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The Globe's Leading Ailments Are in Our Heads
The Globe's Leading
Illnesses Are in Our Heads

The Globe's Leading Illnesses Are in Our Heads

Neurological conditions like stroke, dementia affect 43% of global population, per new research

(Newser) - The leading cause of all ill health and disability around the globe isn't cancer or heart disease—it's a wide umbrella of neurological conditions, ranging from migraines to strokes, dementia, or Parkinson's, among other maladies. Per a new study published Thursday in the Lancet , scientists found that...

Migraine Sufferers May Soon Have Their Very Own 'EpiPen'

FDA approves zavegepant, or Zavzpret, a fast-acting nasal spray designed to provide pain relief

(Newser) - A new nasal spray from Pfizer has just been OKed by the Food and Drug Administration, and the company hopes it will be a game changer for the nearly 40 million migraine sufferers in the US. Reuters reports on the FDA's Friday approval of zavegepant, sold under the brand...

FDA Approves Potential Migraine Game-Changer

Monthly injection reduces migraine frequency without major side effects

(Newser) - "Progress, but not a panacea." So proclaims an editorial in journal JAMA on Aimovig, a first-of-its-kind drug purported to prevent chronic migraines without many side effects that was on Thursday approved by the FDA. The drug from Amgen and Novartis, and similar ones in their final stages, "...

Stripes Appear to Trigger Migraines, Seizures
Our Brains Haven't Evolved
to Handle Stripes

Our Brains Haven't Evolved to Handle Stripes

This is the first research to find that even still images can lead to seizures

(Newser) - If you have an unreasonable fear of escalators, there may be something to it—but the problem involves looking at one, not stepping on it. Researchers report in the journal Current Biology that just looking at the rigid, geometric pattern of stripes—even still images of them—affects our brain...

Scientists May Have Found Migraine Trigger —in Our Mouths

Oral bacteria could be the key

(Newser) - Certain foods like chocolate, wine, and processed meats have long been linked to migraines, and while nitrates in those foods are often seen as the culprit, it's not entirely clear why some people are more susceptible to ensuing headaches than others, reports Quartz . Now scientists are reporting in the...

First Medical Device for Migraines Is Approved

FDA gives OK to headband that delivers electrical impulses

(Newser) - Migraine sufferers will soon be able to strap on a headband and try to zap away the pain through electrical impulses. It sounds a little futuristic, but the FDA has approved just a headband from Belgium's Cefaly, reports Reuters . It's the first medical device approved for the treatment...

Migraine Drug Benefits Are Half in Your Head

Study demonstrates power of suggestion

(Newser) - How effective a drug is has a lot to do with how effective you think it'll be, a new study suggests. Researchers gave 66 migraine sufferers a set of pills, some in envelopes labeled "Maxalt," a common migraine medicine, and others in envelopes labeled "placebo."...

Migraines May Change Brain Structure

But scientists aren't sure whether this is a big cause for concern

(Newser) - Those with the misfortune to suffer regular migraines should know that those headaches aren't just knocking them off their feet—they seem to be causing physical changes to the brain, reports AFP . Researchers say that migraine sufferers, especially those who experience symptoms such as sensitivity to light and dizziness...

That Headache? Could Be What You Ate

Even 'healthy' foods can cause headaches, expert say

(Newser) - Blaming your headache on stress, lack of sleep, or that extra drink you had last night? All are possible causes, but researchers say that ordinary foods can cause headaches as well, the Wall Street Journal reports. The biological links are poorly understood—and one person's yummy snack may be...

Savannah Guthrie Struck With Migraines

 Guthrie Struck 
 With Migraines 
'today' pressure?

Savannah Guthrie Struck With Migraines

Ann Curry replacement told to wear dark glasses

(Newser) - Replacing Ann Curry has gotten Savanna Guthrie stressed out. The Today show co-host is suffering from head-splitting migraines barely a month into her new gig, sources say. “She goes to a doctor two days a week for treatment of the migraines, and is required to wear dark glasses...

Bachmann Offers Doctor's Note to Downplay Migraines

He says they occur 'infrequently,' are under control

(Newser) - Michele Bachmann is trying to put the migraine issue to rest quickly: She released a letter from her doctor today in which he says her migraines "occur infrequently" and that she's got them under control with two common prescription drugs that she takes as needed, reports the Huffington...

Bachmann: My Migraines Are Not a Problem

Her aides are accused of roughing up a reporter

(Newser) - Michele Bachmann is dismissing the notion that severe migraines frequently incapacitate her, reports Politico . She does get the headaches, but "they are easily controlled" with prescribed medication, she said. "Let me be abundantly clear—my ability to function effectively has never been impeded by migraines and will not...

Could Debilitating Migraines Bring Bachmann Down?

Stress-induced headaches leave her unable to 'function at all': sources

(Newser) - An odd issue regarding Michele Bachmann has come to the surface, causing some to question her ability to serve as president of the US: severe headaches. Bachmann suffers from migraines, three sources tell the Daily Caller , and the stress-induced episodes are fairly frequent and quite debilitating. One former adviser says...

Headache Gives British Woman a Chinese Accent

'Foreign Accent Syndrome' apparently a real thing

(Newser) - As if migraine sufferers didn't already have enough to worry about, a woman in Plymouth, England, recently had a headache so powerful that it replaced her British accent with a Chinese one. As ridiculous as it sounds, doctors say she actually has a rare condition known as Foreign Accent Syndrome,...

Migraines, Depression May Share Genetic Link

Findings reverse idea that headaches cause depression

(Newser) - Conventional wisdom holds that bad headaches lead to bad moods, but a new study points to a genetic link between the two. "Most people think that migraine patients are depressed because they have headaches," one researcher tells Time . "We found that there is a genetic predisposition by...

Cindy McCain Declares War on Migraines

Launches public campaign on behalf of headache research

(Newser) - Cindy McCain has publicly survived everything from miscarriage to stroke to a painkiller addiction—but the malady she took aim at last week was one she's endured in secret: migraines. “I’ve missed part of my life,” she told an American Headache Society luncheon. “People don’t...

Docs Urge Caution on Plastic Surgery for Migraines

Plastic surgery may not help majority of migraine sufferers

(Newser) - The New York Times weighs in today on the recent study that showed plastic surgery to be effective in curing, or at least cutting the frequency of, migraine headaches. Headache specialists are intrigued but concerned that even if they're not good candidates, patients will rush to have the forehead lifts,...

Plastic Surgery May Cure Migraines

(Newser) - A novel plastic-surgery procedure on the forehead could cure migraines entirely, Time reports. The surgery removes certain muscles—or “migraine triggers”—around the trigeminal nerve branches, which some think are the source of the painful headaches; it also smoothes wrinkles. In a recent study, more than half of...

Migraine Sufferers Have Lower Breast Cancer Risk

(Newser) - Finally, some good news for migraine sufferers: Those awful headaches come with a reduced risk of breast cancer, according to a new study. The researchers aren’t sure why that would be the case, but they suspect a connection with estrogen and other hormones. “It’s pretty clear...

Warmer Weather Triggers Migraines

Jumps in outdoor temperature linked to increased migraine risk

(Newser) - A new study adds weight to the belief held by many who suffer migraines that weather changes can trigger headaches, Bloomberg reports. Harvard researchers compared weather data against the records of 7000 patients diagnosed with severe headaches and discovered the risk of headaches rose 7.5% for every 9-degree rise...

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