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Man Jailed for Death Threats Against Katie Hobbs

'We will see you to the grave,' Ohio's Joshua Russell told Arizona's then-secretary of state

(Newser) - An Ohio man who acknowledged making death threats in voicemails left for then-Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs during the 2022 election season was sentenced Monday to 2 1/2 years in prison, reports the AP . Joshua Russell of Bucyrus, Ohio, had pleaded guilty in late August to a federal charge...

Among Cranberries Singer's Last Words: 'F---ing Awesome!'

Dolores O'Riordan left chipper voicemail for old friend right before she died, and TMZ has it

(Newser) - Shortly after the sudden death in January of Dolores O'Riordan, People reported on an old friend and label executive who said the 46-year-old Cranberries singer left a final voicemail for him the day she died in which she sounded "full of life" and "was joking." Now...

Voicemail About Cracks in Collapsed Bridge Went Unheard

But engineer with FIGG Bridge Group didn't think the cracks were an issue

(Newser) - On Thursday, the 950-ton pedestrian bridge at Florida International University collapsed in deadly fashion; on Friday, a Florida Department of Transportation employee finally heard the voicemail an engineer left on a landline three days prior, reports the AP . In the message, Denney Pate with FIGG Bridge Group noted cracking had...

'Butt Dial' Voicemail May Have Captured Woman's Plea for Life

Jill Grant allegedly overheard saying she can blame attack on someone else

(Newser) - Jill Grant and her boyfriend Michael Franco had planned to throw a party on Dec. 23, 2013. But when guests showed up to their gated neighborhood in Indio, Calif., they couldn't get in, and Franco told them the party was off. Grant's brother called police—who by that...

Calls to VA Suicide Line Went to Voicemail

In-crisis veterans put on hold, sent to voicemail, with calls never returned: report

(Newser) - The Oscar-winning film Crisis Hotline: Veterans Press 1 documents the counselors who man the phones for the 24-hour service, but it never mentions the suicidal veterans who are put on hold or sent to voicemail, with calls never returned—a fact made public last week in a report from the...

Want to Show Some Emotion? Send an Email
Want to Show Some Emotion? Send an Email

Want to Show Some Emotion? Send an Email

New research says writing process may cause emotional arousal in sender

(Newser) - If you want to convey something affectionate or romantic and you can't do it in person, it may be better to send an email than leave a voicemail. So report researchers at Indiana University Bloomington in the journal Computers in Human Behavior after analyzing both the messages being sent...

Apple Eyes Voicemail-Killer
 Apple Eyes Voicemail-Killer 

Apple Eyes Voicemail-Killer

Siri to translate voicemails to text in iOS 10: report

(Newser) - Leaving a voicemail is a convenient way to convey a lot of information quickly. Listening to voicemails is, well, a pain—but Apple is hoping to change that. For several weeks, Apple employees have been testing an iPhone feature that uses Siri to transcribe voicemail messages, Business Insider reports. It...

Coca-Cola Does Away With Voicemail

Just text instead

(Newser) - There's no more leaving a message at the beep at Coca-Cola's Atlanta headquarters. As of this month, callers have two options: try again later, or use an "alternative method" to reach the person—like a text or email. Bloomberg reports the plan to ditch voicemail was actually...

Why You Should Stop Being a Voicemail Hater

Leslie Horn used to be one, but not anymore

(Newser) - Like many people under 40, Leslie Horn used to hate voicemail. Why not just text, or let the "missed call speak for itself"? But after her dad died unexpectedly in July, she changed her tune, and she explains why on Gizmodo . After his death, her phone rang constantly,...

After US Woman's Son Dies, the Vatican Calls

Stephany Nicolo got quite the unexpected voicemail

(Newser) - Pope Francis has offered an American woman a "big hug and a blessing" after the death of her son, according to a Vatican official. Stephany Nicolo, a devout Catholic from Wakefield, Mass., says she called the Vatican after her 25-year-old son, Eric, died from an epileptic seizure in May....

