Democratic presidential primaries

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3 States Hold Primaries
Biden, Trump Score
3 More Primary Wins

Biden, Trump Score 3 More Primary Wins

Former Gov. Larry Hogan scores big win in Maryland Senate primary

(Newser) - Three states held primary elections Tuesday—and the AP called the presidential primary votes in Maryland, Nebraska, and West Virginia for President Biden and Donald Trump soon after polls closed. According to DecisionDeskHQ , Biden has around 70% of the vote in early results from West Virginia, with Jason Palmer, winner...

4 States Hold Primaries
Biden, Trump Win
4 More Primaries

Biden, Trump Win 4 More Primaries

Turnout was low in Connecticut, NY, RI, and Wisconsin

(Newser) - Four states held presidential primary elections Tuesday but since President Biden and former President Trump have already locked up their parties' nominations, turnout was low in Connecticut, New York, Rhode Island, and Wisconsin. Polls closed at 8pm Eastern in Connecticut and Rhode Island and at 9pm Eastern in New York...

North Dakota Primary Goes to Biden
Biden Wins Another Primary

Biden Wins Another Primary

Victory was assured in North Dakota vote

(Newser) - President Biden has won North Dakota's Democratic presidential primary. The state party on Saturday announced the results of the mostly mail-in primary. The party began circulating ballots in February to voters who asked for them. Biden's victory was virtually assured, though seven other candidates were on the primary...

Trump Nomination Once Seemed 'Untenable,' Now Inevitable

Former president's win in New Hampshire primary suggests he's a shoo-in for 2024 general

(Newser) - The New Hampshire primary results came in quickly Tuesday, with the AP calling the GOP race for Donald Trump as soon as the polls closed. The former president's main contender, ex-South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley, vowed she's not dropping out yet, but Zeeshan Aleem writes for MSNBC that...

Another Dem Jumping in the Race Against Biden

Minnesota Rep. Dean Phillips plans to announce he's taking on president from his own party

(Newser) - President Biden already has a slew of Republicans vying for his job in the Oval Office— including the current frontrunner from that party, former President Trump—as well as fellow Democrats Marianne Williamson and Cenk Uygur , and independent candidates Cornel West and Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Now, another Dem is...

Iowa GOP Settles on King Day
Iowa GOP Settles on King Day

Iowa GOP Settles on King Day

State Republican leaders pick Jan. 15 for presidential caucuses

(Newser) - Democrats have moved on, but Republicans in Iowa picked a date for their 2024 presidential caucuses on Saturday, deciding to meet earlier than they have the past couple of cycles. The state's GOP central committee voted to hold the caucuses on Jan. 15, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Politico...

Among Prominent Democrats, a 'Biden Gap' Emerges
Democrats Are
Facing a 'Biden Gap'

Democrats Are Facing a 'Biden Gap'

The bigger the name, the bigger their support of the president in 2024, writes Jonathan Martin

(Newser) - In an assessment of the 2024 race for Politico Magazine , Jonathan Martin writes of what he calls the "Biden gap" among Democrats. "The further up a Democrat is on the political food chain, the more publicly supportive and even defensive they are of the president," he writes....

DNC Picks a Home for 2024
DNC Picks a Home for 2024

DNC Picks a Home for 2024

Chicago beats out Atlanta in something of a surprise

(Newser) - Democrats have chosen Chicago to host their 2024 national convention, reports the AP , trying to keep the party's momentum going after last fall's midterm success in the critical Midwest. The decision, confirmed by a Democratic official who spoke on Tuesday on the condition of anonymity before an official...

Democrats Move Iowa From Top Spot in 2024
Democrats Rearrange Primaries

Democrats Rearrange Primaries

Party to lead off with South Carolina in 2024, increasing clout of voters of color

(Newser) - The Democratic Party on Saturday approved reordering its 2024 presidential primaries, replacing Iowa with South Carolina in the leadoff spot as part of a major shake-up meant to empower Black and other minority voters critical to its base of support. Although more changes are possible later this year, the formal...

Biden Racks Up Primary Wins
Biden Racks Up Primary Wins

Biden Racks Up Primary Wins

Pennsylvania gave him biggest delegate prize

(Newser) - Joe Biden is on the cusp of formally securing the Democratic presidential nomination after winning hundreds more delegates in primary contests Tuesday that tested the nation's ability to run elections while balancing a pandemic and sweeping social unrest. Biden could lock down the nomination within the next week as...

