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Early Monroe Photos Surface

(Newser) - Mesmerizing photos of Marilyn Monroe before she hit the big time have surfaced in the archives of LIfe magazine. The 1950 shots in Griffin Park in Los Angeles reveal a peaches-and-cream 24-year-old Monroe before the ultra-glam shots that would become a staple of her career. "I was amazed looking...

New Photos Bare Aftermath of King's Death

Life finally releases grim images taken after assassination

(Newser) - Newly published photographs by a Life magazine lensman capture the aftermath of the shocking assassination of Martin Luther King Jr., including a motel worker sweeping away the blood of the civil rights crusader. Few journalists traveled to Memphis after the assassination, and Life declined to run the photos after his...

Experts Slam Sugary Cereals
 Experts Slam Sugary Cereals 

Experts Slam Sugary Cereals

'Like eating a doughnut for breakfast'

(Newser) - Mothers who serve their children certain brands of breakfast cereal are giving them the nutritional equivalent of a glazed doughnut for breakfast, according to a new study by Consumer Reports. Researchers analyzed 27 brands of cereal for nutritional value, and rated Post's Golden Crisps and Kellogg's Honey Smacks the worst....

'Heroes' Can't Save NBC From Ad Refunds

Dismal fall ratings, writers' strike prompt unusual move

(Newser) - With a lack of fall blockbusters keeping its ratings down and the writers' strike jeopardizing current and future offerings, NBC is giving money back to advertisers for prime time underperformers, the Wall Street Journal reports. Typically, networks give advertisers additional spots—“make goods"—when shows fail to draw....

4 Stories
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