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Man, 73, Charged With Digging Up His Grandmother

Zebulun Nash and a friend face misdemeanor after bizarre episode near St. Louis

(Newser) - Two men are facing charges in Missouri after trying to dig up one of their long-dead grandmothers. Police found the 73-year-olds covered in dirt at Washington Park Cemetery in the St. Louis suburb of Berkeley on Aug. 22. Zebulun Nash of Houston, Texas—who formerly sat on the board of...

Spain Begins Heartrending Mass Exhumations

Government seeks to identify 128 Franco victims buried anonymously at mausoleum

(Newser) - Initial forensic work was to begin Monday to try to exhume the bodies of 128 victims of late dictator Francisco Franco’s forces who are among tens of thousands of people buried anonymously in wooden boxes underground in a mausoleum. The team of some 15 forensic experts, archeologists, scientific police,...

At Spanish Mausoleum, a New Move for 'Justice'

Body of fascist leader Primo de Rivera will be removed from Spain's ex-Valley of the Fallen

(Newser) - In 2019, Spain exhumed the remains of dictator Francisco Franco from the Valley of the Fallen mausoleum outside Madrid. Now, a second controversial name, tied to a fascist movement that supported Franco's regime, will be removed by his own family from the mausoleum and brought to a new resting...

Some Bodies Exhumed Again in Tulsa Race Massacre Effort

Push to ID some of the victims continues

(Newser) - The process of re-exhuming of some of the 19 bodies exhumed a year ago for testing—in an effort to identify victims of the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre—began Wednesday to gather more DNA from the remains. The latest exhumations of bodies that were taken from Oaklawn Cemetery in Tulsa,...

Detroit Cemetery Exhuming 20 Bodies in Grave Mix-Up

It's not clear yet how many are buried in the wrong place

(Newser) - Family members were devastated after discovering that their loved ones' remains may have been buried in the wrong place in a Detroit cemetery. Gethsemane Cemetery started exhuming 20 bodies Monday in a process expected to be completed Wednesday, the Detroit News reports. It's not clear how many of those...

Australia to Try to Solve One of Its Greatest Mysteries
Australia to Try to Solve
One of Its Greatest Mysteries
in case you missed it

Australia to Try to Solve One of Its Greatest Mysteries

Somerton Man's remains exhumed in hopes of creating a DNA profile

(Newser) - Australian authorities are hoping to get to the bottom of one of the 20th century's most intriguing cold cases : that of the still-unidentified Somerton Man, a suit-clad, 40-something man who was found dead on a beach near Adelaide—possibly by poison—on the morning of Dec. 1, 1948. Now,...

Denmark Will Exhume Millions of Dead Mink

It'll wait until May, though

(Newser) - Denmark has confirmed it will indeed tackle the grim job of digging up millions of mink who were culled due to the coronavirus and buried in mass graves. Two of those graves, it turns out, are located near a drinking water source and swimming lake , respectively, leading to concerns that...

Grandson of Harding and His Lover Wants Body Exhumed

James Blaesing makes his case in Ohio

(Newser) - The grandson of US President Warren G. Harding and his lover, Nan Britton, went to court in an effort to get the Republican's remains exhumed from the presidential memorial where they have lain since 1927, the AP reports. James Blaesing told an Ohio court that he is seeking Harding’...

Judge Rules Dillinger's Nephew Can't Exhume Gangster's Body

The cemetery has to give approval, the judge found

(Newser) - It's been a back-and-forth of headlines since the summer: John Dillinger's remains were to be exhumed. Then not. Then yes. Now not again. The Indianapolis Star reports an Indiana judge on Wednesday ruled the planned exhumation cannot occur. Dillinger's nephew Michael C. Thompson had secured a Department...

Rage From Franco's Family as His Remains Are Moved

Government says dictator's legacy should not be celebrated

(Newser) - Spain began a move both symbolic and literal on Thursday against the largest figure in its modern history. The government started exhuming the remains of former dictator Francisco Franco from a state mausoleum built in part by the labor of his political prisoners, reports the BBC . Franco will be reinterred...

