Time's Person of the Year

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Time's Person of Year: Ebola Fighters

'For sacrificing and saving'

(Newser) - "For tireless acts of courage and mercy, for buying the world time to boost its defenses, for risking, for persisting, for sacrificing and saving, the Ebola fighters are Time's 2014 Person of the Year." So concludes editor Nancy Gibbs' piece on why this year's honor goes...

Why Pope Francis Is Time's Person of the Year

'For pulling the papacy out of the palace and into the streets...'

(Newser) - 2013 has been a pretty unbelievable year for Jorge Mario Bergoglio, who became Pope Francis, dominated Facebook , and now finds himself Time's Person of the Year . Managing Editor Nancy Gibbs explains how he ended up on the cover after just nine months on the job: because of how he...

Time Person of the Year: Barack Obama

'The architect of this new America'

(Newser) - The commander-in-chief has another feather to add to his cap: He's now the two-time winner of Time's Person of the Year (and the second after George W. Bush to get the nod in both the year of his election and re-election). In a lengthy look at Barack Obama'...

Time's Person of the Year: the Protester

He is once again a 'maker of history'

(Newser) - In 2010, Time's Person of the Year was someone who united millions of people. This year, the magazine has chosen to honor ... those millions of people. Time today announced that "the protester" is its 2011 Person of the Year. Writing for the magazine, Kurt Andersen presents a world...

Mark Zuckerberg Is Time's 'Person of Year'

...for connecting half a billion people, and some other stuff

(Newser) - Lest you be too jealous of wunderkind Mark Zuckerberg, take solace: The Facebook founder may be Time's "Person of the Year" for 2010, but at 26, he's only the second youngest to clinch the title (that honor goes to Charles Lindbergh, Time's first selection). Highlights from its explanation of...

Time Names Ben Bernanke Person of the Year

Beats out Usain Bolt, Nancy Pelosi, and Stanley McChrystal

(Newser) - Time has named Ben Bernanke its “Person of the Year” for 2009, crediting him with saving the world’s financial system and dubbing him “the most powerful nerd on the planet.” This year was all about the economy, explains Michael Grunwald in his voluminous feature, “and...

Pols, Hacker Among 'Influentials'

(Newser) - Time has unveiled its latest tallying of the world’s 100 most influential people, and yes, of course, Barack Obama is on it. But the other 99 choices aren’t as obvious. Bernie Madoff makes the list, as do Rush Limbaugh, George Clooney, and 4Chan’s Moot. And as usual,...

Obama Is Time 's Person of the Year
 Obama Is Time's 
 Person of the Year 

Obama Is Time's Person of the Year

Winning election was remarkable, but quick, confident transition seals deal for mag

(Newser) - Barack Obama “hit the American scene like a thunderclap, upended our politics, and shattered decades of conventional wisdom” on his way to the White House, David Von Drehle writes, and those things alone might make him Time’s person of the year. But already Obama has moved into a...

Time, Here's Your Person of the Year

(Newser) - Sarah Palin made such a splash in American politics this year that she deserves consideration for Time magazine Person of the Year, Kathryn Jean Lopez writes for the National Review. “They’ve probably long picked The One,” Lopez writes, referring to Barack Obama. But “like Obama, all...

Putin Time's Person of the Year
Putin Time's Person of the Year

Putin Time's Person of the Year

A Boy Scout he's not, but steely-faced 'Pooty-Poot' has guided Russia back to prominence

(Newser) - Don't be fooled by the 5' 6" frame of the man George W. Bush termed "Pooty-Poot": Russian President Vladmir Putin is Time's Person of the Year for having "brought Russia back to the table of world power." The quiet man behind the steely stare snuck up to...

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