Today Could Be the Day for Joe Biden

Former VP could seal the Democratic nomination Tuesday

(Newser) - Tuesday could be the day that Joe Biden is crowned the official Democratic presidential nominee. There are 479 delegates up for grabs as Indiana (82), Maryland (96), Montana (19), New Mexico (34), Pennsylvania (186), Rhode Island (26), South Dakota (16), and the District of Columbia (20) hold Democratic presidential primaries,...

Ohio Gives Biden a Reason to Smile
Ohio Gives Biden
a Reason to Smile

Ohio Gives Biden a Reason to Smile

First major test of mail-in voting is complete

(Newser) - Joe Biden easily trumped Bernie Sanders in Tuesday's presidential primary in Ohio, conducted almost entirely by mail, reports the Hill . The former vice president nabbed 72.4% of 860,347 votes cast, according to unofficial results , compared to 16.6% support for Sanders, who ended his campaign three weeks...

Sanders Campaign: NY Decision an 'Outrage'

Primary cancellation called a 'blow to democracy'

(Newser) - The New York Board of Election's decision to cancel the state's Democratic primary is an "outrage" and a "blow to American democracy," Bernie Sanders' campaign said Monday. Campaign senior advisor Jeff Weaver said in a statement that the Board of Elections is ignoring the fact...

New York Makes Unprecedented Primary Move

It has canceled the Democratic primary

(Newser) - New York's Democratic presidential primary has been axed—making it the first state to make such a move. The two Democrats on the New York State Board of Elections said it wasn't worth the risk of spreading the coronavirus just to hold "essentially a beauty contest,"...

Dems, Trump Clash Over Pandemic Voting

And the Wisconsin primary is center stage

(Newser) - While Wisconsin struggles to hold its primary on Tuesday, President Donald Trump and Democrats are bickering over how to provide voters with safe and secure access to a ballot as the coronavirus pandemic rages in the US and threatens to extend into the fall, affecting the general election, the AP...

Sanders Under Pressure After Biden's Triple Win
Sanders Under Pressure
After Biden's Triple Win

Sanders Under Pressure After Biden's Triple Win

Biden reaches out to Sanders supporters

(Newser) - Joe Biden cruised to victory in all three states that held Democratic primaries Tuesday—but there were no triumphant rallies in Florida, Illinois, and Arizona for him to address. Instead, the former vice president, obeying federal guidance against gatherings of more than 10 people, addressed supporters from his home in...

Now, It's Mano-a-Mano
'And Then There Were Two'

'And Then There Were Two'

Sunday's debate will feature only two candidates: Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden

(Newser) - And then there were two. Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders are set to meet Sunday night in their first one-to-one presidential primary debate after months of Democratic free-for-alls that presaged a dramatic culling of the field since the opening round of the 2020 race, the AP reports. Some key questions...

Sanders' Remarks on Cuba Could Cost Him Big in Florida

Biden has advantage among various demographics, including Hispanics, ahead of Tuesday's primary

(Newser) - Bernie Sanders' 2020 campaign is struggling after Joe Biden's big wins in recent primaries, and another important state on the horizon also doesn't look particularly promising for the Vermont senator. Marc Caputo writes for Politico that after "Michigan broke Bernie Sanders' heart Tuesday, Florida looks ready to...

Biden, Sanders Neck and Neck in Washington
Bernie Finally
Picks Up a
Tuesday Win

Bernie Finally Picks Up a Tuesday Win

Sanders wins North Dakota, as he and Biden are still tied in Washington

(Newser) - After big wins for Joe Biden in Michigan, Missouri, and Mississippi on Tuesday, the picture is looking only slightly brighter for Bernie Sanders out West. In what may be his only win of the night, Sanders won North Dakota's caucuses; the state offers up 14 pledged delegates, reports the...

Joe Biden Mini-Gaffe Is Fresh Meat Online

The presidential candidate can't get 'Bernie Bros' quite right

(Newser) - Joe Biden took a swing at Bernie Sanders supporters Friday and stumbled into a gaffe that's classic Joe—which generated a few chuckles online, USA Today reports. "What we can't let happen is let this primary become a negative bloodbath," Biden said at a Maryland fundraiser....

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