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USPS Announces Plans to Consolidate 18 Mail Facilities

Union warns it will lead to more delays

(Newser) - The United States Postal Service says a plan to consolidate 18 mail processing facilities around the country won't result in layoffs, but the American Postal Workers Union is still crying foul. The union warns that closing the facilities will cause further mail delays and will cause hardships for rural...

DeJoy's 10-Year-Plan for USPS Includes Slower Mail

Hours at some post offices will be cut

(Newser) - Postmaster General Louis DeJoy on Tuesday announced plans to slow mail delivery standards and cut hours at some post offices as part of a 10-year strategy to stabilize the struggling agency. Details of the long-awaited plan come at a time of intense scrutiny on the US Postal Service over persistent...

USPS Shuts Down 132-Year-Old Post Office After Request for $600 a Month

Its two employees were only paid $8.33 an hour

(Newser) - When Colleen Raftis bought a building in the tiny Washington town of Nahcotta last year, it came with a historic post office staffed by two elderly women who took turns working three hours a day for $8.33 an hour. She says that when she asked the US Postal Service...

Behold, the New USPS Truck
Behold, the USPS'
New 'Duck Truck'
in case you missed it

Behold, the USPS' New 'Duck Truck'

United States Postal Service is modernizing its vehicles

(Newser) - The United States Postal Service on Tuesday announced that its "Next Generation Delivery Vehicle," or NGDV, is coming. Oshkosh Defense scored the 10-year contract to manufacture the vehicles, which the USPS says will be a multi-billion dollar modernization effort. The Verge notes that's a blow to Workhorse,...

Biden Makes Big Move on US Postal Service

New board members could help oust DeJoy

(Newser) - "Get used to me," Postmaster General Louis DeJoy told House lawmakers during a hearing Wednesday. They may not have to. President Biden, who can't fire DeJoy directly, has named candidates to fill three empty slots on the US Postal Service's nine-member board, which could give it...

Postmaster General to Lawmakers: 'Get Used to Me'

Louis DeJoy says he's not a 'Trump holdover'

(Newser) - President Biden can't directly fire Postmaster General Louis DeJoy—and DeJoy certainly knows it. During a House Oversight and Reform Committee hearing Wednesday, DeJoy corrected a Democratic lawmaker who described him as a "Trump holdover," Politico reports. "I'm not a political appointee," he said....

Quarter of Georgia Voters Already Have Cast Ballots

USPS will treat the ballots as express mail

(Newser) - The US Postal Service has agreed to take aggressive measures to make sure mail ballots get counted in Georgia's runoff elections. In a deal struck with civil rights groups, the USPS said it would treat any ballots that remain in processing centers within three days of the Jan. 5...

Sources: USPS Worker Admits Making Up Election Fraud Allegations

But he denies that in his own update on the case

(Newser) - The United States Postal Service worker who claimed a postmaster in Erie, Pa., told employees to backdate ballots that were mailed after Election Day has admitted he made up the allegations, sources tell the Washington Post . The claim, which has been cited by top Republicans including Lindsey Graham as evidence...

Mail Carrier&#39;s Wrong Turn Earns Him an Arrest
Mail Carrier's Wrong Turn
Earns Him an Arrest
in case you missed it

Mail Carrier's Wrong Turn Earns Him an Arrest

CBP agents say 800 pieces of mail were in trunk of Buffalo USPS worker's car

(Newser) - A US Postal Service mail carrier in Buffalo has been arrested after authorities say Customs and Border Protection officials found 813 pieces of mail in the trunk of his car as he drove back to Buffalo from Canada. Per a criminal complaint filed by Brendan Boone, a special agent with...

Judge: USPS Will Pay Price for Ignoring Ballot Search Order

At least 8K ballots weren't processed on time

(Newser) - A federal judge who ordered the United States Postal Service to sweep its facilities for undelivered ballots Tuesday afternoon is furious about the service's decision to treat the order as optional. "Someone may have a price to pay for that," US District Judge Emmett Sullivan said in...

