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Russian Warships Dock in Havana Bay
Russian Warships
Dock in Havana Bay

Russian Warships Dock in Havana Bay

Nuclear-capable vessels are included, though Cuba and US say the visit poses no threat

(Newser) - Cubans gathered at Havana's harbor Wednesday to welcome a Russian convoy of four warships and a nuclear submarine arriving for a five-day show of solidarity between Cold War allies. The frigate Admiral Gorshkov fired a 21-gun salute as it sailed in, CNN reports, which drew a response of cannon...

Cuba, Once the Land of Sugar, Now Must Import It

Production has plummeted, and the decline may be permanent

(Newser) - "It's a disaster. Today the sugar industry in Cuba almost doesn't exist." Juan Triana of the Centre for Studies of the Cuban Economy didn't mince words when he spoke to the BBC about the status of the crop that was once at the center of...

No Brain Injury Seen in 'Havana Syndrome' Patients
For 'Havana
Patients, No Sign
of Brain Injury
new studies

For 'Havana Syndrome' Patients, No Sign of Brain Injury

Pair of NIH studies may not settle the debate, however

(Newser) - Two new studies by the National Institutes of Health found that US diplomats who suffered from mysterious "Havana syndrome" ailments show no sign of brain injuries, reports CNN . Don't expect this to settle the debate on the matter, however.
  • The tests: Scans of more than 80 patients found

Ex-US Ambassador Pleads Guilty to Spying for Cuba

Victor Manuel Rocha, former diplomat to Bolivia, is said to have helped communist nation for decades

(Newser) - For more than four decades, a diplomat working in the US State Department secretly funneled information to Cuba's communist government. That's according to prosecutors, and now to Victor Manuel Rocha himself, a former ambassador to Bolivia who on Thursday switched his initial plea of not guilty to guilty...

Castro's Sister Worked With CIA Against Him
Castro's Sister
Worked With
CIA Against Him

Castro's Sister Worked With CIA Against Him

When Juanita Castro's shortwave played 'Madame Butterfly,' agents had a message for her

(Newser) - Juanita Castro, the sister of Cuban rulers Fidel and Raúl Castro who worked with the CIA against their communist government, has died in Miami at 90. Florida had been her home since shortly after fleeing the island nearly 60 years ago. Journalist María Antonieta Collins, who co-wrote Juanita...

Former US Ambassador Arrested as Secret Agent

Ex-diplomat to Bolivia Manuel Rocha, 73, accused of secretly working to promote Cuba's interests

(Newser) - A former US diplomat has been arrested in Florida, accused of secretly serving as an agent for Cuba. WTSP identifies him as 73-year-old Manuel Rocha, who served as the ambassador to Bolivia from 2000 to 2002. A source tells the AP , which first reported on Rocha's arrest Friday in...

Cuba's US Embassy Hit by Molotov Cocktail in DC

No significant damage and no one injured

(Newser) - At least one Molotov cocktail was thrown at the Cuban Embassy in Washington, reports the AP , but there was no significant damage and no one was injured. US law enforcement officials were investigating. Secret Service officers were called around 8pm ET on Sunday to respond to the attack on a...

Cuba Says It Broke Up Russia's Recruiting Scheme for Troops

Island's government calls operation 'human trafficking'

(Newser) - Cuba announced Tuesday that it has foiled an effort to pull its citizens into Russia's war on Ukraine, labeling the scheme a human trafficking ring. A statement by Cuba's foreign ministry says it has started to prosecute those accused of assisting the effort to recruit people for the...

World's Biggest Cruise Ship Loses Passenger Near Cuba

Search is on for Sigmund Ropich, 19, who went overboard Royal Caribbean's Wonder of the Seas

(Newser) - A college student vacationing with friends who went overboard the largest cruise ship in the world earlier this week is still missing, though the search for him continues—for now. Per Insider , 19-year-old Sigmund Ropich vanished from Royal Caribbean's Wonder of the Seas on Tuesday night when the ship...

Cuban Coach Disappears From Little League World Series

It's not clear whether Jose Perez defected

(Newser) - This is the first year a team from Cuba has taken part in the Little League World Series, which has been held every since 1947—and they might be going home minus one coach. Little League officials say Jose Perez left the complex where the teams are staying in South...

