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Donald Trump Sues Bob Woodward
Trump Sues
Bob Woodward
for $50M

Trump Sues Bob Woodward for $50M

Former president is miffed that Watergate journo used their interviews for an audiobook

(Newser) - Looks like we've got "audiogate." Bob Woodward, the famed Washington Post journalist who broke open the Nixon Watergate scandal with colleague Carl Bernstein, is being sued by former President Trump, who accuses the veteran reporter of using interviews he recorded of Trump in an audiobook released in...

Book: 'Third Grade' Case for Voter Fraud Left Graham Cold

Giuliani's presentation after the election didn't convince senator, 'Peril' says

(Newser) - Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham sat through a presentation at the White House in January by Rudy Giuliani and his team billed as a demonstration of how former President Trump was cheated out of a second term in the 2020 election. But that's not what Graham saw. There were theories...

Book: Worried About Trump, General Secretly Called China

Bob Woodward, Robert Costa say Milley feared Trump was unstable after the election

(Newser) - The top military officer in the US was seriously worried about the mental state of then-President Trump in the final months of his presidency, according to a new book by Bob Woodward and Washington Post reporter Robert Costa. So much so that Gen. Mark A. Milley, chairman of the Joint...

Last of Woodward's Trio on Trump Is Out Next Month
Woodward's New 
Trump Book: Peril

Woodward's New Trump Book: Peril

Third installment of a trio will cover the transition and the early stages of the Biden administration

(Newser) - Bob Woodward's next book on former President Trump has a title and a release date. Peril will go on sale Sept. 21, CNN reports. It will be the finale of Woodward's series of three books about Trump; the previous two, both bestsellers, were Fear and Rage. This one...

Before Heading to Hospital, Trump Made a Video

Meanwhile, he told Bob Woodward in April he wasn't worried about getting infected, per new tape

(Newser) - As President Trump was being transported to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center on Friday to be treated for COVID-19, he issued a brief prerecorded greeting to the American people, offering gratitude and assurances. "I want to thank everybody for the tremendous support. I'm going to Walter Reed...

Trump Changes Story on Assassinating Assad

He now says he wanted to have Syrian leader killed, but 'terrible general' Mattis objected

(Newser) - President Trump slammed former Defense Secretary James Mattis Tuesday—but also backed up a report he had criticized Bob Woodward for writing in 2018. Trump told Fox & Friends that he wanted to assassinate Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in 2017, but Mattis objected. "I would have rather taken him...

Woodward: Trump Blew Chance to Warn About COVID

'Historians are going to be writing about the lost month of February for tens of years'

(Newser) - Bob Woodward says that when he was researching new book Rage, he was shocked to realize that President Trump blew a major opportunity to warn the public about the pandemic. Woodward told NBC Monday that Trump was briefed on the virus threat Jan. 28, but failed to share the warnings...

Woodward Mounts His 'Deadly Stuff' Defense

The legendary reporter is asked why he didn't inform the public sooner

(Newser) - A revelation in Bob Woodward's new book is coming back to haunt him—but he insists he had his reasons, the Washington Post reports. In Rage, Woodward writes that President Trump called COVID-19 "deadly stuff" back in February but chose not to tell the public because he didn'...

Trump Responds to Reporter's Accusation: 'I Didn't Lie'

President also calls Bob Woodward a 'whack job' at Michigan campaign rally

(Newser) - President Trump continued on Thursday to defend his interviews with Bob Woodward , whom he had some harsh words for. Earlier in the day, at a White House press conference, Trump snapped at a reporter following up on the Woodward tapes, apparently referencing a recording made in February in which Trump...

Amid Criticism, Trump Poses a Question About Woodward

Why didn't he publish sooner? Because it's a non-story, says the president

(Newser) - President Trump went into friendlier territory Wednesday night—Sean Hannity's show on Fox News —to defend his interviews with Bob Woodward . On the show, he repeated his rationale for deliberately downplaying the seriousness of the coronavirus threat. "I'm the leader of the country, I can't...

Woodward Defends Withholding Trump Virus Remarks

Journalist argues full context was necessary

(Newser) - Bob Woodward has defended his decision to include President Trump's comments on the coronavirus in his upcoming book, rather than in an earlier news story, and he said it was a decision based on two factors. "The biggest problem I had, which is always a problem with Trump,...

Woodward: Kushner Said 4 Texts Help Explain Trump

One of them was Alice in Wonderland

(Newser) - Jared Kushner apparently sometimes feels like he's down the rabbit hole. In upcoming book Rage, Bob Woodward says President Trump's son-in-law told him Alice in Wonderland was one of four texts he should "absorb" if he wanted to understand the president, CNN reports. Woodward wrote that Kushner...

Trump: 'Perhaps' I Misled Public on COVID-19 Threat

'I love our country and I don't want people to be frightened'

(Newser) - President Trump admitted Wednesday that he may have misled the public about the threat COVID-19—but he said he had good reasons. His remarks followed the release of recordings from earlier this year in which he told Bob Woodward he had downplayed the virus threat . Asked Wednesday afternoon if he...

Trump to Woodward in February: COVID Is 'Deadly Stuff'

He admitted downplaying the risk to the public

(Newser) - The coronavirus is "deadly stuff," President Trump told Bob Woodward in a Feb. 7 phone call, recounting a conversation with China's President Xi Jinping. "I think [Xi's] going to have it in good shape," he begins but allows that it's a "very...

Woodward Gets His Hands on 25 'Personal' Trump-Kim Letters

Bob Woodward's 'Rage' is coming out September 15

(Newser) - President Trump and Kim Jong Un have been writing each other letters—and 25 of them are about to hit the presses. That's according to the publisher of Bob Woodward's second book about the Trump presidency, titled Rage. The personal letters "have not been public before,"...

Trump Rages Online Against Woodward's 'Made Up' Quotes

President calls journalist's new book a 'scam'

(Newser) - He's already gone after Bernstein —now he's taking on Woodward full force. Piggybacking on his previous online criticism of the Washington Post journalist from earlier this week, President Trump on Friday once more attacked Woodward's new book, Fear , which contains explosive claims about dysfunctional life inside...

Trump Fires Back at 'Discredited' Woodward

He accuses journalist of being 'Dem operative'

(Newser) - Bob Woodward might be feeling a sense of deja vu today: An angry Republican president is attacking his credibility and accusing him of being a Democratic operative. President Trump laid into Woodward in a series of tweets Tuesday night after the publication of explosive details from Fear , Woodward's new...

Woodward's Book: Aides Stole Papers From Trump's Desk

'Washington Post' has details from the upcoming book, 'Fear'

(Newser) - In late July the Washington Post reported Bob Woodward had secretly been working on a new book on President Trump called Fear, and now the paper is back with details from it. The 448-page book is the product of many interviews conducted on "deep background," meaning Woodward doesn'...

Woodward's New Book, Called Fear, Is About Trump

'Fear: Trump in the White House' to be released Sept. 11

(Newser) - Bob Woodward is releasing his 19th book, and it's one the investigative journalist has spent the past 19 months on—somehow without most people being aware of that fact, the Washington Post reports. Simon & Schuster will release Fear: Trump in the White House, on Sept. 11; a release...

Meanwhile, WHCA Holds Glam-Free Dinner

No Trump and Sam Bee's competing roast siphon the usual celebrity element away

(Newser) - Prominent Washington journalists, if not Hollywood stars, celebrated the First Amendment during the annual White House Correspondents' Dinner, an event that lacked the glitter of past years. With President Trump sending his regrets , attention was no longer focused on an in-person roasting of the commander in chief and his humorous...

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