USPS Rejects Order to 'Sweep' Facilities for Unsent Ballots

Judge's order affected 12 districts spanning 15 states

(Newser) - A federal judge ordered the United States Postal Service to "sweep" facilities in a dozen districts for unsent ballots Tuesday afternoon—but the USPS disregarded the order, saying it would stick to its existing schedule. In an order issued in Washington DC, District Judge Emmet G. Sullivan ordered the...

USPS Does 180 on Mail Service Changes

Agency will reverse changes after lawsuit from Montana governor

(Newser) - The US Postal Service agreed Wednesday to reverse changes that slowed mail service nationwide, settling a lawsuit filed by Montana Gov. Steve Bullock. The lawsuit filed against Postmaster General Louis DeJoy and the USPS on Sept. 9 argued changes implemented in June harmed access to mail services in Montana, resulting...

Lotto Winner Forfeits Prize After USPS Loses Ticket

They said, ‘no ticket, no prize'

(Newser) - A Florida woman says the United States Postal Service turned her lottery win into a loss. The woman says she had to forfeit a $1,000 prize in the state's Second Chance lottery after she followed the lottery's instructions and sent the winning ticket by certified mail, only...

Newspaper Tracks 100 Mailed Letters in a Test
Mails 100 Letters,
Sees What Happens
in case you missed it

Newspaper Mails 100 Letters, Sees What Happens

The USPS did not get an A+

(Newser) - The United States Postal Service says a first-class letter should land in the recipient's mailbox in one to three business days. The Los Angeles Times set out to see if that's really the case these days. In what it calls a "small but revealing" test of the...

Judge: Trump, Postal Service Are in Cahoots

Judge Stanley Bastian issues a nationwide injunction against the USPS 'leave behind' policy

(Newser) - A US judge on Thursday blocked controversial Postal Service changes that have slowed mail nationwide, calling them "a politically motivated attack on the efficiency of the Postal Service" before the November election, the AP reports. Judge Stanley Bastian in Yakima, Washington, said he was issuing a nationwide preliminary injunction...

White House Reportedly Killed USPS Plan on Masks

5 per household were set to go out in April, but officials feared it would create panic

(Newser) - The Washington Post is out with a story about troubles at the US Postal Service, and one part in particular was getting a lot of attention. It seems that the USPS drafted a news release in April announcing that it planned to ship out 650 million face masks, or roughly...

A Century Later, 1920 Postcard Is Delivered
Postcard Arrives
in the Wrong Century

Postcard Arrives in the Wrong Century

Michigan woman shocked to receive some very old Halloween greetings

(Newser) - A Michigan woman picked up her mail on Tuesday and was transported back in time. Figuratively, of course. Sitting on top of Brittany Keech's stack of mail was a postcard that might've appeared somewhat timely—"Halloween greetings," it read, next to an image of a witch...

Trump: My Worry on Mail Voting Isn't With the USPS

President says elections officials won't be able to count all the ballots accurately

(Newser) - President Trump is still worried about a massive surge in mail-in voting . But in an interview with the Washington Examiner , he says his issue isn't with the US Postal Service. Instead, he argues that elections officials won't be able to accurately count all those mailed-in ballots. "It'...

USPS Chief Can't Name the Cost of a Postcard Stamp

Postmaster General Louis DeJoy says he knows 'very little about postage stamps'

(Newser) - Postmaster General Louis DeJoy testified before the House Oversight and Reform Committee on Monday, and the United States Postal Service head couldn't answer certain questions ... about postage. While he correctly answered when asked the price of a first-class stamp, he responded "I don't know" when questioned about...

House Votes to Drop $25B on USPS
House Votes to
Drop $25B on USPS

House Votes to Drop $25B on USPS

Trump is against the measure, which is likely to stall in the Senate

(Newser) - With heated debate over mail delays, the House approved legislation in a rare Saturday session that would reverse recent changes in US Postal Service operations and send $25 billion to shore up the agency ahead of the November election. Speaker Nancy Pelosi recalled lawmakers to Washington over objections from Republicans...

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