New Search for Answers in a 1944 Tragedy

Authorities in Connecticut exhume 2 unidentified victims of massive circus fire

(Newser) - The two women have lain unidentified in a Connecticut cemetery for more than seven decades, but now authorities hope to prove one of them is Grace Fifield. On Monday, the state medical examiner exhumed the bodies of the women, both of whom died in an infamous 1944 circus fire in...

Spain's Most Contentious Remains Will Be Moved

Supreme Court clears way for exhumation of Francisco Franco

(Newser) - A mausoleum that holds the remains of 34,000 Spaniards who lost their lives in the 1936-1939 civil war will soon be without its most famous remains: The country's Supreme Court on Tuesday paved the way for the exhumation of the late dictator Francisco Franco from the Valley of...

Why John Dillinger Is Being Exhumed
Why John Dillinger
Is Being Exhumed
the rundown

Why John Dillinger Is Being Exhumed

The exhumation is loosely set for September 16 in Indianapolis

(Newser) - The plan to exhume John Dillinger's body is real, and could be spectacular—if it uncovers evidence of the Depression-era bank robber living beyond his reported death. So goes the suggestion by a man and woman who identify Dillinger as their uncle and say his 1934 demise was greatly...

Body of 'Miss Molly' Exhumed in Kansas

Police hope DNA will finally ID woman found dead in 1986

(Newser) - Police in Kansas have exhumed the body of a woman killed more than 30 years ago in the hope of arriving at her real name. The partially clothed body of the woman nicknamed " Miss Molly " was found face-down in a creek along Interstate 70 in rural Saline County...

John Dillinger's Remains Will Soon Be Exhumed

Nephew gets the OK to disinter dead bank robber

(Newser) - After John Dillinger was gunned down by FBI agents upon leaving a Chicago theater in 1934, thousands waited in line to see his body in a Chicago morgue; nearly 10,000 more did the same upon his body's return to Mooresville, Indiana. Now, what's left of that body...

Fascist Dictator to Be Exhumed
Fascist Dictator to Be Exhumed

Fascist Dictator to Be Exhumed

Spain's Socialist Party will have former dictator Francisco Franco removed from war memorial

(Newser) - Spain is taking a major step toward dealing with its fascist past by exhuming the body of former dictator Francisco Franco, the Guardian reports. Buried at a monument for the nation's civil-war dead near Madrid, Franco remains a magnet for fascist sympathizers who spread flowers on his grave—but...

Chopin's Pickled Heart Explains His Death

Scientists say they've been able to determine cause 'with high probability'

(Newser) - Frederic Chopin is buried in Paris' famed Père Lachaise Cemetery. His heart is not. The composer asked, on his deathbed in 1849 at age 39, that his heart be buried not in France, but in his native Poland ( Nature reports that he feared being buried alive). And so...

It Seems Infamous Serial Killer Couldn't Cheat Death After All

Body buried in Philadelphia confirmed to be that of Dr. HH Holmes

(Newser) - Dr. HH Holmes—known as "America's first serial killer"—murdered an unknown number of people at his "hotel of horrors" during the 1893 Chicago World's Fair, the AP reports. Holmes' hotel "featured a bizarre labyrinth of windowless rooms, secret passageways, false floors, trapdoors,"...

3 Native American Boys Exhumed With Greatest Care

Remains of students at Carlisle Indian Industrial School to return to Wyoming

(Newser) - The headstone designated the resting place of Hayes Vanderbilt Friday—a name given to a Northern Arapaho child in what the Philadelphia Inquirer calls a "brutal, turn-of-the-century experiment in forced assimilation." The government-run Carlisle Indian Industrial School was established in 1879 as a place to scrub Native American...

Coroners Will Try to Remove 4 of Dali's Teeth Tonight
Dali's Grave Will
Be Opened Tonight

Dali's Grave Will Be Opened Tonight

In attempt to get enough DNA to conduct a paternity test

(Newser) - Salvador Dali's eccentric history will take yet another bizarre turn Thursday with the attempted exhumation of his embalmed remains. The goal: find genetic samples that could settle whether one of the founding figures of surrealism fathered a girl decades ago. Pilar Abel, a 61-year-old tarot card reader, claims her...

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