richest list from Jeff Bezos. It cites Bloomberg's Billionaires Index, which this week listed both Adani and Bezos as having a net worth of $147 billion;...

Jeff Bezos Has First Rocket Failure
Jeff Bezos
Has First

Jeff Bezos Has First Rocket Failure

Nobody was aboard the Blue Origin flight

(Newser) - Jeff Bezos’ rocket company suffered its first launch failure Monday, per the AP . No one was aboard, only science experiments. The Blue Origin rocket veered off course over West Texas about a minute after liftoff. The capsule’s launch abort system immediately kicked in, lifting the craft off the top....

Bezos' Superyacht Avoids an Egging
Bezos' Superyacht
Avoids an Egging

Bezos' Superyacht Avoids an Egging

Y721 moved before masts are added, meaning historic Dutch bridge remains in place

(Newser) - Dutch citizens have lost their reason for wishing to pelt Jeff Bezos and his superyacht with eggs . Though it was initially expected that a massive bridge in the city of Rotterdam would need to be dismantled to allow the billionaire's $500 million superyacht to reach the sea, the 417-foot...

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