She Made a First-of-Its-Kind Visit to Guantanamo
She Made a
Visit to Guantanamo
the rundown

She Made a First-of-Its-Kind Visit to Guantanamo

Independent UN monitor was permitted to visit the detention center

(Newser) - Since its 2002 opening, no UN human rights investigators had been permitted to visit Guantanamo Bay. That changed in February, when Irish law professor Fionnuala Ni Aolain was granted access—and what she found was "cruel, inhuman, and degrading treatment." The UN special rapporteur spent four days at...

Report: China Plans to Build Spy Base 100 Miles From US

Sources say Beijing will pay Cuban government billions of dollars

(Newser) - Talk of a cold war between the US and China will likely be heightened by reports that China is planning to build a spy base in Cuba. The Wall Street Journal , citing "US officials familiar with highly classified intelligence," reports that Beijing and Havana have struck a deal...

Cuban Migrants Reach Florida by Hang Glider

Border Patrol takes both into custody

(Newser) - Two Cuban migrants used a motorized hang glider to fly the approximately 90 miles from the Communist-ruled island to Key West on Saturday, Florida officials said. The Monroe County Sheriff's Office said the duo landed safely at Key West International Airport at about 10:30am and were turned over...

Elian Gonzalez Is Making Headlines Again

Boy seized in 2000 raid in Miami, deported to Cuba is set to become a lawmaker in his own land

(Newser) - More than 20 years ago, the terrified face of 6-year-old Elian Gonzalez graced newspapers around the world when armed federal agents burst into his family's Miami home to retrieve him and return him to his father's custody in Cuba. Gonzalez, 29, is now making headlines again, this time...

US Releases 'One of the Most Damaging Spies'

Ana Belen Montes provided classified intelligence to Cuba for years

(Newser) - After more than 20 years in prison, an American convicted of spying for Cuba, has been freed. The US Bureau of Prisons said Ana Belen Montes, 65, was released Friday in Fort Worth, Texas. Montes was the Defense Intelligence Agency's senior Cuba analyst when she was arrested in 2001...

Immigrant on Receiving His First Paycheck: 'It's Beautiful'
UPS Driver's Reaction to
First Paycheck Goes Viral
in case you missed it

UPS Driver's Reaction to First Paycheck Goes Viral

Cuban-born Yoel Garcia reminds Americans to be grateful for what they have

(Newser) - Yoel Garcia has experienced a lot of firsts since immigrating to the US from Cuba in 2021—from voting in a free and fair election to sitting on Santa's knee —many of which he and his Cuban-American wife, Marissa, have shared with their hundreds of thousands of followers...

Hurricane Ian Knocks Out Power to All of Cuba

Storm heading to Florida next

(Newser) - Cuba remained in the dark early Wednesday after Hurricane Ian knocked out its power grid and devastated some of the country’s most important tobacco farms when it hit the island’s western tip as a major storm, the AP reports. Authorities were working overnight to gradually restore service to...

Same-Sex Marriage to Be Legal in Cuba

Voters approve sweeping changes to nation's family code

(Newser) - Same-sex marriage, surrogate pregnancies, and adoption by gay couples will all be legal in Cuba for the first time, after voters overwhelmingly approved changes to the nation's family code. Officials said Monday the vote in favor of the new code was running at 66%, per the BBC ; approval required...

At the Border, a Milestone on Migrant Arrivals

There were more than 2M 'encounters' with border officials over the past year—a big first

(Newser) - There were more migrant arrivals along the US-Mexico border in the past fiscal year than any other: More than 2 million people tried to enter the United States from our southern neighbor, a record achieved in the first 11 months alone. Per a document from US Customs and Border Protection,...

Flight of Cuban Exiles Is Largest Since 1980

NBC News has the story of one woman who survived a perilous sea journey

(Newser) - Barbara Viltres survived the journey that claimed the lives of some of her fellow Cubans who were illegally trying to enter Miami. But she didn't survive it unscathed. NBC News shares her story against the backdrop of the largest Cuban "exodus" that's occurred since 1980. Amid shortages...

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