Hollywood writers' strike

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Late-Night Shows Schedule Post-Strike Returns
Late-Night Shows Set Returns

Late-Night Shows Set Returns

Weeknight programs plan fresh episodes for Monday

(Newser) - Late-night TV shows were among the first major programs to leave the air when the Writers Guild launched its strike on May 2, and they're going to be among the first to return, starting this weekend. Bill Maher tweeted that Real Time With Bill Maher will be back on...

Hollywood Writers Can Go Back to Work at 12:01AM

Union says strike is over after nearly 5 months

(Newser) - Leaders of the screenwriters union declared their nearly five-month-old strike over Tuesday after board members approved a contract agreement with studios, bringing Hollywood at least partly back from a historic halt in production. The governing boards of the eastern and western branches of the Writers Guild of America and their...

On Day 146, a Break in the Hollywood Strike

Tentative deal has been reached

(Newser) - Union leaders and Hollywood studios reached a tentative agreement Sunday to end a historic screenwriters strike after nearly five months, though no deal is yet in the works for striking actors, the AP reports. The Writers Guild of America announced the deal in a joint statement with the Alliance of...

Bill Maher's Show Is Returning Without Writers
Bill Maher
Won't Return
Amid Strike
After All

Bill Maher Won't Return Amid Strike After All

HBO host cites possible progress in talks, will wait to see what happens

(Newser) - Bill Maher is following the lead of Drew Barrymore —he has scrapped plans to resume his HBO talk show amid the Hollywood writers' strike, per the Hollywood Reporter . Maher cited apparent progress in negotiations. "My decision to return to work was made when it seemed nothing was happening...

Now Barrymore Isn't Resuming Talk Show

Host reverses course after backlash over restarting before strikes end

(Newser) - After saying Friday that "there's nothing I can do or say in this moment to make it OK" while facing a backlash for relaunching her TV talk show during Hollywood strikes, Drew Barrymore decided that maybe there's one thing. She announced Sunday that The Drew Barrymore Show ...

Teary Barrymore Explains Filming During Strike
Scrubs Apology
From Instagram

Barrymore Scrubs Apology From Instagram

TV host saw backlash after tearful video on writers strike

(Newser) - Drew Barrymore's emotional apology video, in which she tried to explain why she'd resumed production on her TV show while writers are on strike, is no more. Variety reports the 48-year-old actor scrubbed her mea culpa just hours after posting it Friday, after backlash from fellow actors, including...

Drew Barrymore Dropped by Hosting Gig Amid Brouhaha

National Book Awards drops her as host

(Newser) - Drew Barrymore was already getting a lot of online flak for resuming her talk show amid the Hollywood strikes , followed by show staffers kicking out two audience members who were wearing WGA pins at the first taping, but now there's some tangible fallout: The National Book Awards has rescinded...

Wearing WGA Pins, 2 Get Kicked Out of Barrymore Taping

Rep says Barrymore herself didn't know anything about it

(Newser) - Two would-be audience members at Monday's controversial taping of The Drew Barrymore Show were kicked out because they were wearing WGA pins. Dominic Turiczek and Cassidy Carter, students in New York City, didn't realize the Hollywood strike was going on when they scored free tickets to the show,...

Ken Jennings to Host 'Changed' 40th Season of Jeopardy!

With writers on strike, show will be using questions from previous games

(Newser) - Jeopardy! is returning Monday night for what producer Michael Davies says will be a "changed" 40th season. Deadline reports that co-host Mayim Bialik, who left in the final week of Season 39 in solidarity with striking writers, will be absent. Ken Jennings will be hosting solo and will also...

Another Massive Strike May Start This Week
How a Potential Autoworker
Strike May Affect Car Prices
the rundown

How a Potential Autoworker Strike May Affect Car Prices

If it goes into November, forget about year-end sales for big US automakers

(Newser) - The nation is on the brink of another massive strike, with about 150,000 US autoworkers threatening to walk off the job when their current contract expires at 11:59pm Thursday. By all accounts, the United Auto Workers union is far from a deal with Ford, General Motors, and Stellantis...

