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Streisand Remark to Actor About Ozempic Creates a Brouhaha

Singer asked Melissa McCarthy online if she's been taking the drug for weight loss

(Newser) - What some are saying was likely an "innocuous" comment from one celebrity friend to another took off online this week, and now both players—singer Barbra Striesand and actor Melissa McCarthy—are addressing the controversy. More on what happened:
  • Initial tweet: On Monday, Spy and Bridesmaids star McCarthy posted

Explaining Her District Switch, Boebert Brings Up Barbra Streisand

Boebert says Hollywood money influenced her decision

(Newser) - Lauren Boebert says she decided to switch districts after Hollywood money started pouring into the coffers of the Democratic opponent she likely would have faced had she decided to run for re-election in her current district, Colorado's 3rd. "When you have Barbra Streisand coming in and donating to...

Hollywood Is Going After Lauren Boebert

Likes of Ryan Reynolds, Barbra Streisand are donating to her opponent Adam Frisch

(Newser) - Lauren Boebert is busily defending her seat in Colorado's 3rd District, and more than a few Hollywood A-listers are busily funding her opponent. As Newsweek reports, the Colorado Republican is in something of a reelection dogfight with Democrat Adam Frisch, whom she beat by only 546 votes in 2022....

Streisand Took Up Her Beef With Siri With Tim Cook

Singer didn't like how Apple's digital assistant pronounced her last name, so she made a call

(Newser) - Barbra Streisand must be annoyed at how often her first name is misspelled. Now, she's got another beef: how her last name is mispronounced. The 81-year-old singer is on the interview circuit to promote her new memoir My Name Is Barbra , coming out Tuesday, and in one interview airing...

Taylor Swift Just Moved Past Barbra Streisand

She now has 12 No. 1 albums, the most by any woman in history

(Newser) - Taylor Swift's newly released Speak Now (Taylor's Version) album has, to nobody's surprise, debuted at No. 1 on the charts. And with that distinction comes a slew of notable milestones:
  • She now has 12 No. 1 albums, the most of any woman in history, reports the New

1962 Recordings Catch Rising Star Streisand, Then 20

Nightclub shows by the future star will be released

(Newser) - A series of 1962 performances by Barbra Streisand at a Manhattan nightclub before she became a superstar have been remastered and will be released this fall, per the AP . Barbra Streisand—Live at the Bon Soir features songs from a three-night stint at the Bon Soir nightclub in Greenwich Village....

Barbra Streisand Takes Issue With A Star Is Born

Singer says 2018 film was too similar to 1976 remake

(Newser) - Barbra Streisand said she "loved" Bradley Cooper's version of A Star Is Born when the film came out in 2018. Three years on, she has a bit of a different opinion. "I thought it was the wrong idea," Streisand told Australia's The Project of the...

In 'Lost' Interview, Bob Dylan Reveals 'Lay Lady Lay' Detail

'Actually, it was written for Barbra Streisand'

(Newser) - In a 1971 interview with his friend and fellow musician Tony Glover, Bob Dylan talked about anti-Semitism and changing his name, among other topics—but the conversations were never used for the Esquire article Glover was planning, and were not made public until now. Glover's widow is putting typed...

Josh Brolin Regrets Visit to His Famous Dad

Actor: 'irresponsible' in violating stay-at-home order to see James Brolin, wife Barbra Streisand

(Newser) - Josh Brolin has joined a list of celebs shamed for not staying home amid the coronavirus pandemic, though he's one of the few apologizing. The Avengers: Endgame actor posted an apology video on Instagram Friday, days after another post showed him, his wife, and their toddler poolside in Malibu,...

Barbra Streisand Apologizes for Michael Jackson Remarks

Of the molestation, she had said, 'it didn't kill them'

(Newser) - Barbra Streisand has backtracked quickly from her assertion that boys molested by Michael Jackson were "thrilled" to be there . "I am profoundly sorry for any pain or misunderstanding I caused by not choosing my words more carefully," she said in a Saturday statement, per TMZ . "I...

