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Pope Raises Eyebrows Over Alleged Remark on Women

Days after a reported gay slur, Francis is alleged to have called gossip a 'woman's thing'

(Newser) - Just days after Pope Francis apologized for a gay slur he's said to have used during a private bishops meeting, an allegation of another eyebrow-raising comment. The Guardian reports that the 87-year-old pontiff had another closed-door gathering in Rome on Thursday, this time with a group of young priests,...

Men Are From Mars (Logic), Women From Venus (Empathy)

Cambridge scientists reinforce old stereotypes; critics pounce on 'neurosexism'

(Newser) - In what's said to be the largest study examining differences between the sexes, a longtime stereotype is holding some water—though critics are pushing back on the supposed biological merit underlying the results. The Telegraph reports that researchers at the University of Cambridge tested more than 670,000 people...

By 6, Girls Think Boys Are Smarter
Gender Stereotypes
Set In Surprisingly Early
study says

Gender Stereotypes Set In Surprisingly Early

Girls at age 6 think boys are smarter

(Newser) - A new study suggests that girls start to view boys as smarter as early as age 6. And that's even though, just a year earlier, boys and girls both associate brilliance with their own gender. "It's really heartbreaking," lead author Lin Bian of the University of...

Women and Men Equally Strong Video Gamers
Women and Men Equally Strong Video Gamers
study says

Women and Men Equally Strong Video Gamers

Nearly half of the gaming population in the US is now female

(Newser) - The hostility toward women gamers that was laid bare in 2014 during the GamerGate controversy extends to the stereotype that female gamers are inferior to their male counterparts. So researchers at the University of California, Davis , decided to track thousands of players in two multiplayer online role-playing games and compare...

Girls Beat Boys in Federal Tech Test

But only 43% of 21,500 students tested as technologically literate

(Newser) - For the first time, a federal test measured tech skills for America's students—and the girls handily beat the boys in nearly every category, per US News & World Report . On the National Assessment of Educational Progress engineering and technology exam, given in 2014 to 21,500 eighth-graders from...

Most of Us Have Brains That Are Both Male and Female

'Human brains cannot be categorized into two distinct classes'

(Newser) - Maybe this explains why we're hooked on both fantasy football and Gilmore Girls. Researchers studying more than 1,400 brains found it impossible to categorize them as either male or female, the Los Angeles Times reports. "Brains with features that are consistently at one end of the '...

New Barbie Ad Features a Fabulous First

Mattel collaborates with Moschino in latest Barbie release

(Newser) - Barbie, long the at-times controversial dominion of little girls everywhere, looks to be courting another, more unlikely group in Mattel's latest iteration of the doll, a collaboration with luxury Italian fashion house Moschino. The Moschino Barbie sold out in less than an hour when she debuted last week, reports...

Turns Out, We Crave Sexist Food Packaging
Turns Out, We Crave Sexist Food Packaging

Turns Out, We Crave Sexist Food Packaging

We apparently think healthy food is feminine, unhealthy food is masculine

(Newser) - Are advertisers telling us that healthy food is inherently feminine and unhealthy food is masculine, or is this some ingrained, preconceived notion from deep in our hungry little souls? Reporting in the journal Social Psychology , researchers at the University of Manitoba say in an article titled "Macho Nachos" that...

Female Pilot Led UAE Airstrikes Against ISIS

Maj. Mariam Al Mansouri, 35, was first woman to join Emirates' air force

(Newser) - If a country's going to send military pilots to fight ISIS, it's going to send its very best. Which is why the United Arab Emirates selected Maj. Mariam Al Mansouri, 35—the first female fighter pilot in the Emirates air force—to lead one of its airstrike missions...

Sweden's New Rating System: Is the Movie Sexist?

Cinemas experiment with the 'Bechdel test'

(Newser) - A handful of movie theaters in Sweden have rolled out a new rating system to let viewers know whether a movie is sexist, reports the AP . The simple test: Does it have at least two female characters who talk to each other about something other than a man? If so,...

