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Tony Blair's Hair Horrifies Brits
Tony Blair's Hair Horrifies Brits

Tony Blair's Hair Horrifies Brits

Former prime minister sprouted a mullet during lockdown

(Newser) - After being closed for months, barbers in Britain reopened earlier this month as lockdown measures were eased—and after a TV appearance Wednesday, a lot of people want Tony Blair to get to one ASAP. In his first public appearance in weeks, the former prime minister spoke to ITV about...

UK Needs Re-Do of Brexit Vote: Tony Blair

Former UK prime minister wants a chance to reverse vote to leave EU

(Newser) - Britons may have acted a little hastily in voting for the Brexit, says Tony Blair, and they should get another crack at it. "The bizarre thing about this referendum is that we took a decision but we still don't know the precise terms," the former prime minister...

Sweeping British Report: Iraq War an Epic Blunder

Government review is a devastating critique of Tony Blair

(Newser) - A sweeping, seven-year investigation by Britain into its decision to join the US in the Iraq War is out, and "scathing" is beginning to sound like an understatement. The report by Sir John Chilcot faults every aspect of the decision by Tony Blair's government, reports the Telegraph . "...

Blair: Yes, Iraq War Led to Rise of ISIS

But former PM contends that toppling Saddam was still the right thing to do

(Newser) - Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair has said the US-led invasion of Iraq was partly responsible for the emergence of the Islamic State in the Middle East. But he insisted that toppling dictator Saddam Hussein had been the right thing to do. Blair told CNN that "there are elements...

Charles' Secret Letters Reveal Concern for Toothfish

But he didn't have a problem with culling badgers

(Newser) - The Patagonian Toothfish has a friend in the future king of England—that's one lesson from the British government's release of previously secret letters written by Prince Charles to government officials. The 27 letters, written a decade ago and the subject of a lengthy legal battle that pitted...

Pete King: White House Breach Was 'Inexcusable'
 Pete King: 
 White House 
 Breach Was 

Pete King: White House Breach Was 'Inexcusable'

Calls for hearings on failure to stop 'basic' attack

(Newser) - The White House fence-jumper was an "absolutely inexcusable" security breach, and Politico reports that Peter King wasted no time today in calling for a "full investigation into what happened, why it happened and what needs to be done to make sure it never happens again." The New...

Would-Be Robbers Hold Tony Blair's Kid at Gunpoint

But they don't appear to be terribly skilled at actual robbery

(Newser) - Tony Blair's daughter came face to face with a gun barrel during an attempted robbery on Monday night, police say. Kathryn Blair, 25, was walking down a London street with her boyfriend and other friends when two men accosted them, police said. The would-be robbers had a gun, but...

Desmond Tutu: Haul Bush, Blair in for ICC Trial

Pair behaved 'like playground bullies' in falsely starting Iraq war

(Newser) - Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Desmond Tutu says Tony Blair and George Bush should face prosecution at the International Criminal Court for their role in the 2003 US-led invasion of Iraq. Tutu, the retired Anglican Church's archbishop of South Africa, wrote in an op-ed piece for the Observer today that...

Rupert Murdoch Lobbied UK for Republicans: 'Invade Iraq'

Tony Blair took "over-crude" call from News Corp owner

(Newser) - The owner of Fox News personally lobbied then-British Prime Minister Tony Blair to invade Iraq sooner rather than later, according to a journalist's diary. Rupert Murdoch reportedly made the 2003 call to Blair's cell phone, "pressing on timings" and promising News International would support the war, writes...

Blair Heckled at Media Ethics Inquiry

Shouted 'this man should be arrested for war crimes'

(Newser) - Former British PM Tony Blair is getting grilled today at the Leveson Inquiry about his ties to Rupert Murdoch while he was leading the country, reports Sky News . And thus far, the most dramatic moment comes compliments of a heckler, who managed to get through a secure corridor and into...

