Samuel A. Alito

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Thomas, Alito Face Articles of Impeachment

AOC cites gifts to justices, refusals to recuse

(Newser) - As promised , Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has introduced articles of impeachment in the House against Supreme Court Justices Samuel Alito and Clarence Thomas. The New York Democrat cited their failure to disclose gifts from people with matters before the court and their refusal to recuse themselves from cases "in...

Op-Ed: Alito Said Nothing Wrong to Filmmaker
Op-Ed: Alito Said Nothing
Wrong to Filmmaker

Op-Ed: Alito Said Nothing Wrong to Filmmaker

Catholic University law professor defends the justice's remarks as non-controversial

(Newser) - Supreme Court justice Samuel Alito has taken much criticism this week after a progressive filmmaker posed as a conservative Christian and secretly recorded his comments. Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren, for example, called Alito an "extremist who is out of touch with mainstream America" after he agreed in the recorded...

Progressive Filmmaker Secretly Records the Alitos
Progressive Filmmaker
Secretly Records the Alitos
the rundown

Progressive Filmmaker Secretly Records the Alitos

Supreme Court justice sounds skeptical that compromise between the left and right is possible

(Newser) - A self-described "advocacy journalist" and documentary filmmaker posed as a Catholic conservative and secretly recorded Supreme Court justice Samuel Alito at an exclusive court gala. In the tapes, Alito questions whether compromise between the left and right is possible in the US and agrees the nation should return to...

Roberts Rejects Senators' Request to Meet About Alito

Democratic lawmakers want the associate justice to recuse himself from Trump cases

(Newser) - Chief Justice John Roberts on Thursday declined an invitation to meet with Democratic senators to talk about Supreme Court ethics and the controversy over flags that flew outside homes owned by Justice Samuel Alito. Roberts' response came in a letter to the senators a day after Alito separately wrote them...

Alito Rejects Calls to Sit Out Jan. 6 Cases
Alito Won't Be
Recusing Himself

Alito Won't Be Recusing Himself

Justice says he couldn't do anything about it when his wife flew the upside-down flag

(Newser) - Saying he lacks legal authority to lower flags flying at his Virginia house, Justice Samuel Alito announced Wednesday that he won't recuse himself from two Supreme Court cases connected to the attack on the Capitol. Flags flown at his house in Arlington and vacation house in New Jersey have...

Washington Post: We Had Alito Flag Story 3 Years Ago

Newspaper explains why it chose not to publish at the time

(Newser) - Nine days after the New York Times reported about the political symbolism of an upside-down American flag that flew at the home of Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito , the Washington Post acknowledged it had the same story more than three years ago and decided not to publish it, the AP...

Another Rioters' Flag Flew at Another Alito House

House Democrat introduces a censure resolution over 'Stop the Steal' symbol

(Newser) - The fallout continues for Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito over the flying of a symbolic upside-down flag outside his house, a debate possibly complicated by a report of another flag carried by Jan. 6 rioters having been displayed at Alito's beach house. More:
  • Censure: House Democrat Steve Cohen of

Alito Got Out of Bud Light After Political Boycott Started

Justice bought Molson Coors shares instead

(Newser) - About the same time Travis Tritt and Kid Rock were swearing off Bud Light for political reasons, Samuel Alito was dumping the brand as an investment. A transaction report shows the Supreme Court justice sold between $1,000 and $15,000 in Anheuser-Busch InBev stock on Aug. 14, 2023, CNBC...

Durbin Wants Alito Off All Election, Jan. 6 Cases

Justice's home reportedly displayed a symbol of the 'Stop the Steal' movement

(Newser) - The Senate Judiciary Committee chair has called on Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito, whose home reportedly displayed an upside-down US flag shortly after the attack on the Capitol, to recuse himself from all cases concerning the 2020 election and Jan. 6 riot. "The Court is in an ethical crisis...

'Stop the Steal' Flag Flew at Alito's House

Justice says his wife displayed the symbol to respond to a neighbor's signs

(Newser) - The week after Donald Trump supporters stormed the Capitol, some carrying an upside-down American flag to represent the "Stop the Steal" movement that contends the 2020 presidential election was rigged, the symbol was on display outside the home of a US Supreme Court justice. Samuel Alito's neighbors, as...

