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Berlusconi's Birthday Gift From Putin Breached Sanctions

20 bottles of vodka sent to ex-Italian PM by Russian president violated measures on Ukraine

(Newser) - What do you get a former Italian prime minister who has everything when his birthday rolls around? In Silvio Berlusconi's case, his old pal Vladimir Putin figured nearly two dozen bottles of hard liquor would do the trick. Unfortunately, the European Commission has determined that thoughtful gift breaches sanctions...

Italy Takes Action in EU Court to Defend Balsamic Vinegar

Italy has accused Slovenia of 'snatching' market for its beloved national product

(Newser) - There’s an international battle brewing over balsamic vinegar, and though it may seem negligible in the grand scheme of things, it’s very important to the Italian government, which has launched infringement proceedings against Slovenia over the sweet, syrupy vinegar. Per the Guardian, it’s a continuation of a...

One Charger for All Devices? Europe May Make It a Law
In a Shot at Apple, Europe
Plans New Law on Chargers
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In a Shot at Apple, Europe Plans New Law on Chargers

Legislation would require that phones, etc., use universal charger, a USB-C

(Newser) - Anyone who's fought with a tangle of wires hunting for the right charger may find themselves cheering a proposed law in Europe: It would require that all phones, tablets, and all other such electronic devices use the same type of charger—a USB-C, reports the BBC . Apple is already...

EU Reveals Broad Attack on Greenhouse Gas Emissions
EU Proposals Would
End Fossil Fuel Economy

EU Proposals Would End Fossil Fuel Economy

Environmental groups fear the plan, though sweeping, still isn't enough

(Newser) - The European Union has announced a series of policies that would make it a leader in combatting the effects of climate change. The policies would employ tariffs and taxes to reach carbon emissions goals and would, in 14 years, take new gas- and diesel-powered cars off the market, the New ...

Google Delays Plan to Block Cookies
Google Delays
Plan to Ditch Cookies

Google Delays Plan to Ditch Cookies

Removal of third-party trackers from Chrome pushed back to 2023

(Newser) - Google is delaying by nearly two years a plan to remove web-tracking cookies from the world's most extensively used web browser. The plan was for Google's Chrome web browser to stop supporting third-party cookies, which track a user's web-browsing habits, by January 2022. But on Thursday, Alphabet...

EU's Relationship With UK Just Took Another Hit

European Union is taking legal action on a bill that would allow Britain to ignore part of Brexit treaty

(Newser) - The European Union took legal action against Britain on Thursday over its plans to pass legislation that would breach parts of the legally binding divorce agreement the two sides reached. The EU action underscored the worsening relations with Britain, which was a member of the bloc until Jan. 31. Both...

European Union Makes a Big Ask of Trump

EU wants president to reconsider cutting US funds to World Health Organization amid pandemic

(Newser) - The European Union on Saturday urged President Trump to rethink his decision to cut American funding for the World Health Organization amid global criticism of the move, as spiking infection rates in India and elsewhere served as a reminder the global pandemic is far from contained. European Commission President Ursula...

European Commission Has Its First Female President

Ursula von der Leyen confirmed on 383-327 vote

(Newser) - Ursula von der Leyen was confirmed as the European Commission president Tuesday, becoming the first woman to hold one of the most prestigious positions in the European Union and one of the most prominent faces from the bloc on the world stage. The European Parliament voted 383-327 with 22 abstentions...

Greece's Crisis Ends, but He Still Wakes Up to 'Nightmare'
The World's 'Biggest-Ever
Financial Rescue' Is Over
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The World's 'Biggest-Ever Financial Rescue' Is Over

8-year bailout era is officially over in Greece

(Newser) - "I wake up in the morning to a nightmare. How will I manage my finances and my responsibilities? This is what I wake up to every morning." That reality is not set to change for Yorgos Vagelakos, an 81-year-old retiree living in Athens—even as Greece's reality...

