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100 Business Leaders Explain Why They Back Trump

Including PayPal founder Peter Thiel

(Newser) - Some people might be backing off their support for Trump in the wake of the controversy surrounding his leaked 2005 comments about women, but not these 100 business leaders. In an open letter released by the Trump Organization , the business leaders—including PayPal founder Peter Thiel, who recently donated $1....

Donald Trump Just Got a Prominent New Donor

Peter Thiel is giving candidate $1.25M in his first donation

(Newser) - Donald Trump may have long ago lost the Koch brothers , but Peter Thiel is turning his fortune away from taking down Gawker and using it to line Trump's pockets, reports CBS News . The tech billionaire—recently seen telling the Republican National Convention he was "proud to be gay"...

Univision Buys Gawker for $135M
Univision Buys Gawker for $135M

Univision Buys Gawker for $135M

The bankrupt media company was up for auction Tuesday

(Newser) - It appears the bankrupt Gawker has a new owner: Univision. The company best known for Spanish-language television bought Gawker Tuesday at auction for $135 million, the New York Times reports. The online media company was forced to put itself up for sale after Hulk Hogan and tech billionaire Peter Thiel...

Gawker Founder Files for Bankruptcy

Nick Denton owes Hulk Hogan $125M

(Newser) - Gawker founder Nick Denton filed for personal bankruptcy Monday amid the website's battle with Hulk Hogan. Denton listed $10 million to $50 million in assets and $100 million to $500 million in debts, the New York Post reports; Denton owes Hogan $125 million after a jury sided with the...

Peter Thiel to RNC: &#39;I Am Proud to Be Gay&#39;
 Peter Thiel to 
 RNC: 'I Am 
 Proud to 
 Be Gay' 

Peter Thiel to RNC: 'I Am Proud to Be Gay'

He says Trump will lead America 'back to that bright future'

(Newser) - Tech billionaire—and gay man—Peter Thiel was one of the more unexpected speakers lined up for Thursday's final night of the Republican National Convention . But he earned chants of "USA" from the crowd when he announced: "I am proud to be gay. I am proud to...

Thiel Lawyer Trying to Squash Story on Trump Hair

Gawker wonders how many other suits Peter Thiel is secretly funding

(Newser) - PayPal founder Peter Thiel admits wanting to take out Gawker , but he's been less than forthcoming about which other cases he's helped fund—and a recent legal letter that demands Gawker stop reporting on Donald Trump's hair gives one pause on that question. In what the Verge...

Gawker May File Its Own Suit Against Peter Thiel

He spent $10M funding lawsuits against them

(Newser) - Well, it looks like Gawker won't be going down without a fight. Forbes reports Gawker Media is looking into suing billionaire archenemy Peter Thiel. Thiel claims he spent about $10 million funding multiple lawsuits against Gawker—including Hulk Hogan's incredibly successful one—in an effort to punish the...

Gawker for Sale After Declaring Bankruptcy

And Gawker-hater Peter Thiel is 'closer to his goal'

(Newser) - Gawker Media—responsible for blogs like Deadspin, io9, and Jezebel—filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy Friday as a result of Hulk Hogan's successful lawsuit against it, the Wall Street Journal reports. According to Recode , Gawker will be put up for auction, with the first bid coming in at less...

Writer Mercilessly Mocked by Gawker Defends Gawker

Stephen Marche stands up for website

(Newser) - Gawker loves to mock Esquire columnist Stephen Marche, as he himself points out in the pages of the New York Times . Among other things, he's made the site's list of the "worst 100 white men" in history, as well as its roundup of "least important writers....

Gawker Just Got Its Own Billionaire Backer in Hulk Hogan Trial

Hogan vs. Gawker is essentially now PayPal vs. eBay

(Newser) - Hulk Hogan's ongoing lawsuit against Gawker is starting to look a lot like a game of Rock'em Sock'em Robots with two tech billionaires at the controls. On Thursday, PayPal cofounder Peter Thiel admitted to secretly funding Hogan's lawsuit to the tune of $10 million. Reuters reports...

