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Jerry Jones Must Take Paternity Test, Judge Rules

Texas judge upholds decision involving suit by woman who says Dallas Cowboys owner is her dad

(Newser) - Father's Day this year might look different for Jerry Jones. A Texas judge on Wednesday nixed an appeal by the owner of the Dallas Cowboys, the most valuable sports franchise in the world, in a 2022 paternity case involving a 27-year-old woman who says Jones, 81, is her biological...

Denver Zoo Needed a Paternity Test. They Got a Famous Expert

Maury Povich announces father of 4-month-old orangutan Siska, to great fanfare

(Newser) - Maury Povich has shifted into retirement mode in recent years—he wrapped up his talk show in 2022, and he was recently presented with the Lifetime Achievement Award at the Daytime Emmys—but his services are apparently still in demand. At least at the Denver Zoo, which recruited the 84-year-old...

Who's Going to Let Us Know Who the Father Is Now?

Maury Povich's talk show, which became famous for its paternity test results, ends its 30-year-plus run

(Newser) - Since 1991, Maury Povich has used his daytime talk show to delve into uncommon phobias , suss out cheaters, and, perhaps most famously, convince guests to take paternity tests to figure out who is and isn't the father of various children born of current and former partners. Now Povich is...

Paternity Test Is More Bad News for Hunter Biden

Lunden Roberts says he fathered their child

(Newser) - Someone get Joe Biden an aspirin—his son is back in the news. This time it's about a court motion saying Hunter Biden fathered a child with an Arkansas woman and owes her child support, People reports. "DNA testing has established with scientific certainty that the defendant is...

Report: Former King Will Take Paternity Test, With One Caveat

King Albert II wants the results initially kept secret, according to 'New York Times' report

(Newser) - His options: Pay a $5,600-a-day fine or submit to a paternity test. The former king of Belgium has opted for the latter, though not without plenty of teeth gnashing, according to the New York Times , which is the only media outlet that is so far reporting the news. King...

Ex-King Who Refuses DNA Test Must Pay Daily Fine

Woman is trying to prove that Albert II of Beligum is her father

(Newser) - Delphine Boël could be in a line for a royal inheritance if a DNA test proves she's the love child of Belgium's former king. Until former King Albert II provides a saliva sample, however, Boël will be getting $5,600 a day anyway. A court in...

After Years of Denial, Ex-King Must Take Paternity Test

Belgium's King Albert II has 3 months to comply or he'll be legally named the father of Delphine Boel

(Newser) - Belgium's former king has to undergo a paternity test. Per the Telegraph , a mandate just handed down by a Brussels appeals court will force King Albert II, who gave up his crown in 2013 so his son Philippe could sit on the throne, to have his saliva tested to...

'Absurd' Salvador Dali Claim Disproved, Says Foundation

Foundation says DNA test reveals no paternity

(Newser) - A paternity test has disproved a Spanish woman's claim that she is the daughter of surrealist artist Salvador Dali, the deceased painter's foundation announced Wednesday. The Gala-Salvador Dali Foundation said in a written statement that the Madrid court that ordered the DNA test informed it that Pilar Abel,...

Coroners Will Try to Remove 4 of Dali's Teeth Tonight
Dali's Grave Will
Be Opened Tonight

Dali's Grave Will Be Opened Tonight

In attempt to get enough DNA to conduct a paternity test

(Newser) - Salvador Dali's eccentric history will take yet another bizarre turn Thursday with the attempted exhumation of his embalmed remains. The goal: find genetic samples that could settle whether one of the founding figures of surrealism fathered a girl decades ago. Pilar Abel, a 61-year-old tarot card reader, claims her...

Cosby Show Actress Reveals Pregnancy, Is Dumped by Hubby

Ed Hartwell wants a paternity test

(Newser) - On July 17, Keshia Knight Pulliam posted on Instagram that she and, presumably, husband Ed Hartwell were expecting a baby. "Surprise!!! We have a new addition coming soon," the Cosby Show actress wrote. "Tune into [ podcast ] #KandidlyKeshia this week for the details!!" But on...