Kuwait Official Pees on Blair Home, Gets Tasered

Protection officers caught him on former PM's doorstep

(Newser) - A government official from Kuwait picked a really bad place to take a leak as he stumbled drunkenly through the streets of London late at night. The official was approached by diplomatic protection officers as he peed on the doorstep of former prime minister Tony Blair's home, the Telegraph...

Nobel Peace Prize Winner: Anti-Gay Law Is OK

Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf spoke while Tony Blair squirmed

(Newser) - Nobel Peace Prize winner and Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf says gay sex should remain illegal: "We like ourselves just the way we are," she told the Guardian . "We've got certain traditional values in our society that we would like to preserve." Former British Prime...

Palestinians: Tony Blair Is 'of No Use at All'

Some call for his removal as Middle East envoy

(Newser) - The Palestinian Authority is accusing Middle East envoy Tony Blair of bias toward Israel and calling for his removal, reports the Telegraph . "Our general evaluation of his efforts is that he has become of no use at all," said a senior official with the Palestinian Authority. "He...

Tony Blair Lobbied Gadhafi for JP Morgan: Telegraph

Monster or treasure trove?

(Newser) - Villain-of-the-hour Moammar Gadhafi apparently wasn't too much of a monster for at least one US investment bank. The Telegraph is reporting that former PM Tony Blair lobbied Gadhafi and his family for business on behalf of JP Morgan. Blair was one of three "prominent Western businessmen," including...

Murdoch Kid's Godfather: Tony Blair

Which could be problematic, given phone-hacking scandal

(Newser) - Wendi Deng Murdoch may be no one to trifle with when there's a foam pie involved, but octogenarian hubby Rupert is probably wishing she had shut her piehole on this one: Seems that during an interview with Vogue, Mrs. Murdoch let slide that former British PM Tony Blair is...

Tony Blair Debates Religion With Atheist Hitchens

See why God is like a 'divine North Korea'

(Newser) - Famous atheist Christopher Hitchens took on famous Catholic convert Tony Blair in a debate on whether religion is a good or bad thing for the world yesterday. And while it's impossible to declare a winner on such a subjective ... oh wait, this is 2010, which means we had an audience...

Tony Blair, Plagiarist?
 Tony Blair, 

Tony Blair, Plagiarist?

Screenwriter suspects he had 'one too many' drinks, copied film dialogue

(Newser) - Tony Blair: Former prime minister, published memoirist ... and plagiarist? That's what screenwriter Peter Morgan suspects. Blair's version of his 1997 meeting with the Queen in A Journey reads: "You are my 10th prime minister. The first was Winston." If that sounds familiar, it's probably because you saw The ...

After Egg Mess, Blair Cancels Book Signing

But 'book is selling fantastically'

(Newser) - Though we're not sure if he prefers his eggs scrambled or fried, we're fairly certain he doesn't like them airborne. Tony Blair canceled Wednesday's planned book signing in London following a particularly messy one in Dublin on Saturday, in which 300 anti-war protesters hurled eggs and shoes at him. He...

Tony Blair: Iraq Regrets, but Not Many

Dowd: You should have more, Bush poodle

(Newser) - Tony Blair is still hawking his book, and he's still not sorry about his role in taking down Saddam Hussein, he tells ABC's This Week. While "You can't not have regrets about the lives lost," the former PM says, "If we hadn't taken out Saddam, there would...

Irish Greet Blair Book ... With Shoes, Eggs
 Irish Greet Blair Book 
 ... With Shoes, Eggs 

Irish Greet Blair Book ... With Shoes, Eggs

Anti-war protesters show up for Dublin book-signing

(Newser) - Tony Blair may well wish he'd been drinking for today's book-signing in Dublin: Several hundred anti-war protesters awaited the former PM as he arrived at a bookstore in the city center, hurling everything from epithets to shoes, eggs, and a bottle, reports the Irish Times. The book-signing was the first...

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