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Man Reveals He's Spider-Man in Poignant Obit

35-year-old Aaron Purmort says he fought 'a nefarious criminal named Cancer'

(Newser) - A Minneapolis art director died of brain cancer last week, but in an obituary in the Minneapolis Star Tribune , "mild-mannered" Aaron Purmort reveals himself to be Spider-Man, writing that he "died peacefully at home on November 25 after complications from a radioactive spider bite that led to years...

NYPD Busts More Times Square Characters

Captain America, Naked Black Cowboy among those arrested for gouging tourists

(Newser) - You’re supposed to be helping the NYPD, Spider-Man and friends—not giving them grief. Junior Bishop, aka Spidey, was arrested this weekend in Times Square on charges involving drug possession and slugging a cop in the face, but he was soon joined by Captain America, the Naked Black Cowboy,...

'Spider-Man' Charged With Slugging NYC Cop

Just another day in Times Square

(Newser) - A guy dressed in a Spider-Man suit didn't exactly live up to the term "hero," say the cops who busted him yesterday after he allegedly decked one of New York's finest. It seems that Junior Bishop, 25, was dressed as the superhero and posing with tourists...

Latest Spider-Man Too Long, Tangled
 Latest Spider-Man 
 Too Long, Tangled 

Latest Spider-Man Too Long, Tangled

Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone boost Marc Webb's film

(Newser) - The latest Spider-Man movie, yet another story of balancing love and crime-fighting, is no revolution in superhero filmmaking. Still, Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone have their moments, say critics:
  • "The fifth Spidey movie in 12 years is overlong, underwhelming, unnecessary, and sure to be a hot ticket," writes

Man Pays for Wedding ... With Spider-Man Comic

Bought it for 12 cents, sold it for almost $8K

(Newser) - Richard Schaen, 69, was worried about how to pay for his daughter's upcoming wedding. Then his spidey senses started tingling. Schaen unearthed his old comic book collection, which had been gathering dust in his Ohio home. Inside, he discovered a copy of Amazing Spider-Man No. 1, which he had...

Big Changes for Spider-Man
 Big Changes for Spider-Man 
spoiler alert

Big Changes for Spider-Man

(Spoiler alert) Surprise in store for comic book fans

(Newser) - Serious Spider-Man fans surely already know what's going on thanks to online leaks, but casual ones should stop reading now to avoid learning what's in store in the comic book's just-released 700th episode. It's a doozy of a plot twist: Peter Parker dies, and his arch-enemy...

Spider-Man Weaves $65M Web
 Spider-Man Weaves $65M Web 

Spider-Man Weaves $65M Web

Hits $140M in first 6 days domestically

(Newser) - The Amazing Spider-Man had a pretty decent six-day run, pulling in $65 million over the weekend to notch a $140 million total domestically, notes the Hollywood Reporter . That gives Spidey a $341.2 million tally worldwide, but the AP notes that it still lags behind the previous incarnation of the...

Spider-Man Is a Retread With Heart
 Spider-Man Is a 
 Retread With Heart 
review roundup

Spider-Man Is a Retread With Heart

Andrew Garfield is great in a thoroughly unnecessary movie

(Newser) - Did the world need another Spider-Man movie? Probably not, critics agree, but The Amazing Spider-Man is a pretty good flick all the same. Here's what people are saying:
  • "Five minutes into The Amazing Spider-Man, I got bitten. With pleasure," writes Lisa Schwarzbaum of Entertainment Weekly . "The

Fired Director Sues Spider-Man Show Bosses

Julie Taymor says she's not being fairly compensated

(Newser) - More drama behind the curtains for Broadway’s Spider-Man: Former director Julie Taymor is suing the show’s producers over what she says is a lack of compensation for her creative work. “The producers' actions have left her no choice but to resort to legal recourse to protect her...

Glenn Beck: Michelle Obama Behind Biracial Spider-Man

Apparently he's an attack on our 'traditions'

(Newser) - Glenn Beck seems to think the new half-black, half-Hispanic Ultimate Spider-Man is part of some kind of conspiracy to change America. On his radio show yesterday, Beck groused about the change. “The new Spider-Man is really quite great, he looks just like President Obama,” he deadpanned, in a...