Refugee Deal Would 'Break Business Model of Smugglers'

But humanitarian groups say Turkey-EU plan would be 'inhumane'

(Newser) - A possible deal between Turkey and the European Union to handle the ongoing migrant crisis is being hailed as a "breakthrough" by EU leaders after an outline was drafted Tuesday, the AP reports. This "one-for-one" arrangement would mean that in exchange for every migrant in Europe that Turkey...

As Ukraine Truce Hangs on, EU Rolls Out New Russia Sanctions

Ceasefire between rebels, Ukraine barely hanging on amid reported casualties

(Newser) - A ceasefire between Ukraine and pro-Russia rebels is hanging on by a thread after a weekend of reported shelling and casualties, but the EU warns that sanctions against Russia will be put in place as early as tomorrow, reports the BBC . The Kremlin said the proposed sanctions—which may include...

Russia Mad at Putin's 'I Could Take Kiev in 2 Weeks' Leak

Because it leaked, not because he didn't say it

(Newser) - Vladmir Putin supposedly told the head of the European Commission in a private phone call that "if I wanted to, I could take Kiev in two weeks," reports La Repubblica via the New York Times . The Kremlin hit back today, saying that even if Putin did say that,...

Europe Raids Big Oil Firms, Looking for Price Rigging

BP, Shell, and Statoil involved

(Newser) - European authorities raided the offices of BP, Shell, Statoil, and other companies involved in the oil business yesterday, as part of an investigation into what they suspect is a more than decade-old conspiracy to rig oil prices. The European Commission said it had launched "unannounced inspections" of oil company...

EU: Economy Worse Than We Thought

Commission revises forecast downward

(Newser) - The European Union's economic near-future is looking bleaker than expected: Its economy is poised to shrink 0.1% this year, the European Commission forecasts, instead of growing 0.1% as February predictions held. Things look even tougher for the eurozone, for which the commission foresees an 0.4% contraction...

EU Speeds Up Spanish Bank Bailout
EU Speeds Up Spanish Bank Bailout

EU Speeds Up Spanish Bank Bailout

$100B rescue deal will be tied to 'ruthless' pace of reforms

(Newser) - With yet another euro bailout agreement failing to calm markets, causing Spain's borrowing costs to soar back into the danger zone, European Union nations have accelerated their latest rescue plan for Spain's shaky banks, reports the New York Times . Finance ministers from 17 eurozone nations agreed late last...

Eurozone Set to Finalize Greece Bailout

Finance ministers inching closer to a $171B deal

(Newser) - Eurozone finance ministers met in Brussels today, in a meeting that they believe will finalize a $171 billion second bailout for Greece, in exchange for roughly $264 billion in Greek government bonds. "I'd like to assume that we will come to a final and definitive agreement tonight,"...

EU to Water Bottlers: H20 Won't Stop Dehydration

Companies face 2 years in prison for making claim

(Newser) - "Water prevents dehydration"? The EU is warning water companies not to make such outrageous claims. After a 3-year investigation into the effects of water, EU officials announced this week that bottled-water producers are forbidden from making the statement—and risk 2 years in prison if they do. A...

'Serious' Hack Strikes EU on Eve of Summit

It's 'a big one,' but officials mum on details

(Newser) - The EU government was hit with a “serious” cyberattack the day before a summit in Brussels. “We're often hit by cyberattacks, but this is a big one,” said an insider. Officials didn’t provide details of the attack, which targeted the European Commission and the EU’s...

As Crises Spread, Europe Scrambles for an Answer
As Crises Spread, Europe Scrambles for an Answer

As Crises Spread, Europe Scrambles for an Answer

Even healthier countries now feeling pinch

(Newser) - Financial crises in Greece, Ireland, and Portugal have stoked fears for Italy, Belgium, and the more robust Germany as Europe struggles to find a solution, the New York Times reports. Worry that Germany may have to pay the brunt of bailout costs have prompted the sale of its debt; investor...

EU Antitrust Regulators Target Google

They say it discriminated against rivals in search results

(Newser) - Google is in hot water with EU antitrust authorities over allegations that it discriminated against rivals in its search results, and barred some websites from using rival ad services with its AdSense contracts. The European Commission will also investigate allegations that Google makes it difficult for advertisers to move data...

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