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This Little Guy Is Big News for Endangered Species

There's a new calf for the population of Sumatran rhinos, which number fewer than 50

(Newser) - A critically endangered Sumatran rhino was born in Indonesia's western island of Sumatra over the weekend, reports the AP , the second Sumatran rhino born in the country this year and a welcome addition to a species that currently numbers fewer than 50 animals. A female named Delilah gave birth...

Cyclops Mountains Expedition Makes Amazing Finds

Team captured first images of a platypus relative long feared extinct

(Newser) - The Cyclops Mountains in a remote part of Indonesia are not an easy place to explore—but braving the rugged terrain—and leeches that drop from trees—was worth it, expedition members say. An expedition led by Oxford University researchers found dozen of creatures new to science and one that...

Behind This Endangered Rhino, Reason to Celebrate
With This Birth,
'Hope for a Species'

With This Birth, 'Hope for a Species'

Endangered Sumatran rhino calf born in Indonesia through captive breeding program

(Newser) - In a birth being celebrated around the world, a baby girl has been delivered healthy, weighing in at 60 pounds. Don't worry, it's not a human baby but a critically endangered Sumatran rhino, whose birth "represents hope for a species threatened with extinction," per CNN . The...

Woman Gets 2 Years for Eating Pork in TikTok Video

Indonesian woman found guilty of blasphemy

(Newser) - A court in Indonesia has convicted a woman of inciting religious hatred and sentenced her to two years in prison for saying a Muslim prayer and then eating pork—considered forbidden in Islam—in a TikTok video. Judges at Palembang court in South Sumatra province also ordered Lina Lutfiawati to...

Surfers Found Safe, on Surfboards, After 38 Hours Lost at Sea

Along with 2 of the 3 crew members on their boat

(Newser) - Four Australian tourists and two Indonesian crew members have been rescued after 38 hours adrift in a remote part of the ocean off the coast of Indonesia. The Australians were part of a larger group, 17 members total including crew members, that launched Sunday in two boats headed from the...

Pro Surfer Dies in Freak Accident With Board

Hawaii native Mikala Jones was 'arguably one of the most barreled surfers on the planet'

(Newser) - An American professional surfer who became famous for taking cameras and viewers inside barrel waves has died in a freak surfing accident. Mikala Jones, 44, was fatally injured while riding waves in Indonesia's Mentawai Islands on Sunday morning. According to Surfline , the native Hawaiian was surfing near Awera Resort...

One Nation's Capital Is Sinking. Solution? Build a New One

Indonesia is trying to do that, and the 'New York Times' digs into the huge challenges

(Newser) - Indonesia's capital of Jakarta has a fundamental problem: To put it simply, the city of 30 million people is sinking. President Joko Widodo has tried all kinds of "Sisyphean" solutions to fix things, writes Hannah Beach in the New York Times , but it appears the rising sea will...

Report: 6 Soldiers Killed in Search for Captured Pilot

Indonesian military says troops were attacked by separatist rebels in Papua province

(Newser) - Separatist gunmen attacked Indonesian army troops who were deployed to rescue a New Zealand pilot taken hostage by the rebels in Papua province, leaving at least six dead and about 30 missing, officials said Sunday. Military reports seen by journalists said 21 soldiers fled into the jungle after an attack...

First the Smell of Gas, Then Thunder, a Blast, and Fire

At least 18 dead after blaze at fuel storage depot in Jakarta, Indonesia

(Newser) - Indonesian rescuers and firefighters on Saturday searched for more than a dozen missing people under the rubble of charred houses and buildings, after a large fire spread from a fuel storage depot in the capital and killed at least 18 people. The Plumpang fuel storage station, operated by state-run oil...

Palm Oil, Long the Bad Guy, Has Something to Teach Us

Other industries could learn something from its turnaround story

(Newser) - Depending on how you look at it, palm oil is an angel or a devil. The angelic part is its versatility: no other vegetable oil is like it. As the Guardian puts it, palm oil is cheaper than other options, and works in wonderous ways, making "cookies more healthy,...