Gawker's Open Letter to Thiel: 'Peter, This Is Twisted'

Nick Denton challenges 'thin-skinned billionaire' to debate

(Newser) - Gawker founder Nick Denton has fired back against what he calls a "vindictive decade-long campaign" funded by PayPal founder Peter Thiel. In an open letter , Denton recaps legal actions against the company and Gawker writers and says: "Peter, this is twisted. Even were you to succeed in bankrupting...

PayPal Founder Admits Plan to Kill Gawker

It's about sticking up for the little guy: Peter Thiel

(Newser) - Peter Thiel admits he spent around $10 million to fund lawsuits against Gawker in the hope of ruining the media company—and it's "one of my greater philanthropic things that I've done." But "it's less about revenge and more about specific deterrence," the...

PayPal Founder May Be Behind Legal Attack on Gawker

Peter Thiel reportedly funding Hulk Hogan's lawsuit

(Newser) - The founder of PayPal has long made clear that he hates Gawker. Now Forbes reports that Peter Thiel is using his billions to fund a potentially devastating legal fight against the media group. Specifically, the report says Thiel has been secretly funding Hulk Hogan's lawsuits against Gawker over the...

How PayPal's Founder Plans to Live to 120

Peter Thiel is taking human growth hormone daily, follows paleo diet

(Newser) - PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel hopes to stick around to enjoy a fortune estimated by Forbes at $2.2 billion into the 2080s at least. The venture capitalist and Facebook investor, 47, says he "certainly hopes to" live to 120 and is already taking steps to help him get there....

Coming Soon: Leather From a Lab?

And someday ... lab-grown meat, too?

(Newser) - Love the look of leather jackets, but can't handle how they're made? Within five years, you could be donning a leather jacket that was grown in a lab, according to one company. Modern Meadows is developing lab-grown leather and even lab-grown meat, but is focusing on leather right...

Facebook's Problem Isn't Zuckerberg, It's Peter Thiel

George Anders thinks a better board could turn Facebook around

(Newser) - Bedrock investor Peter Thiel has sold off more than 90% of his stake in Facebook, and it might be high time he followed that stock out the door. Thiel still has a seat on Facebook's board, even though he now holds just 5.6 million shares, or 0.3%...

Facebook's 1st Big Investor Dumps His Stock

Peter Thiel's move could be bad news

(Newser) - PayPal founder Peter Thiel, Facebook's first major investor and also a board member, has sold off the majority of his shares. Thiel invested $500,000 in Facebook in 2004, and has made more than $1 billion from that investment, the Wall Street Journal notes. He had already sold some...

The Great American Trap: Competition
The Great American Trap: Competition
David Brooks

The Great American Trap: Competition

Paypal founder shows that US instead needs 'creative monopolists'

(Newser) - Peter Thiel spent most of his life competing. He competed to get into Stanford, and then Stanford Law, and then to become a clerk for a federal judge. But it was when he lost a competition—to become a Supreme Court clerk—that Thiel became a real success, founding PayPal...

PayPal Founder Gives $1.7M to Ron Paul

Or more specifically, to Ron Paul's super PAC

(Newser) - PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel knows a thing or two about sending money, and last month he sent $1.7 million worth of it to "Endorse Liberty," a super PAC backing Ron Paul, according to documents released today. Thiel is a long avowed Paul fan, and is so far...

Next Bubble to Burst? Higher Education, Says PayPal Co-Founder Peter Thiel

 Next Bubble to Burst? 
 Higher Education 

Next Bubble to Burst? Higher Education

We invest vast sums in a future that may not exist, says Peter Thiel

(Newser) - We’re in the midst of another bubble, and it's not an Internet one, according to PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel. It's a higher education bubble, and "like the housing bubble, the education bubble is about security and insurance against the future,” writes Sarah Lacy, who sat down to...

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