Drew Barrymore Makes a Dicey Decision Amid Hollywood Strikes

Her talk show will return, sans writers

(Newser) - Drew Barrymore was one of the first actors to make headlines when the Writers Guild of America went on strike, dropping out as host of the MTV Movie & TV Awards in solidarity with the striking screenwriters. But now she's explaining a controversial decision: Despite the fact that not...

Breaking Bad Actors, Writers Team Up 'in Solidarity'

'Better Call Saul' team members also join picket line as Hollywood strikes continue

(Newser) - A familiar group of faces popped up on the picket line Tuesday outside of Sony Pictures Studios: cast members from the AMC hits Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul, per the Hollywood Reporter . Bryan "Walter White" Cranston was there, as were Aaron Paul (Jesse Pinkman), Jesse Plemons (Todd Alquist),...

Hollywood Strikes Now Delaying Film Releases

'Dune: Part Two' pushed from November to March

(Newser) - The sequel to 2021's Dune has become a casualty of the actors' and writers' strikes, with a release date now pushed way back. Dune: Part Two—directed by Denis Villeneuve and starring Timothée Chalamet, Florence Pugh, and Zendaya—was initially slated to be released Nov. 3. That means...

Billy Porter: I Have to Sell My House Because of Strike

'The life of an artist ... is still check-to-check'

(Newser) - The Hollywood strikes have literally hit home for actor Billy Porter, who says he has to sell his house because of the ongoing actors' strike. In a recent interview with London's Evening Standard , the Pose star said he plans to join the picket lines when he gets back to...

Big Meeting Has Been Set in Hollywood Writers' Strike

Writers Guild finally set to meet with Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers

(Newser) - For the first time since announcing a strike three months ago, the Writers Guild of America is set to enter talks with studios and streamers. The guild will meet Friday with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers, which requested the meeting "to discuss negotiations," according to...

Emmy Awards Delayed Indefinitely
Emmy Awards
Delayed Indefinitely

Emmy Awards Delayed Indefinitely

This is the first time show has been postponed since 2001

(Newser) - The Emmy Awards have been officially postponed due to the strikes that have brought Hollywood to a standstill. Vendors have been informed that with actors and writers on strike, the show will definitely not be happening on the original date of September 18, Variety reports. No new date has been...

Striking Actors Share Images of Tiny Residual Checks

'I'm only netting $2.77. The math ain't mathing'

(Newser) - Under deals secured decades ago when Ronald Reagan was president of the Screen Actors Guild, actors, writers, and others involved in film and TV production get residual payments when shows and movies are rerun. But while the payments are intended to help people make ends meet between film and TV...

With Actors, Writers on Strike, Netflix Advertises $900K AI Job

Company seeks to increase the 'leverage of our machine learning platform'

(Newser) - With actors and writers on strike together for the first time since 1960, a job listing from Netflix is raising eyebrows. The company is offering up to $900,000 for an artificial intelligence-related job that involves increasing the "leverage of our machine learning platform," the Guardian reports. The...

Hollywood Writer: Here's Why This Strike Matters

It's tech companies versus organized labor in the 'fight of our generation'

(Newser) - Hollywood writers are on strike because of the difference between broadcast TV and streaming—and because of the wider clash between workers and tech companies, striking writer Rafael Agustin explains at Mother Jones . Agustin writes that while people might feel a dispute between supposedly "rich" Hollywood writers on one...

Amid Hollywood Strike, Trimmed Trees Seem Spiteful to Some

In light of the striking actors, writers standing underneath them

(Newser) - A row of tightly trimmed ficus trees along a stretch of sidewalk outside Universal Studios has become a hot spot in the face-off between Hollywood studios and striking screenwriters and actors, the AP reports. Some members of the Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Television and Radio Artists and Writers Guild...

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