Parliament Nears Outlawing Adultery, Insulting President
Parliament Votes to Outlaw
Extramarital Affairs

Parliament Votes to Outlaw Extramarital Affairs

Human rights organizations and Indonesian business groups worry about the fallout

(Newser) - Indonesian lawmakers on Tuesday voted to criminalize adultery. Parliament unanimously approved the penal code revision, which must still be signed by the president and will then take effect sometime in the next three years, the AP reports. "(The new Criminal Code) has a lot of implementing regulations that must...

Eruption Sends Rivers of Lava Down Mt. Semeru

Indonesian villagers flee falling ash, move into shelters

(Newser) - Indonesia's highest volcano on its most densely populated island released searing gas clouds and rivers of lava on Sunday in its latest eruption. Monsoon rains eroded and finally collapsed the lava dome atop 12,060-foot Mt. Semeru, causing the eruption, said a spokesman for the National Disaster Management Agency....

Biden: 'There Need Not Be a New Cold War'

President meets with China's Xi Jinping

(Newser) - President Biden had his first face-to-face meeting as president with China's Xi Jinping on Monday, and he sounded an optimistic tone afterward. "I absolutely believe there need not be a new Cold War," he said after the sit-down in Bali, Indonesia, per the AP . "I'...

Putin to Skip G20 Summit: 'Saves Him the Embarrassment'

Ukraine's Volodymyr Zelensky to attend events in Bali as virtual guest

(Newser) - Vladimir Putin will be missing from the G20 summit next week amid a series of setbacks for Russia in its war in Ukraine—though he might appear via video. That's according to officials at the Russian Embassy in Indonesia, where leaders of the world's 20 largest economies will...

Woman Found Dead in Belly of a Python
First They Found Her Sandals,
Then a Bloated Snake
in case you missed it

First They Found Her Sandals, Then a Bloated Snake

Woman in Indonesia set out for work at a rubber plantation, didn't return home

(Newser) - It's an occurrence so chilling and rare that it's being reported around the globe: An Indonesian woman apparently lost her life to a python, with local reports confirming her body was found in the snake's stomach. The Guardian reports a woman identified as Jahrah, 54, left for...

Soccer Stampede Is One of Deadliest Sports Events Ever
Soccer Stampede Leaves
at Least 125 Dead

Soccer Stampede Leaves at Least 125 Dead

Indonesia riot results in one of the deadliest sports events ever

(Newser) - (Update: The death toll has been revised from 174 to 125 after authorities realized some victims were counted twice.) Panic and a chaotic run for exits after police fired tear gas at an Indonesian soccer match left at least 125 dead, most of whom were trampled upon or suffocated,...

Milley Sees China Becoming More Threatening in Pacific

Joint Chiefs chairman meets with region's defense leaders

(Newser) - The Chinese military has become more aggressive and dangerous over the past five years, the top US military officer said during a trip to the Indo-Pacific that included a stop Sunday in Indonesia. Gen. Mark Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said that the number of intercepts by...

Authorities: Japanese Fugitive Tied to $7.2M COVID Relief Plot

Mitsuhiro Taniguchi is now in custody in Indonesia and set to be deported

(Newser) - For a week or two, Mitsuhiro Taniguchi was holed up in the home of an Indonesian fish trader, trying to convince him of his plan to invest in local fisheries. That won't be happening now, though, as he's been nabbed by authorities over the money he was perhaps...

3 Endangered Sumatran Tigers Die in Traps

They represent almost 1% of the estimated population

(Newser) - Three endangered Sumatran tigers have been found dead, dealing a blow to a population thought to number around 400. Conservation officials discovered the bodies of a male and female tiger, whose legs were ensnared in a trap, in Aceh, at the northern tip of Indonesia's Sumatra island, on Sunday....

'Momentous Occasion' for One of the Rarest Animals on Earth

Indonesia's captive breeding program spawns new Sumatran rhino

(Newser) - Indonesia has just welcomed a bundle of joy in the form of one of the rarest mammals on Earth. A Sumatran rhino was born March 24 in a sanctuary to a mother that had suffered eight miscarriages since she was captured in the wild in 2005 as part of a...

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