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In New White Paper, China Omits One Big Line

Nation retracts vow to not send troops to Taiwan in case of 'reunification'

(Newser) - China won't rule out the use of force in Taiwan, according to its first white paper on the topic in 22 years and the first under President Xi Jinping. In it, the country withdraws a promise not to send troops or administrators to the island if it seizes control—...

China Looks to Hammer US for Pelosi's Taiwan Visit

Chinese missiles land in Japanese waters

(Newser) - China slapped unspecified sanctions on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her family Friday as retaliation for her visit to Taiwan. China's foreign ministry described her visit to the island as an "egregious provocation," CNBC reports. In a statement, the ministry said the visit "constitutes a gross...

China Holds Biggest-Ever Military Drills Near Taiwan
China Encircles Taiwan
With Massive Military Drills

China Encircles Taiwan With Massive Military Drills

Tensions soar after Pelosi departs island

(Newser) - House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has departed Taiwan —and China has launched what are believed to be its biggest-ever military drills around the island, which it has long vowed to reunify with the mainland, by force if necessary. For the first time since 1996, China has fired missiles into waters...

Despite Chinese Threats, 'Taiwan Will Not Back Down'
Pelosi Heads Out of Taiwan

Pelosi Heads Out of Taiwan

Next stop for the House Speaker is South Korea

(Newser) - US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi departed Taiwan on Wednesday evening for South Korea after a visit that heightened tensions with China , saying she and other members of Congress in her delegation showed they will not abandon their commitment to the self-governing island. "Today the world faces a choice between...

China Reacts With Fury to Pelosi's Taiwan Visit

Beijing summons US ambassador

(Newser) - House Speaker Nancy Pelosi became the highest-ranked American lawmaker to visit Taiwan in 25 years Tuesday—and China reacted exactly as expected. Beijing, which considers Taiwan its territory, slammed the move as a "serious violation" after Pelosi arrived in Taipei. The country's foreign ministry summoned Nicholas Burns, the...

Pelosi Writes of Reason for Her Taiwan Visit
Pelosi Explains Reason
for Her Taiwan Visit

Pelosi Explains Reason for Her Taiwan Visit

'America’s solidarity with Taiwan is more important today than ever'

(Newser) - Just minutes after Nancy Pelosi touched down in Taiwan, a piece she wrote for the Washington Post went live. Titled "Why I'm leading a congressional delegation to Taiwan," Pelosi quite simply explains that very thing. Some key lines:
  • "In the face of the Chinese Communist Party’

Nancy Pelosi Defies China's Warnings, Lands in Taiwan

The House speaker departed from Malaysia on Tuesday afternoon

(Newser) - The possible visit that's been buzzed about for days has come to pass. Despite weeks of warnings from China, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Tuesday landed in Taiwan, making her the highest ranking US official to visit the island since 1997. The AP reports Pelosi and her delegation arrived...

Report: Nancy Pelosi Is Going Ahead With Taiwan Trip

China has warned of 'serious consequences'

(Newser) - House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's Asia trip has begun—and according to reports from CNN and the Wall Street Journal as well as Taiwanese media, it will include a stop in Taiwan. A source tells the Journal that people Pelosi plans to meet in Taiwan, including government officials, have been...

Pelosi Begins Asia Trip, a Big Question Looming

Will she go to Taiwan? House speaker's itinerary makes no mention of a stop

(Newser) - Nancy Pelosi begins a trip to Asia on Sunday, but the question on everyone's mind is still unanswered: Will she go to Taiwan? A statement issued by her office on Saturday lists stops in Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea, and Japan, but it has no mention of Taiwan, reports the...

China Suggests US Is 'Playing With Fire'

Biden and Xi Jinping talk by phone

(Newser) - President Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping talked for more than two hours on the phone Thursday against a backdrop of increasing tension between their nations over several issues. The US said the idea of the call was to calm the hostility more than to achieve anything specific, the New ...

Pentagon Prepping in Case Pelosi Does Go to Taiwan

Trip isn't confirmed, but US military is developing plans for any contingency

(Newser) - US officials say they have little fear that China would attack Nancy Pelosi’s plane if she flies to Taiwan. But the US House speaker would be entering one of the world’s hottest spots, where a mishap, misstep, or misunderstanding could endanger her safety. So the Pentagon is developing...

