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Bill Cosby Sued by 9 More Women
Bill Cosby Sued
by 9 More Women

Bill Cosby Sued by 9 More Women

Nevada just eliminated statute of limitations for civil cases.

(Newser) - As expected , Nevada's ending of the statute of limitations for civil cases involving sex abuse allegations has resulted in yet more lawsuits being filed against Bill Cosby. Nine women filed a sexual assault lawsuit against the 85-year-old comedian Wednesday, NBC News reports. Janice Dickinson , Lise-Lotte Lublin , Janice Baker...

Bill Cosby Faces Another New Lawsuit
Bill Cosby
Sued by

Bill Cosby Sued by Another Accuser

And there are possibly more to come

(Newser) - As some states have passed laws extending the statute of limitations for alleged sexual abuse victims to sue, Bill Cosby finds himself facing new sexual assault lawsuits. Cosby, who was released from a Pennsylvania prison in 2021 after a court vacated his sexual assault conviction in that state in a...

New Suit Says Cosby Drugged, Assaulted Woman in 1986
Cosby, NBC Face New Lawsuit

Cosby, NBC Face New Lawsuit

Woman's filing says she was drugged, sexually assaulted in 1986

(Newser) - A woman who alleges Bill Cosby drugged and sexually assaulted her in 1986 sued the comedian-actor, NBCUniversal, and other companies Friday in New York, where five other women filed a similar lawsuit earlier this month. Stacey Pinkerton says she was a 21-year-old flight attendant and model that year when she...

Bill Cosby Plans Return to Stage
Cosby Wants to Tour in '23

Cosby Wants to Tour in '23

With conviction overturned, comedian is looking at returning to the stage in 2023

(Newser) - Saying he's ready to go back to work, Bill Cosby is planning to resume touring next spring or summer. In an interview Wednesday on WGH Radio, host Scott Spears asked Cosby whether he might return to the stage in 2023, per the Hollywood Reporter . Yes, Cosby answered, "because...

2 Cosby Show Guest Actors Join Sexual Assault Lawsuit

5 women are suing actor under new NY law

(Newser) - Two actors who appeared on The Cosby Show are among five women suing Bill Cosby under a New York law that suspends the statute of limitations for lawsuits over decades-old sexual assault allegations. Lili Bernard, who says Cosby drugged and raped her on multiple occasions, appeared as a patient in...

Jury Finds Against Cosby in Sexual Assault Lawsuit

He has been ordered to pay Judy Huth $500K

(Newser) - Update: A jury in Los Angeles has ruled against Bill Cosby in a civil trial brought by Judy Huth, who accused him of sexually assaulting her when she was 16. The jury awarded Huth $500,000 in one of the last outstanding legal cases against the 84-year-old comedian, NBC reports....

'Donkey Kong Defense' Comes Into Play at Bill Cosby Trial

Defense team says video game statements prove women's story is false

(Newser) - The “Donkey Kong defense” came into play Monday at a civil trial over sexual assault allegations against Bill Cosby, as his attorney pressed a key witness over previous statements that she had played the arcade game during a visit with Cosby to the Playboy Mansion in 1975, six years...

Woman Alleges Cosby Kiss at 14: 'I Couldn't Get Away'

Woman, now 61, testified that unwanted kiss happened in trailer on movie set in 1975

(Newser) - A woman testified Friday that she was 14 when Bill Cosby took her into a trailer on a movie set in 1975, grabbed her so she couldn't move her arms, and kissed her. "I was struggling to get away," she said. "It was very shocking."...

Friend Testifies About Bill Cosby's Alleged Abuse of 16-Year-Old

Donna Samuelson is the first witness in civil trial

(Newser) - Sixteen-year-old Judy Huth was deeply distraught minutes after Bill Cosby is alleged to have sexually abused her on an afternoon in 1975 at the Playboy Mansion, her best friend at the time testified Wednesday. “She said ‘I want to go, I wanna leave,’ she was crying,"...

Cosby's Lawyers Angry as Accuser Tweaks Her Story

Civil sex assault trial is scheduled to begin Monday

(Newser) - With jury selection less than a week away, attorneys scrambled to deal with shifting evidence Tuesday in Bill Cosby's civil trial over allegations that he sexually assaulted a teenage girl at the Playboy mansion nearly 50 years ago. Plaintiff Judy Huth said in a recent court filing that she...