Young Engineers: Toy Chain Busts Gender Stereotypes

Girls invade the 'pink aisle' for GoldieBlox

(Newser) - A new ad from a new company called GoldieBlox is drawing rave reviews for its stereotype-busting premise: It shows little girls invading the "pink aisle" of a toy store to demand toys that set them on the path toward becoming engineers and scientists, reports the Mary Sue blog . GoldieBlox...

Teacher Bias Hurts Girls in Math
 Teacher Bias Hurts 
 Girls in Math 
study says

Teacher Bias Hurts Girls in Math

University of Texas study: Teachers give girls unfair ratings

(Newser) - White girls can't add? According to a national survey, high school teachers rate the math skills of white girls as being lower than those of white boys, even when their test scores are comparable, LiveScience reports. Calling the bias "relatively small in magnitude," two researchers at the...

Girls, Boys Equals at Math
 Girls, Boys Equals at Math 
study says

Girls, Boys Equals at Math

Perceived differences a matter of culture, not biology: study

(Newser) - Cross another stereotype off the list: Any differences between men's and women's math abilities are cultural, not innate, a study finds. Studies that have suggested such differences covered too few countries to give an accurate picture, researchers say. The new study, however, reviewed math scores across 86 countries,...

Second-Grade Girls Already Bailing on Math

Study finds stereotype reaches kids strikingly early

(Newser) - A disturbingly high proportion of little girls have absorbed the stereotype that math is for boys by the time they reach the second grade, a new study finds. Researchers found that little boys and girls alike tend to associate enjoyment of math with boys, MSNBC reports. "We still don’...

'Mama's Boys' Have Better Mental Health

Boys who stay close with mom avoid unhealthy stereotypes

(Newser) - Being what Time describes as a "mama's boy" is good for you, a new study suggests. An Arizona State professor followed 426 boys through middle school to find out when and to what extent they embraced stereotypically male qualities like emotional reserve and physical toughness. He found that boys...

Pretty Women Who Want 'Manly' Jobs: Get Ugly
Pretty Women Who Want 'Manly' Jobs: Get Ugly
study says

Pretty Women Who Want 'Manly' Jobs: Get Ugly

Study shows, sometimes, it hurts to be beautiful

(Newser) - Thinking about buying a sexy new outfit to up your chances at scoring a new job? Think again…if you’re a woman applying to be, say, a tow truck driver. A new study shows that attractive women are actually less likely to be hired to fill positions that are...

Barack Obama Is a Woman
 Barack Obama Is a Woman 
Kathleen Parker

Barack Obama Is a Woman

He's paying the price for his talk-it-out mentality

(Newser) - If Bill Clinton was our first black president, “then Barack Obama may be our first woman president,” writes Kathleen Parker of the Washington Post . He's not exactly girlie, but he's “suffering from a rhetorical-testosterone deficit.” Much as Toni Morrison wrote that Clinton “displays almost every...

Domestic Abuse Makes Your Penis Fall Off?
 Abuse Makes 
 Your Penis 
 Fall Off? 
in case you missed it

Domestic Abuse Makes Your Penis Fall Off?

Ad screws up pitch to abused men

(Newser) - That lovely image of a man with an airbrushed-flat, genitals-free crotch is a new ad from the UK’s National Centre of Domestic Violence, aimed at male abuse victims. Needless to say, it’s a bit of a disaster, writes Sady Doyle on Salon . The text is gentle and understanding:...

Lame Dads Rule in Kids Books
 Lame Dads Rule in Kids Books 

Lame Dads Rule in Kids Books

Old dad, poor dad as out of it as ever in kid lit

(Newser) - Despite major upheavals in gender roles, clueless dads unable to parent or set a table still rule in children's books—if they exist at all—laments one stay-at-home father. "I’m aware that there is plenty of good-natured humor to be had from lampooning fathers," writes columnist Damon...

Vatican: Washing Machine Liberated Women

(Newser) - The Vatican’s newspaper appears to have come out in support of the washing machine as God’s greatest gift to women in the 20th century, Reuters reports. A weekend article in l'Osservatore Romano suggested that the time-saving gadget polls ahead of birth-control and suffrage in liberating the fairer sex....

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