Barbra Streisand on MJ's Alleged Victims: 'It Didn't Kill Them'

76-year-old singer facing big backlash after comments on Michael Jackson documentary

(Newser) - When someone's name is trending on Twitter, it's often because it's their birthday, they died, or they did or said something causing a whole lot of people to shake their heads. In Barbra Streisand's case, it was the latter on Friday after a London Times interview...

Netflix Will Air A Star Is Born With Restored Footage

New version includes scene with Barbra Streisand performing 'Evergreen'

(Newser) - A re-cut version of Barbra Streisand’s A Star Is Born, with restored footage, is premiering Friday night on Netflix. The film will include a previously cut scene of Streisand performing an instrumental version of “Evergreen” on the guitar for Kris Kristofferson, who played her lover, reports Billboard . Later...

Streisand: This Is Why I Cloned My Dog

(Newser) - Barbra Streisand revealed this week that three of her dogs are clones, and now she's explaining why. Seems the death of her trusty dog Samantha led Streisand to ease the pain with DNA technology. "I was so devastated by the loss of my dear Samantha, after 14 years...

Streisand's Dogs Are Clones of Her Other Dog
Streisand Had Her
Dog Cloned, Twice

Streisand Had Her Dog Cloned, Twice

She harvested cells before first dog died

(Newser) - Two of Barbra Streisand's three dogs are clones, the iconic singer reveals in her new cover interview with Variety . Before Samantha, Streisand's Coton du Tulear, died at age 14 in 2017, Streisand had cells taken from the dog's mouth and stomach that were then used to clone...

Barbra Streisand Mocks Trump via Song

Parodies 'Send in the Clowns' at Hillary Clinton fundraiser

(Newser) - Barbra Streisand put her feelings about Donald Trump into song Friday night, the AP reports. At an LGBT fundraiser for Hillary Clinton, the singer performed a parody of the Stephen Sondheim song "Send in the Clowns" with lyrics about the Republican nominee. "Is he that rich, maybe he'...

Streisand: Siri Mispronounces My Name, but Tim Cook Is On It

She says Apple head is putting out a fix

(Newser) - If you own an iPhone, the next iOS update on Sept. 30 will include a strange fix for Siri. It seems the Apple virtual assistant does not currently pronounce Barbra Streisand's name correctly, the singer recently told NPR . "[It's] Streisand with a soft S, like sand on...

Woman Needs Stitches After Encounter With Streisand's Dog

Samantha did not take kindly to flight attendant's method of petting

(Newser) - Barbra Streisand's beloved dog got a little rowdy Tuesday. As Streisand, 73, flew from New York to DC on Ron Perelman’s private jet, accompanied by her 12-year-old coton de tulear Samantha, a flight attendant allegedly tried to pet the pooch, Page Six reports. It did not go well:...

Streisand's Latest No. 1 Makes History

She has topped charts in every decade since '60s

(Newser) - The last time there was a decade without a Barbra Streisand No. 1 album in it, Dwight Eisenhower was president and stereo sound was still a novelty. The singer's new album Partners debuts at No. 1 on the Billboard 200, making the 72-year-old the first artist to have a...

5 Stars Who Won Oscars in Their First-Ever Films

Who says you need practice to be perfect?

(Newser) - Actors who've been in the biz for years without ever snagging an Academy Award probably shake their heads and sigh when they think about these six celebrities rounded up by —all of whom won Oscars for their film debuts. A sampling:
  • Lupita Nyong'o: Best Supporting

13 Celebs Who Are in the Mile-High Club

Latest to admit it: Chrissy Teigen, Miranda Kerr

(Newser) - Model Chrissy Teigen gave a little TMI to Cosmopolitan in the June issue, revealing that she and hubby John Legend once had sex on an airplane. "We were on our way to Thailand to see my parents, flying commercial first-class," she says. "We were under a blanket....

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