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Amazon Could Owe Parents More Than $70M

Company reaches deal with FTC over in-app purchases

(Newser) - If your child racked up purchases in the Amazon Appstore without your permission between 2011 and 2016, the company might owe you some money. The Federal Trade Commission and Amazon settled on a deal Tuesday in which the company will refund parents whose children made in-app purchases without their consent,...

If You Own an Old Kindle, You Must Update It Now

Here's why

(Newser) - If you've been ignoring Amazon's prodding to update your Kindle, you may want to start paying attention. As Quartz reports, any Kindle purchased before 2012 must be updated by Tuesday, March 22, in order to continue being able to connect to the Internet. If you miss the deadline,...

Guy Orders a Kindle, Receives Tumor Sample


(Newser) - A man in England who ordered a waterproof Kindle was surprised to open his FedEx package and see a tumor specimen instead—delivered all the way from California, no less. "When I opened it I had quite a shock," recipient James Potten tells the BBC . "My name...

Publishers Can Win Amazon War by Selling Their Books

Publishing industry has long been held hostage by booksellers: Michael Wolff

(Newser) - Amazon is locked in a death struggle with book publishers—particularly Hachette , which is openly throwing down against the online behemoth. And "while Amazon may be the worst thing to have ever hit the book business," writes Michael Wolff at USA Today , dealing with the predominant booksellers (Barnes...

Forget Kindle Unlimited, Use the Library
Forget Kindle Unlimited,
Use the Library

Forget Kindle Unlimited, Use the Library

A library card is a much better acquisition, writes Insider Higher Ed columnist

(Newser) - If there were a press release about this product, it might exclaim, "Revolutionary service gives you access to a virtually unlimited number of books!" writes Barbara Fister at Insider Higher Ed . She must be talking about Amazon's new Kindle Unlimited, which gives people access to 600,000...

That Cheap Kindle Costs You $443 a Year

 That Cheap Kindle 
 Costs You 
 $443 a Year 
in case you missed it

That Cheap Kindle Costs You $443 a Year

New research finds Kindle owners spend more on Amazon

(Newser) - Why is Amazon willing to sell its Kindles so cheaply that they make no profit—or even lose money? Easy: Kindle owners end up spending more money on Amazon, Time reports. New research from the Consumer Intelligent Research Partners finds that Amazon members who don't own a Kindle spend...

FAA Panel Clears Gadgets for Takeoff: Source

Gadgets, WiFi OKed for under 10K feet

(Newser) - The end is in sight for that game in which the flight attendant tells you to turn off your e-reader for takeoff like she really thinks it's going to crash the plane, and you nod solemnly and pretend to actually turn it off until she's out of sight....

Amazon Unveils Thinner, Faster Kindles

Pundits think they're a 'real threat' to iPad

(Newser) - Amazon unveiled a pair of new tablets today that could cement its position as Apple's main competitor in the tablet market. The new Kindle Fire HDXes, available as a 7-inch tablet for $229 and an 8.9-inch tablet for $379, are thinner, lighter, faster, and come with higher resolution...

Tablets May Soon Be Allowed During Takeoff, Landing

Industry group preparing report on in-flight devices

(Newser) - You may not have to switch off that iPad during takeoff much longer. Last year, the FAA established an industry group to look into the effects of in-flight gadget use; by the end of 2013, officials are hoping to announce a more easygoing approach to electronic devices like e-readers. Instead...

Walmart Halts Kindle Sales
 Walmart Halts 
 Kindle Sales 

Walmart Halts Kindle Sales

Will no longer sell Amazon product as competition deepens

(Newser) - Shopping for a Kindle? You won't be getting one at Walmart. The chain has decided to stop carrying Kindles, and will only be selling off its "existing inventory and purchase commitments" from here on out, it said in a memo to store managers yesterday. Amazon has Walmart handily...

Amazon Could Announce Smartphone Today

Company holding big event, and sources confirm phone is in the works

(Newser) - There have been rumors of a looming Amazon smartphone , and now multiple sources tell The Verge that those rumors are true. The Android phone could be announced at a big Amazon event today, but since it's not quite finished, don't expect too many details yet. Other products expected...

Why Amazon's Kindle Will Someday Be Free

Ultimately, the company wants to make money off content: Farhad Manjoo

(Newser) - Farhad Manjoo admits that his "record on predictions about Amazon is mixed at best," but he's pretty certain about this one: Sooner or later, the company will start offering its Kindle e-reader for free, he writes on Slate . Even though Amazon currently loses money on each Kindle...

Kids' E-Books Squashing the Real Thing

UK survey finds almost half of parents read to kids via e-reader

(Newser) - Kids aren't exactly picking a book off the shelf before snuggling under the covers these days. SmartMoney reports on the trend by way of the UK, where a survey found that almost a full half of parents say they now read to their kids via e-reader or tablet (or...

Hotel Removes Bible, Adds Kindle

But the holy text is preloaded

(Newser) - A hotel in Britain is doing away the ubiquitous Bible in the bedside table. Instead, the Hotel Indigo will stick a Kindle in the drawer—preloaded with the Bible, of course. Guests can download a different religious ebook of their choosing at no extra charge, provided it doesn't cost...

Peeved at Amazon, Target Yanks Kindle

Chain sick of customers checking out products before buying them on Amazon

(Newser) - In a sign of rising tension between online stores and their bricks-and-mortar counterparts, Target says it is going to stop selling Amazon's Kindle products. The company, one of the biggest offline sellers of Amazon's e-readers and tablets, has become fed up with shoppers using its stores as a...

Amazon Soars as Kindle Fire Grabs Market Share

Sales of digital products pay off tablet investment

(Newser) - Selling Kindle Fires turns out to have been a very profitable way for Amazon to lose money. The no-frills tablet computer—which sells for slightly less than it costs to make —has now captured more than half of the Android tablet market, with rival tablets from Samsung and Motorola...

Amazon Now Moves to Slash E-Book Prices

But DoJ suit expected to be bad news for readers in long run

(Newser) - Just after the Department of Justice launched its antitrust lawsuit against Apple and five major publishers , Amazon announced plans to slash e-book prices. But while the move is expected to cut the prices of major titles from $14.99 to $9.99 or less, analysts believe the benefit to consumers...

8 Famous Books Still Only on Paper

Including 'To Kill a Mockingbird' and 'Catcher in the Rye'

(Newser) - The e-book market has spiked from 0.6% in 2008 to 6.4% in 2010, or $878 million in sales, yet you still won't be able to find certain hugely popular books in the new format. The Street rounded up a list of eight classics that can be found...

Amazon Yanks 5K E-Books in Contract Dispute

Publishers group says it was strong-armed to accept new terms

(Newser) - Amazon is playing hardball with a book distributor that refused to give it a bigger share of the pie. The company's Kindle store yanked some 5,000 e-books after Independent Publishers Group, which represents hundreds of independent publishers, refused the online giant's demands. "They decided they didn'...

Amazon Kindle Users Borrow 300K eBooks Monthly

 Kindle Users 
 Borrow 300K 
 eBooks Monthly 
says amazon

Kindle Users Borrow 300K eBooks Monthly

Ebook publishing program expands lending library

(Newser) - Amazon is seeing big results from a new ebook-lending program. Its new KDP Select program, which allows independent writers and publishers to cash in on borrowed books, saw 300,000 borrowed titles last month. The program, allotted $500,000 last month, provided authors with $1.70 per borrow, with the...

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