Pelosi's Travel Plans Have White House, Beijing Worried
Both China,
White House
Wary of Pelosi's
Travel Plans
the rundown

Both China, White House Wary of Pelosi's Travel Plans

House speaker reportedly will visit Taiwan soon

(Newser) - Unconfirmed reports that Nancy Pelosi is planning a trip to Taiwan have most definitely caught the attention of China. Authorities in Beijing are making clear through private and public channels they would view such a trip as a provocation, one that would trigger a strong response. However, what "strong"...

Eye on Ukraine, Taiwanese Make a Move

Citizens who've never handled firearms are increasingly taking lessons in handling airsoft guns

(Newser) - China has scoffed at comparisons of itself and Taiwan to the Russian invasion of Ukraine . But that hasn't eased the fears of Taiwanese residents, who are now taking a step many never expected: getting firearms training. Although gun ownership is strongly regulated in Taiwan, people who've never picked...

Here's Why Changing Your Name to 'Salmon' Might Be a Bad Idea
After a Quirky Name Change,
Now They're Stuck With It
in case you missed it

After a Quirky Name Change, Now They're Stuck With It

Taiwanese lawmakers debate rules change for those who adopted 'Salmon' moniker for restaurant promo

(Newser) - Is the free fish really worth it? A bunch of people in Taiwan who legally changed their name to "Salmon" to take advantage of a restaurant promotion are about to find out, because the government isn't letting some of them change their names back, reports the Guardian . It...

Gaffe or Policy Shift? Nobody Is Quite Sure
Biden Gaffe
or Policy Shift?
Nobody Is Quite Sure
the rundown

Biden Gaffe or Policy Shift? Nobody Is Quite Sure

Biden's comments on Taiwan have analysts guessing

(Newser) - So has US policy toward Taiwan changed or not? "No," President Biden declared Tuesday when asked that specific question, reports the AP . But Biden's comments the previous day still seem to have muddied the water on what the US would do if China were to invade the...

Biden Ready to Defend Taiwan; China Not Happy

President says US would defend Taiwan with force if there were ever an attack against it

(Newser) - The United States is on board with the "one China" policy —meaning that, in regard to Taiwan, it acknowledges formal ties to China instead. But the American government doesn't endorse China's views that it effectively owns Taiwan, and the US enjoys a "robust" unofficial relationship...

Taiwan Welcomes US 'Gesture of Support'

Bipartisan team of former defense officials to offer assurances during Ukraine fight

(Newser) - An American team of former defense and security officials is headed to Taipei to demonstrate that, despite the attention-consuming battle in Ukraine, the US has not forgotten Taiwan. The government has raised the alert level on the island out of concern that China, which claims Taiwan, will make a move...

China's Latest Take on Taiwan: It Is 'Not Ukraine'

But comparisons between the 2 geopolitical conflicts are nervously being noted

(Newser) - The world is currently hyperfocused on tensions between Russia and Ukraine , but some eyes are starting to turn to another geopolitical tussle: that between Taiwan and China, with the latter scoffing at any comparisons made between the two conflicts. The New York Times reports that Tsai Ing-wen, the president of...

Olympic Presser Gets Heated Over Taiwan, Uighurs

Reports of human rights abuses are 'lies,' organizing committee rep claims

(Newser) - What sports? The Beijing Olympics organizing committee's last scheduled daily news conference of the Games got downright political, as journalists asked about Taiwan, the forced labor of Uighurs, and the safety of Chinese tennis player Peng Shuai. Yan Jiarong, an organizing committee spokesperson, first made clear that China considers...

Report: Taiwan Map Caused 'Overreaction' at White House Summit

Audrey Tang's video feed was abruptly cut

(Newser) - A strange thing happened during President Biden's " Summit for Democracy " last week: Video of Audrey Tang, Taiwan's digital minister, was abruptly cut off during a panel discussion and replaced with an audio-only feed after she presented a map that displayed Taiwan as a different color than...

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