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Tragedy Strikes Family on Their Way to Vacation

Missouri girl, 8, dies after falling ill on SkyWest flight bound for Chicago; cause of death isn't clear

(Newser) - An 8-year-old Missouri girl flying to Chicago with her family for vacation died after getting sick while in the air. The child, IDed as Sydney Weston of Carl Junction, "suddenly became ill and then unresponsive in flight," the Peoria County Coroner's Office said Thursday in an online...

Airline CEO Calls Out Fliers' 'Massive' Abuse of Wheelchairs

Passengers are requesting them just to get priority boarding, says Frontier's Barry Biffle

(Newser) - Frontier Airlines CEO Barry Biffle joked Thursday that his company is "healing so many people" who require wheelchairs at boarding, yet walk off the plane just fine. "There is massive, rampant abuse of special services. There are people using wheelchair assistance who don't need it at all,...

After Extreme Turbulence, Experts Say Get Ready for More

Climate change could lead to more incidents like one on Singapore Airlines flight that killed a man

(Newser) - More than three dozen people remain hospitalized after an incident of severe turbulence on a Singapore Airlines plane on Tuesday, including a toddler, reports the BBC . The 2-year-old is receiving treatment in Bangkok for a concussion, per a doctor at Samitivej Srinakarin Hospital. The oldest patient is said to be...

Flier Booted in Dispute Over Exit Row Responsibilities
Flier Booted in Dispute
Over Exit Row Duties

Flier Booted in Dispute Over Exit Row Duties

The woman reportedly said 'If something happens, I'm going to save myself'

(Newser) - An airline passenger seated next to an emergency exit was led off a plane in handcuffs this month after reportedly saying she wasn't going to "save anybody." A TikTok user recorded footage of the Frontier Airlines passenger arguing with flight attendants and passengers as the plane sat...

Airline Passengers Get Good News From the DOT

New guidelines require airlines to spell out all fees, quickly issue cash refunds for canceled flights

(Newser) - Airline passengers will soon see some relief when it comes to refunds and so-called junk fees. Per new rules set out by the Biden administration on Wednesday, airlines must now show the full price of travel when passengers are booking their trip, reports NPR . That means that airlines have to...

Dogs Are Getting Their Own Airline—but It Won't Be Cheap

Bark Air for dogs has just 2 stops from NY—London and LA—costing up to $8K one way

(Newser) - "Finally, dogs can fly." That's the lofty proclamation on the website for Bark Air , a "100% totally real" new service that vows to "revolutionize flying" for our canine companions. In a statement, the airline launched by the BarkBox subscription service will offer "a more...

Man With No Ticket Removed From Delta Flight, Arrested

He allegedly used a photo of a stranger's boarding pass to get on flight to Texas

(Newser) - Taking a photo of somebody else's boarding pass, using it to board a flight, and hiding in the lavatory earned a man a free trip to the Salt Lake County jail, not his intended destination of Austin, authorities say. According to a criminal complaint, Wicliff Fleurizard, 26, was removed...

Frontier Offers New Option for Seatmate-Averse Fliers

Keep the middle seat next to you empty by paying for UpFront Plus fee

(Newser) - Let's be honest: Most of us have hoped that the seat next to us on the plane remains empty, with some even going so far as to place personal items on nearby seats to discourage way-too-close neighbors. Now, one budget airline will allow you to pay for that privilege...

Passengers Describe Terrifying Scenes During Mid-Air Drop

At least 50 were injured on flight to New Zealand

(Newser) - At least 50 passengers were injured in what airline officials describe as a "technical event" that caused a LATAM Airlines flight from Sydney, Australia, to Auckland, New Zealand, to experience a "strong movement." Dozens of injured passengers and crew members were treated when the flight landed in...

American Flight Bound for NC Makes a Sad, Unexpected Stop

Indiana woman dies after falling sick midflight; plane made emergency landing on Caribbean isle

(Newser) - A flight from the Dominican Republic to North Carolina made an emergency stop in the Turks and Caicos Islands this week after a woman fell ill during the trip and later died. A Wednesday social media post from the archipelago's police force, which deemed the incident a "sudden...