New Ultimate Spider-Man Succeeds Peter Parker

Miles Morales is half-black, half-Hispanic American

(Newser) - Peter Parker is dead and gone, but Spider-Man is still slinging webs and fighting crime. And it's not just a new teenager climbing Manhattan buildings, it's an entirely new crime-fighter, from the color of his suit to the complexion of his skin. Meet Miles Morales, a half-black, half-Hispanic...

How the Musical 'Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark' Spent $75M
 How Spider-Man  
Spent $75M 

How Spider-Man Spent $75M

$9 million on sets, costumes alone

(Newser) - Amid injuries, delays, and firings, Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark has managed to eat through $75 million, New York state financial statements reveal. To put that in perspective: The play The Book of Mormon cost $9 million, reports the New York Times . Here’s where some of the money—and...

Marvel Kills Spider-Man (Sort Of)

Company leaks details of 'Death of Spider-Man' ending

(Newser) - Spider-Man is going to die tomorrow, or at least a Spider-Man will. For those who haven’t been following comics lately, here’s the skinny: The Spider-Man that’s been around since 1962 is fine. The Peter Parker who’s biting the dust is “Ultimate Spider-Man,” an alternate...

Spider-Man Producer Laura Ziskin Dead at 61

Zisken's 35-year career included Pretty Woman, As Good As It Gets

(Newser) - Laura Ziskin, a veteran producer whose films include the Spider-Man movies and Pretty Woman, has died at age 61. Ziskin, who had breast cancer, died yesterday at her home in Santa Monica, reports the Entertainment Industry Foundation. Over her 35-year career, Ziskin was producer or executive producer of films such...

Broadway's Spider-Man Flies Again

More flying stunts, clearer love story hope to save show

(Newser) - Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark, Broadway's most expensive and audacious show, flies back into action tonight—with what the creative team and producers say is a cleaner story and has tighter music. The $70 million musical emerges from a three-week hiatus with most of the cast intact, but minus...

Director Julie Taymor Booted From Spider-Man Musical

Official word is she's too busy, but friends say she was forced out

(Newser) - After days of rumors , the producers of Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark made the official announcement last night: Director Julie Taymor is out. The problem-plagued musical has also been delayed yet again, this time until “early summer 2011,” according to the show’s blog . Taymor has been replaced...

Gasping Spider-Man Gets Revamp

Troubled production may be delayed yet again

(Newser) - The producers of the cursed Spider-Man Broadway musical are rejigging the show's musical numbers, and its official opening may get a sixth tweak, reports the New York Times . Veteran musical supervisor and conductor Paul Bogaev has been hired to revamp many of the $65 million show's musical numbers, according to...

Spider-Man Musical 'Is Dead:' Sources

Negative reviews, money woes, poor ticket sales plague show

(Newser) - The abysmal reviews for Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark were the final nail in its coffin, sources say. The long-troubled musical “is dead,” says one. The money is running out, tickets are going unsold, and Michael Riedel predicts it will stagger on for a few more months, but...

'Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark' Reviews: Musical Is 'Sheer Ineptitude' From Start to Finish
 Spider-Man Musical: 
 'Sheer Ineptitude' 
theater review

Spider-Man Musical: 'Sheer Ineptitude'

Problem-plagued musical not worth your time, money: critics

(Newser) - Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark hasn’t officially opened yet, but people are already shelling out up to $275 a ticket to see it—and considering its opening has already been pushed back five times, many news organizations “skirted Broadway protocol” and reviewed the show today, since its last...

Spider-Man Musical Suffers Another Blow

Star Natalie Mendoza quits following a series of injuries

(Newser) - A female star of the ultra-expensive, problem-plagued Spider-Man Broadway musical has walked out of the production following a stuntman's injury in a 30-foot plunge. Natalie Mendoza, 30, who plays the evil spider Arachne, suffered a concussion last month when she was hit in the head by a heavy rope on...

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