Thomas: I'd Have Been Happier on DC Circuit

Justice criticizes 'the nastiness and the lies' he and his wife face

(Newser) - With oral arguments over for this term, Supreme Court justices fanned out across the country over the weekend, providing an unusual flurry of public comments. At an appearance in Texas, Justice Brett Kavanaugh said the way to increase public faith in the judicial system is through consistency, transparency, and mutual...

An 1873 Law May Be New Front in Abortion Fight
An 1873 Law May Be New
Front in Abortion Fight
the rundown

An 1873 Law May Be New Front in Abortion Fight

Comstock Act, banning the mailing of 'obscene' materials, hasn't been applied in nearly a century

(Newser) - A century and a half ago, before women had the right to vote, a federal law was enacted banning the mailing of "obscene, lewd, [or] lascivious" materials, including abortion drugs. Though never fully repealed, the 1873 Comstock Act hasn't been applied in nearly a century and some experts...

Supreme Court Lets Ban on Conversion Therapy Stand

Law allows Washington state to pull license of a therapist trying to change someone's sexual orientation

(Newser) - A Washington state law prohibiting conversion therapy—treatment intended to change a person's sexual orientation or gender identity—will remain in place after the US Supreme Court declined to consider a challenge to the ban. As is usual, NPR reports, the court did not explain its decision. Two lower...

Kavanaugh: SCOTUS Ethics Changes Are on the Way

He predicts 'concrete steps' in the near future

(Newser) - Public confidence in the Supreme Court is at a 50-year-low, but Justice Brett Kavanaugh says change is on the way. When asked about "perceived ethical issues" at a judicial conference Thursday, Kavanaugh said the court is "continuing to work on those issues," as Chief Justice John Robert...

Alito Says Congress Lacks Right to Regulate Court

Democrats backing ethics code argue justices have always been subject to legislation

(Newser) - Justice Samuel Alito has offered an unsolicited, firm opinion about efforts to impose a code of ethics on him and his colleagues. "Congress did not create the Supreme Court," Alito said. "I know this is a controversial view, but I'm willing to say it. No provision...

Supreme Court Has a New 'Most Conservative' Justice

Samuel Alito overtakes Clarence Thomas in analysis

(Newser) - Now that the latest Supreme Court term is in the books, Axios is out with some interesting nuggets about the ideological breakdown. Based on the Martin-Quinn Scores from political scientists Andrew Martin and Kevin Quinn, the site reports that Samuel Alito has overtaken Clarence Thomas as the court's most...

Journal Defends Its Role in Alito's Attack on ProPublica

Headline criticized investigation of justice before it was published

(Newser) - Journalists, especially the ones at ProPublica, are wondering how the Wall Street Journal could have criticized an investigation into Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito's possible ethics violations before the article had been published. Two ProPublica reporters had emailed questions to Alito on Friday with a request to reply by...

Ahead of ProPublica Report, Alito Hits Back

Outlet reveals Supreme Court justice flew for free on billionaire's jet; Alito pens 'WSJ' op-ed about it

(Newser) - Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito beat ProPublica to the punch Tuesday, publishing an op-ed that responded to questions about possible ethics violations before ProPublica had published its own report. But publish it did . The report describes how hedge fund billionaire Paul Singer, who brought a high-stakes case before the nation'...

Alito Says He Might Know Who Leaker Was but Won't Tell

It wasn't anybody on his side, justice tells interviewer

(Newser) - Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito said he think he knows who leaked the draft of his majority opinion in the case that threw out Roe v. Wade, but he's not naming names because the highest court in the land can't prove it. The draft was published in Politico...

Alito Issues Stunning Dissent

Alito Issues Stunning Dissent

Justice lacks reason and judicial tone, Jennifer Rubin writes in 'Washington Post'

(Newser) - The only explanation from the Supreme Court when it announced Friday that mifepristone would remain available while the issue plays out in the court system came from Justice Samuel Alito—and that was a dissent. Writing in a Washington Post column, Jennifer Rubin is among those who find the content...

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