Supreme Court Delivers Good News for Bill Cosby

Justices won't review lower court's decision to set him free

(Newser) - The Supreme Court said Monday it won't take up the sexual assault case against comedian Bill Cosby, leaving in place a decision by Pennsylvania's highest court to throw out his conviction and set him free from prison . The high court declined prosecutors' request to hear the case and...

Cosby Prosecutors Take Verdict to Supreme Court
Cosby Answers Prosecutors
Before Supreme Court

Cosby Answers Prosecutors Before Supreme Court

Review of ruling could lead to sexual assault conviction being reinstated

(Newser) - Update: Bill Cosby's lawyers asked the US Supreme Court on Monday to let stand a ruling that resulted in the convicted entertainer's release from prison. Pennsylvania prosecutors want the justices to review the decision to toss out the guilty verdict, but Cosby's team argued the decision won'...

Actress Says Cosby Raped Her in New Lawsuit

Star denies allegations by Lili Bernard

(Newser) - When Lili Bernard met Bill Cosby on the set of his TV show, she says, he offered to mentor her. The star did treat the actress "as if she were his daughter," a new lawsuit says, stressing "that chastity was a virtue, warned her of the sexual...

Bill Cosby Accuser Speaks Out
Bill Cosby
Speaks Out

Bill Cosby Accuser Speaks Out

Andrea Constand, who has new memoir out, calls his release from prison 'disgusting'

(Newser) - Andrea Constand remained something of an enigma over the years her sexual assault allegations against Bill Cosby played out in Pennsylvania courts and the public square. An athlete and spiritual seeker turned massage therapist, she lived a quiet life with her dogs in Toronto until the case burst open again...

Comedy Club on Cosby's Stand-Up Plans: Uh, No

NYC's Comedy Cellar is not interested

(Newser) - Bill Cosby apparently has plans to take his comedy act back on the road following his release from prison, but at least one venue has shot the idea down. The owner of the iconic Comedy Cellar, in New York City's Greenwich Village, tells TMZ the club is absolutely not...

Publicist: Bill Cosby Has Plans
Publicist: Bill Cosby Has Plans

Publicist: Bill Cosby Has Plans

Among them, a return to the stage

(Newser) - Persistent Bill Cosby fans will be cheered by this update from his publicist; those who have soured on him, maybe not so much: In an interview with the Los Angeles Times on Wednesday, Andrew Wyatt said the 83-year-old is currently with his family following his release from prison last week...

Bill Cosby Weighs In on Phylicia Rashad Controversy


(Newser) - Bill Cosby thinks Phylicia Rashad did the right thing in backing him up. The actress, who played Cosby's wife on The Cosby Show and again on Cosby, backtracked after controversy erupted when she initially expressed glee at Cosby's release. But Cosby thinks his longtime friend's original reaction...

After Glee Over Cosby Release, Phylicia Rashad Apologizes

Howard University dean writes letter to parents, students: 'I vehemently oppose sexual violence'

(Newser) - Phylicia Rashad has long been a defender of Bill Cosby, who played her husband on The Cosby Show, but her recent glee over his release from prison has her facing new backlash. On Wednesday, Pennsylvania's highest court vacated the 83-year-old's sexual assault conviction, making him a free man,...

Gloria Allred: Cosby Has More Legal Trouble to Come

She can now move forward with civil suit

(Newser) - Bill Cosby is out of prison —but Gloria Allred, the attorney who represented dozens of his accusers, says he "is not home free" after having his sexual assault conviction overturned on a technicality. Allred said that while the Pennsylvania Supreme Court's decision is "devastating" for accusers...

Fallout Worries Accusers as Cosby Thanks Court

Women wonder whether future victims of predators will come forward

(Newser) - Women who accused Bill Cosby of sexually assaulting them expressed shock Wednesday at the ruling that freed him from prison—and worry about the effect on future victims. "My stomach is in knots," said Victoria Valentino, who accused Cosby of raping her in the 1960s. "The work...

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