Virginia Tech shootings

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First, Gunfire at a Colo. Church. Then, at a Va. Hookah Lounge

2 are dead, 6 injured after unrelated shootings Friday night

(Newser) - Two separate shootings 1,500 miles apart, in towns that have already experienced grim mass shootings, have left two dead and at least six injured. The first incident happened earlier in the evening Friday, shortly after 8pm, at the Iglesia Faro De Luz Church in Aurora, Colo., reports Denver7 . When...

He Survived a Mass Shooting. The Bullets Are Poisoning Him
He Survived a Mass Shooting.
Now He's Being Poisoned

He Survived a Mass Shooting. Now He's Being Poisoned

Bullet fragments can wreak havoc

(Newser) - Colin Goddard was shot multiple times during the Virginia Tech massacre , but doctors assured him he would eventually be "fine." Twelve years later, the now-33-year-old has discovered that's far from the case, and the reason is an unexpected one: The dozens of bullet fragments left in his...

'That Kindness Changed Me Forever': Va. Tech Prof Remembers

Campus preparing to mark 10-year anniversary of the shootings

(Newser) - Sunday will mark 10 years since gunman Seung-Hui Cho killed 32 students and teachers at Virginia Tech , and a professor there recounts for StoryCorps via NPR the day the classes resumed. Jane Vance expected just a handful of students to show up, but everybody was there, sitting "like statues....

Mass Shootings Have Nearly Tripled Since '06: FBI

Most are over before cops arrive, report finds

(Newser) - Mass shootings really are on the rise, according to a new FBI report. There has been an average of nearly one mass shooting a month in America this century and the rate has risen dramatically in recent years, the report released yesterday says. The agency says it identified a total...

Court Voids Wrongful Death Verdict in Va. Tech Case

Justices say state couldn't have predicted mass shooting

(Newser) - Virginia's Supreme Court today reversed a jury's wrongful death verdict against the state stemming from the 2007 Virginia Tech shooting massacre, saying that the state had no duty to warn students of the potential acts of the case's lone gunman, who initially shot two in a dormitory....

Marathon Survivor Also Survived Va. Tech Massacre

Kelly Willard says experiences taught her 'It can happen anywhere'

(Newser) - Kelly Willard was a student at Virginia Tech during the 2007 massacre, and found herself on lockdown for 12 hours just two buildings away from the shooter. Six years later, she ran the Boston Marathon for the first time, and was two blocks away when the bombs went off last...

To Fix Gun Crisis, All We Need Is Data

Setting up tracking system would be simple: Marc Parrish

(Newser) - How can we battle our mass-shooting epidemic? "Simple math" could help, "even without new restrictions on the guns anyone can buy," writes Marc Parrish at the Atlantic . We track all kinds of behavior in the US: Purchases of cold medicine, last-minute airline tickets bought with cash, and...

Gun Dealer Linked to Mass Shootings Shuts Down

Cops probing reports from scores of stiffed customers

(Newser) - The online dealer who sold a handgun used in the Virginia Tech massacre and supplied equipment to two other mass shooters has shut down—not from a change of heart about his line of work, but because of scores of complaints from customers, reports AP . Eric Thompson's Wisconsin-based business,...

Virginia Tech Found Negligent in 2007 Rampage

School waited too long to send out warnings, says jury

(Newser) - Virginia Tech was found legally negligent by a jury today in a lawsuit stemming from the 2007 school shooting that killed 33 people. The issue at stake was whether the university improperly delayed sending out warnings after the first two murders were discovered in a dorm, reports AP . Campus police...

Virginia Aims to Kill Gun-a-Month Purchase Cap

State Senate expected to do away with 19-year-old limit today

(Newser) - Today's big gun story comes not from Arizona , but Virginia: The Virginia Senate aims today to shoot down a 19-year-old cap limiting residents to buying just one gun a month. Earlier this week, the Senate also passed a bill prohibiting towns from requiring fingerprints from people seeking permits to...