Hear the Voice of Manti Te'o's 'Girlfriend'

He releases three voicemails to Katie Couric, denies he's gay

(Newser) - The latest twist in the Manti Te'o saga is that he spoke on the phone for hundreds of hours with a man posing as his non-existent girlfriend. Now Te'o has released three voicemails to Katie Couric's show , and you can grade the apparent falsetto yourself. The voice...

Sandusky's 'Shower Victim' Comes Forward, Sues Penn State

Victim 2's lawyers release voicemails from Sandusky

(Newser) - The alleged Jerry Sandusky victim at the center of Mike McQueary's testimony has at last revealed himself—so he can sue. Sandusky reportedly assaulted "Victim 2" in university showers when the victim was a child. Now, as an adult, the victim intends to sue Penn State "and...

Jude Law Charges Phone Was Hacked in US

Rupert Murdoch's empire could face federal charges

(Newser) - Jude Law says reporters working for News of the World hacked into his phone while he was visiting the US, an accusation which could see Rupert Murdoch's News Corp. facing US charges. The actor has filed a lawsuit accusing the tabloid of hacking into his phone and that of...

Brit Paper Hacked Murdered Girl's Voicemail

Family given false hope as journalists cleared old messages

(Newser) - Even by the standards of British tabloids, this is pretty low: The News of the World hacked into the voicemail of a missing 13-year-old girl in 2002, a Guardian investigation finds. Journalists deleted old messages on Millie Dowler's phone to make space for new ones, giving her family hope...

Third Journalist Arrested in Phone Tap Scandal

News of the World senior reporter James Weatherup nabbed

(Newser) - British police have arrested News of the World senior reporter James Weatherup on the suspicion that he illegally hacked into voicemails in search of scoops. That makes him the third reporter from the tabloid recently arrested in the phone hacking scandal , the AP reports. Until recently, the News of the ...

Jaimee Grubbs Airs Anxious Tiger Voicemail
 Jaimee Grubbs Airs 
 Anxious Tiger Voicemail 

Jaimee Grubbs Airs Anxious Tiger Voicemail

Woods asks alleged lady friend for one last favor...

(Newser) - It’s officially hit the fan for Tiger Woods, whose second alleged mistress, cocktail waitress Jaimee Grubbs, has shared a voicemail he supposedly left for her with Us , and Us is sharing it with, well, us. “Can you please take your name off your phone? My wife went through...

10 Webapps Worth Tweeting About
10 Webapps Worth
Tweeting About

10 Webapps Worth Tweeting About

Create chatrooms and manage voicemail with these lesser-known programs

(Newser) - Not all webapps are blessed with Twitter’s marketing push and word-of-mouth, so Lifehacker profiles a few worth tweeting about:
  • TinyChat: Connect with up to 12 people using live video in a chatroom. The rooms aren’t password-protected for non-paying chatters, but did we mention it’s all for free?

Got $40K? Own Madonna's Naughty Messages

Erotic messages go up for auction with other rock memorabilia

(Newser) - One way to make a quick buck: Sell erotic phone messages Madonna left on your answering machine. That’s what former bodyguard-turned-boyfriend Jim Albright is doing, the New York Daily News reports, and the 17 minutes of recordings are expected to fetch $40,000. Also up for grabs: A 15-minute...

Voicemail Is So Over
 Voicemail Is So Over 

Voicemail Is So Over

System too slow in faster-paced world

(Newser) - After some 25 years of popularity, voicemail has become merely an annoyance for many, the Boston Globe reports. "What I really hate are the soliloquies," says a time-crunched user. But the long-winded are only part of the problem, experts say; the real culprit is the rise of texting....

New Google Voice Offering a 'Dutiful but Klutzy Secretary'

Features like voicemail transcription are great, but far from flawless

(Newser) - Google’s Voice feature, offered in free beta for now, bundles all your phone numbers into one “Google number,” and records, transcribes, emails, and archives voicemails, allowing you to respond via texts sent from your computer. It “has some brilliant features,” Courtney Banks writes in the...

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