It Just Got a Bit More Expensive on American Airlines

American raises baggage fees, tightens way to earn frequent flier miles

(Newser) - Going forward, you may have to open your wallet a little wider if you fly American Airlines. Passengers who check luggage are being hit with a price increase: The first checked bag will now cost $35 if you book online (it was previously $30), or $40 if you pay at...

Finnair Asks Passengers to Get on Scale at Gate

Airline says survey is voluntary, anonymous

(Newser) - Passengers on Finland's national airline are being asked to get on a scale at the departure gate—with their carry-on bags—to help Finnair collect accurate data on passenger weight. The airline says the program is voluntary and anonymous and it's been surprised by the number of volunteers,...

Travelers Stuck on Plane for Hours Applaud Rebel Passenger

Man turned over to Mexican cops after walking onto wing; others say he did it 'to protect everyone'

(Newser) - At first it sounds like a typical case of bad behavior aboard airplanes. The Mexico City International Airport acknowledged in a statement Friday that a man had opened an emergency exit and walked out on a wing of a plane that was parked and waiting for takeoff on Thursday. The...

This Is the Least Surprising Lawsuit of 2024

Complaint filed on behalf of passengers who were on Alaska Airlines flight when door plug blew off

(Newser) - There was bound to be fallout from the Alaska Airlines plane that lost a door plug last week , and the first of it is here in the form of a lawsuit. As Axios reports, a Seattle firm has filed a proposed class-action complaint Thursday on behalf of six passengers and...

If You Think You've Had a Scary Flight, This May Beat It

Alaska Airlines plane makes emergency landing in Oregon after panel flies off, leaving huge hole

(Newser) - A flight from Oregon took a frightening turn as the weekend kicked off, though no one was hurt. KING 5 reports that the Alaska Airlines plane out of Portland International Airport on Friday afternoon—a Boeing 737 Max 9 jet headed to Ontario, California—was forced to turn around and...

'Unruly' US Marshal in Hot Water After London Flight

Woman says he was drunk, touched her inappropriately

(Newser) - A deputy US marshal was detained in the United Kingdom on suspicion of acting inappropriately while intoxicated on a Delta flight from New York, the agency said Wednesday. The federal agent was one of two who flew to London Tuesday to bring back a person suspected of a crime when...

Airlines Do Not Like Your Sneaky Cost-Saving Trick

Some fliers engage in 'skiplagging,' buying cheap nondirect flights but not boarding all of the legs

(Newser) - It often costs more for the convenience of a direct flight over one with connecting flights, but some fliers have figured out a way to game the system, much to the chagrin of airlines. It's a process called "skiplagging," which is when a customer books a nondirect...

Here Are the 10 Best, Worst Airports in America
This Is the Best
Airport in America

This Is the Best Airport in America

Phoenix ranks No. 1 in 'Wall Street Journal' rankings; Newark comes in last among large airports

(Newser) - A good chunk of one's flying experience takes place not on the plane itself, but in the airport—and some of those venues are better than others when it comes to customer satisfaction. The Wall Street Journal took a look at the 50 largest airports in the nation, examining...

Couple Gets Refund Over Stinky Dog on Flight

New Zealand pair say they had to move from premium to economy over the smell

(Newser) - A New Zealand couple who say they were subjected to a drooling, snorting, and farting dog on a long flight have gotten a $1,400 refund for their trouble, reports Insider . Gill and Warren Press say they asked to switch their premium seats midflight from Paris to Singapore because the...

Passenger After Puke Incident: 'I Am Ashamed to Be Canadian'

Air Canada takes heat for booting 2 passengers who refused to sit in vomit-covered seats

(Newser) - Two passengers booked for a flight from Vegas to Montreal last month were escorted off the plane before takeoff, all because they wouldn't sit in their puke-soaked seats. The AP reports that the incident took place Aug. 26 on an Air Canada plane, on which Susan Benson was also...

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