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Driver Was Uninsured, Unlicensed—and 103

Elderly woman in Bondeno, Italy, was driving an uninsured car with an expired driver's license

(Newser) - When cops ask to see someone's driver's license at a traffic stop, it's not typical for them to see a DOB that stretches back to the age of Prohibition. But in the Italian town of Bondeno, a 103-year-old woman was busted recently for cruising around in the...

Puerto Rico Just Made a Big Change to Its Driver's Licenses

The territory is adding 'USA' to make citizenship clear, curb discrimination against residents

(Newser) - Puerto Rican driver's licenses are getting three new letters to help educate other Americans, who are overwhelming unaware of their citizenship. The New York Times reports that licenses will now have "USA" right up top, a move that aims to deter practices on the mainland that deny Puerto...

Porn Perusers in This State Now Have an Extra Step

New law in Louisiana mandates commercial porn sites in that state ask for ID showing age verification

(Newser) - A year ago, during an interview with radio host Howard Stern, singer Billie Eilish confessed to a pornography addiction that started at age 11, calling it a habit that "really destroyed my brain." Professional counselor and sex addiction therapist Laurie Schlegel, who also happens to be a Republican...

New York Adds Option for Nonbinary to Documents
New York 
Adds 'X' to

New York Adds 'X' to Documents

Driver's licenses and birth certificates will have 3 choices

(Newser) - New Yorkers will be able to designate their sex as "female," "male" or "X" on driver's licenses and birth certificates under a law that Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed Thursday. Nonbinary New Yorkers sued in March, arguing the state was discriminating against them by failing to...

In Georgia, 20K New Drivers Never Took a Road Test
Petition Slams
State's New Driving
Rule: This Can
Turn 'Catastrophic'
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Petition Slams State's New Driving Rule: This Can Turn 'Catastrophic'

Georgia sees nearly 20K teens who just got their licenses without having to take a road test

(Newser) - Lots of excited young people have taken one state up on its offer to get behind the wheel during the coronavirus pandemic— almost 20,000 , to be exact. That's how many new under-20 drivers there have been in Georgia over the past two weeks after Gov. Brian Kemp issued...

During 'Unprecedented Times,' an Unusual Change on Driving

New Georgia drivers don't need road test to get license during pandemic state of emergency

(Newser) - Georgia teens nervous about taking their road test can breathe a little easier, though everyone else on the road may not. CNN reports that, due to the logistical challenges posed by the coronavirus pandemic, Gov. Brian Kemp has temporarily eased driver's license requirements so that new drivers with a...

Woman Fell When Ordered by DMV to Walk Without Cane: Lawsuit

Applicant broke her wrist, and now the state faces a civil rights lawsuit

(Newser) - Mary Wobschall, 78, had her eyesight tested before going to renew her driver's license. Her vision was fine, so she wouldn't need corrective lenses to drive. Then she and her husband went to a Wisconsin DMV office, where an examiner told her to walk across the lobby without...

Star on State ID Is About to Become Hugely Important

One year from REAL ID deadline, most Americans are without

(Newser) - Americans intending to fly domestically next year using their state-issued ID better first check the upper right-hand corner. Starting Oct. 1, 2020, travelers will need an upgraded driver's license—what's known as a REAL ID—to access airport security checkpoints, nuclear power plants, and certain federal buildings. The...

Teen Gets License, Loses It 49 Minutes Later


(Newser) - In what's sure to be some kind of record, a teen in Germany managed to lose his driver's license a mere 49 minutes after getting it. Traveling with four friends he might've been trying to impress, the 18-year-old was returning from his successful driving test when he...

Another Weird Death Ruling Comes Out of Romania

Dead man will get his license back

(Newser) - Days after one Romanian court told a man he was officially dead despite evidence to the contrary, another court has declared that a man who was truly dead could get his driving license back. A court in the northern city of Iasi on Thursday confirmed that Valerian Vasiliu should have...

Oregon Driver's Licenses to Undergo a Novel Change

'X,' or non-specified, is now a gender option

(Newser) - Jamie Shupe expects to stand out front of an Oregon DMV early next month and cry. And not for the reasons you'd expect. Shupe intends to be one of the first to take advantage of what is a first for America: a change to Oregon's driver's licenses...

ACLU: Ala. Christian Forced to Remove Scarf for DMV Pic

Yvonne Allen says she was told only Muslims can wear head scarves

(Newser) - The ACLU filed a lawsuit this week alleging that an Alabama county clerk and her supervisor violated a Christian woman's religious freedom rights under both federal and state constitutions when they required that the woman remove her head scarf for her driver's license photo in spite of repeated...

Lady Gaga Is a Licensed Driver for the First Time

And apparently very happy about it

(Newser) - Lady Gaga has a driver's license for the first time at 30 years old, People reports. The singer has been posting about the experience of getting her license on Instagram, noting in a post on Friday that "after years of driving w an adult present and a learners...

Pastafarian Scores a Win Vs. Mass.

Yes, Lindsay Miller, you can wear a colander in your driver's license photo

(Newser) - Score another victory for the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster: The Commonwealth of Massachusetts—normally not one to allow head coverings in driver's license photos—has made an exception for one Lindsay Miller and the colander she likes to wear as a hat. As the AP notes, Miller...

New Jersey Wants to Stop Dead People From Driving

Proposed legislation forbids driver's licenses for the dead

(Newser) - Zombie apocalypse preppers in New Jersey can rest a little bit easier. A bill moving through the legislature there would prevent driver’s licenses and other DMV documents from being issued to dead people. A March 2015 audit of its Motor Vehicle Commission found that driving documents were released to...

Guy With License Yanked 41 Times Busted Again

Jason Brown is not confidence-inspiring behind the wheel

(Newser) - The state of New York has suspended Jason Brown's driver's license an impressive 41 times in his 36 years, and it might not be done yet: Cops on Long Island pulled Brown over yesterday afternoon, reports Newsday , after observing him drive erratically; they say they found pot in...

Delaware Wants to Put Your License on Your Phone

State looking into adopting secure smartphone app

(Newser) - Delaware is aiming to become the first state where you can just hand over your phone when asked for your driver's license. State lawmakers have asked the Delaware Department of Motor Vehicles to look into adopting digital licenses that can be accessed through a secure smartphone app. "We'...

Teen Sues to Retake DMV Photo With Makeup

Chase Culpepper wears makeup and women's clothing

(Newser) - A 16-year-old in South Carolina wants a driver's license photo redo—but not to look better. Chase Culpepper, who describes himself as "gender nonconforming," says he wears makeup and women's clothing and jewelry every day, and that when he was forced to take off the makeup...

Guy's License Suspended... Over 1981 Ticket
Guy's License Suspended... Over 1981 Ticket
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Guy's License Suspended... Over 1981 Ticket

Typo is to blame for Kevin Berry's ordeal

(Newser) - When Kevin Berry was pulled over in Portland recently, he thought he was about to get a speeding ticket. But the officer told him his license had been suspended a few weeks earlier—over a ticket dating back 33 years. "I think it's crazy," Berry tells KATU...

Teenage Sinatra's License Sells for $15K

'Francis' got it at age 19, before hitting it big in music

(Newser) - Frank Sinatra's first New Jersey driver's license has sold for $15,757 at auction. The yellowed, text-only 1934 license was issued, typo and all, to Francis Sintra, 841 Garden Street, Hoboken, New Jersey. The license was signed by the then-19-year-old a year before Sinatra got his first big...

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