Police Identify Virginia Tech Gunman as Ross Truett Ashley, 22
 Police ID Virginia Tech Gunman 

Police ID Virginia Tech Gunman

Ross Truett Ashley, 22, attended nearby Radford University

(Newser) - A dean's list student who killed a Virginia Tech police officer had no ties to the university and did not know the patrolman, authorities said yesterday without offering a motive for a crime spree that spanned two days and ended in suicide. Ross Truett Ashley, 22, first drew authorities'...

Virginia Tech Shooter Changed Clothes to Escape

But another trooper spotted him in a parking lot

(Newser) - Virginia Tech officials shed a few more details on yesterday's murder-suicide but still aren't speculating about a motive. The man who shot officer Deriek Crouse remains publicly unidentified, but police say he wasn't a student or affiliated with the school. He reportedly walked up to Crouse's...

Virginia Tech Victim a Vet, Dad of 5

More details emerge on campus shootings

(Newser) - Deriek W. Crouse, the police officer killed yesterday during a traffic stop on the Virginia Tech campus, was a 39-year-old Army veteran and father of five. He and the suspected shooter, who was apparently found dead nearby, were shot with the same handgun, police confirmed today. The suspect is believed...

Virginia Tech Lockdown Over; Shooter Believed Dead

It looks like a murder-suicide

(Newser) - Virginia Tech has lifted its lockdown after today's fatal shootings that left two people dead and says the community is safe. Police confirmed little but said to "read between the lines" about speculation of a murder-suicide, reports the Roanoke Times . Based on that comment and more details from...

Police Officer Shot at Virginia Tech

 Gunman Kills 2 
 at Virginia Tech 

Gunman Kills 2 at Virginia Tech

One victim is a police officer shot during traffic stop

(Newser) - A gunman killed a police officer and another person after a traffic stop today on the campus of Virginia Tech, and students and faculty were told to stay inside university buildings as police searched for the suspect. The school said a police officer pulled someone over for a traffic stop...

Virginia Tech Appeals $55K Shooting Rampage Fine

AG Cuccinelli calls Dept. of Education's findings 'absolutely appalling'

(Newser) - Just shy of one month after it was slapped with $55,000 in federal fines for waiting too long to notify that campus during the 2007 shooting rampage, Virginia Tech has filed an appeal. State AG Kenneth Cuccinelli yesterday called the Department of Education's findings "absolutely appalling,"...

Students Fight University for Right to Pack Guns

Gun groups back Colorado activists battling firearm ban

(Newser) - A Colorado State University campus determined to stop shooting rampages by banning guns is meeting angry opposition from students who are determined to protect their right to pack firearms. Many claim that armed citizens are the best hope of stopping violence, according to T-shirts sprouting on the Fort Collins campus....

Va. Tech Couple Shot Dead in Forest

Campground killing apparently random

(Newser) - Two Virginia Tech students have been found murdered in a campground near the school, bringing fresh horror to a campus already rocked by tragedy, the Roanoke Times reports. Police have found no murder weapon, motive or suspect. They believe an attacker shot the sophomore couple in a "random act...

Pa. Gym, Va. Tech Shooters Shopped on Same Website

Site rep: This proves people need to protect themselves

(Newser) - The Pennsylvania health club shooter and the Virginia Tech killer purchased gun equipment from the same website, WPXI Pittsburgh reports. George Sodini bought accessories from TGSCOM, which sold a gun to Seung-Hui Cho. “We deal with police and government agencies as customers,” said a rep for the firm,...

Found: Missing Mental Health Records of Va. Tech Shooter

Files had been removed from university clinic illegally

(Newser) - The mental health records of the gunman behind the 2007 Virginia Tech massacre have been found in the home of a former director of the university’s clinic, reports the AP. Seung-Hui Cho’s records were illegally taken from the clinic more than a year before the attack, says a...

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