Source: DNA Shows Inmate Isn't Prince's Son

He claimed he was entitled to $300 million estate

(Newser) - DNA test results show a Colorado prison inmate is not Prince's son, a source who has seen a sealed document in the case tells the AP . The finding means that Carlin Q. Williams is not entitled to inherit a fortune worth up to $300 million. TMZ , citing unnamed sources...

Dad Learns That Unborn Twin 'Fathered' His Son

Parents were concerned when son had a different blood type

(Newser) - Sorry sir, you're not the father of your newborn child—your unborn brother is. So a 34-year-old man was told in the only known case of a paternity test being tricked by a so-called "human chimera," the Independent reports. It began when a US couple learned that...

Odd Paternity Case: Twins With Different Fathers
Odd Paternity Case: Twins With Different Fathers

Odd Paternity Case: Twins With Different Fathers

It's an uncommon case of superfecundation

(Newser) - In just the third such court case in the country, a New Jersey judge has ruled a man is father to one twin while another man is father to the other. The children's mother named a man, identified as "AS," as the father of her twin girls,...

Man Finds Letter Wife Hid, Discovers Long-Lost Son

81-year-old says he doesn't know why his deceased wife kept letter a secret

(Newser) - An elderly man who's wanted kids his whole life just learned that he's had one—for 61 years. Tony Trapani and his wife tried for years to have their own children, and when he was cleaning out her filing cabinets after her recent death, he discovered a bombshell...

Genetic Test Results: 1 Half-Brother, 1 Divorce
Genetic Test Results:
1 Half-Brother, 1 Divorce

Genetic Test Results: 1 Half-Brother, 1 Divorce

Biologist cautions that surprise revelations can destroy families

(Newser) - As a biologist, George Doe got seriously geeked out about the idea of having his own genome read. So much so that he bought kits from a company called 23andMe for his parents, too. The upside is that they learned all kinds of details about their family ancestry and health...

Politician's 'Secret Daughter' Is ... Not Related to Him
Politician's 'Secret Daughter' Is ... Not Related to Him

Politician's 'Secret Daughter' Is ... Not Related to Him

Steve Cohen is not a dad

(Newser) - You probably didn't think the story of a congressman tweeting "I love you" to a 24-year-old who turned out to be his secret daughter could get any weirder. But you were wrong. It turns out Victoria Brink is not actually related to Democrat Steve Cohen, period. CNN had...

DNA Confirms: Castro Is Captive Child's Father

Cleveland suspect, Amanda Berry are Jocelyn's parents

(Newser) - DNA tests have confirmed the obvious: Ariel Castro is the father of the girl that captive Amanda Berry had about six years ago, reports the AP . Among the horrific details that have emerged from police is this one: Castro forced Michelle Knight to deliver Berry's baby in a kiddie...

Justin Bieber Paternity Case Refuses to Die

Mariah Yeater's attorney never got paternity test results, he says

(Newser) - We all laugh-barfed when Mariah Yeater claimed she conceived a son during a backstage rendezvous with then-16-year-old Justin Bieber in 2010, and breathed a sigh of relief when her paternity suit against him seemed to go away quietly . But that, apparently, was wishful thinking: Yeater's lawyer tells the New ...

'Who's Your Daddy' Truck Sells DNA Tests on Road

New York City vehicle sees 'constant drama'

(Newser) - A truck has hit the streets of New York selling DNA tests to passersby. The "Who's Your Daddy" truck caters mostly to men who aren't sure their children are their own, CBS News reports. "They flag us down, they pull us over, they talk to us,...

If Bieber Is the Dad, Babymama Could Face Jail Time

But Mariah Yeater's lawyers blow off statutory rape worries

(Newser) - The 20-year-old California woman claiming to be Justin Bieber's babymama could be investigated for having sex with the underage singer. Mariah Yeater has filed a paternity suit against the boy crooner, claiming he had sex with her backstage last year at an LA concert when he was just 16....

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