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Nestle Allegedly Pumps Sugar Into Baby Products in Poor Nations

The food giant is being accused of a 'harmful double standard' that could lead to obesity

(Newser) - The Nestle brand may be associated with comfort food and drink, but its infant eats are getting an uncomfortable amount of scrutiny over sugar content. Per a new report from the nonprofit Public Eye and the International Baby Food Action Network, the Swiss food conglomerate adds more sugar to its...

'Glitch' Allows Customers to Withdraw Millions They Don't Have

Commercial Bank of Ethiopia is trying to recoup the money

(Newser) - A "systems glitch" that persisted for hours on Saturday allowed customers of the Commercial Bank of Ethiopia to withdraw more money than they had in their accounts, the bank says. By the time the bank was able to freeze transactions, more than $40 million had been withdrawn or transferred...

Saudi Border Guards Accused of Atrocities Against Migrants

Human Rights Watch says soldiers are murdering and torturing Ethiopians

(Newser) - A new Human Rights Watch report makes for grim reading about the border between Saudi Arabia and Yemen. The organization accuses Saudi soldiers of raping, torturing, and killing African migrants trying to enter the oil-rich country, reports the BBC . HRW interviewed dozens of migrants from Ethiopia and examined photos and...

Meta Sued Over Hate Speech Posted During Tigray Fighting

Filing says crises in Africa are a low priority for Facebook

(Newser) - Two Ethiopians have filed a lawsuit against Facebook's parent company, Meta, over hate speech they say was allowed and even promoted on the social media platform during their country's deadly Tigray conflict. Former Amnesty International human rights researcher Fisseha Tekle is one petitioner in the case filed Wednesday,...

Ethiopia's Warring Sides Come to an Agreement

They agreed to a permanent cessation of hostilities, but challenges lie ahead

(Newser) - Ethiopia's warring sides agreed Wednesday to a permanent cessation of hostilities in a 2-year conflict whose victims could be counted in the hundreds of thousands. But the AP reports enormous challenges lie ahead, including getting all parties to lay down arms or withdraw. African Union envoy Olusegun Obasanjo, in...

Brutality in Ethiopia Is 'Absolutely Shocking'

Amnesty International says government is using rape as weapon of war

(Newser) - Ethiopia's military is guilty of war crimes, including using rape as a weapon of war, according to Amnesty International, which shares horrific accounts from victims in a new report . The group says "overwhelming evidence" shows rape has been rampant in Ethiopia's northern Tigray region since fighting between...

Ethiopia Asks 'All Capable' Citizens to Join War

Tigray rebels warn they will become 'cannon fodder'

(Newser) - Ethiopia’s government on Tuesday summoned “all capable" citizens to war, urging them to join the military and stop resurgent forces from the embattled Tigray region "once and for all," per the AP . The Tigray forces continue to make advances in a war that Prime Minister Abiy...

Ethiopia Declares Ceasefire in Tigray

Interim administration flees regional capital

(Newser) - Ethiopia’s government on Monday declared an immediate, unilateral ceasefire in its Tigray region after nearly eight months of deadly conflict as Tigray forces occupied the regional capital, soldiers retreated, and hundreds of thousands of people continue to face the world’s worst famine crisis in a decade. The ceasefire...

Amid a Civil War, Chilling Evidence of Hilltop Massacre

Ethiopian army accused of shooting unarmed men

(Newser) - Horror stories continue to emerge out of Ethiopia stemming from a civil war that erupted in November . Reports of massacres and systemic rape are rampant, and the latest involves the killing of at least 15 unarmed young men on a hilltop. Coverage, some of which is graphic:
  • Last month, clips

War Criminals Set to Leave Embassy After 29 Years

Regime officials fled to Italian embassy as rebels seized Ethiopian capital

(Newser) - As rebels entered Addis Ababa on May 27, 1991, ending 17 years of Marxist rule in Ethiopia, four senior officials in the Communist regime fled to the Italian embassy. The two surviving ones might finally be leaving soon. Berhanu Bayeh and Addis Tedla, who were sentenced to death for war...

Ethiopian PM: 'Final Stage' of Offensive Begins Now

Army is advancing on the Tigray regional capital of Mekele

(Newser) - Ethiopia's prime minister said Thursday the army has been ordered to move on the embattled Tigray regional capital of Mekele after his 72-hour ultimatum ended for Tigray leaders to surrender, and he warned its half-million residents to stay indoors and disarm. The military offensive “has reached its final...

Thousands Flee Fierce Fighting in Ethiopia

Hundreds dead on both side in Tigray conflict

(Newser) - Up to 200,000 refugees could pour into Sudan while fleeing a deadly conflict in Ethiopia’s northern Tigray region, officials said Wednesday, while the first details are emerging of largely cut-off civilians under growing strain. Nearly 10,000 people have crossed the border, including some wounded in the fighting,...

80 Die in Protests After Popular Singer Killed

Shooting has laid bare tensions in Ethiopia

(Newser) - The murder of a popular singer has caused unrest in Ethiopia and at least 80 deaths, authorities say. Hachalu Hundessa, whose songs focused on the rights of the Oromo ethnic group, was shot dead while driving Monday, the BBC reports. Authorities say more than 70 civilians and at least three...

In Lebanon, Scores of Migrant Maids Dumped Like 'Garbage'

Ethiopian workers are being abandoned on embassy steps in Beirut as virus kills economy

(Newser) - There are about a quarter-million migrant workers in Lebanon, many of them from Ethiopia, but as the coronavirus continues to wreak havoc on the former country's economy, maids from the latter are finding themselves suddenly out of a job and dumped on the doorstep of the Ethiopian Embassy in...

UN Pleads for Help Amid 'Devastating' Locust Invasion

Somalia, Ethiopia, Kenya all overtaken; UN says locust numbers could grow 500 times by June

(Newser) - Last month, the United Nations' Food and Agriculture Organization reported on the plague of locusts that had overtaken Somalia and Ethiopia, and now a new East African nation is being beleaguered by the bugs. The FAO says Kenya is also dealing with an "unprecedented" and "devastating" number of...

Locust Plague Swoops Down Upon 2 Nations

Somalia, Ethiopia seeing worst invasion of desert locusts in 25 years: UN food agency

(Newser) - Crops on nearly 173,000 acres of land have been destroyed in Somalia and parts of eastern Ethiopia in what the UN's Food and Agriculture Organization is deeming the region's worst desert locust invasion in a quarter century. The FAO notes the insect plague is imperiling farmers' livelihoods...

Twitter CEO After Tour: I'm Moving to Africa

Jack Dorsey will spend up to half of 2020 on the continent

(Newser) - Jack Dorsey is moving to Africa. The Twitter and Square CEO announced his plan in a Wednesday tweet after wrapping up a nearly three-week tour of the continent, with stops in Ghana, Nigeria, Ethiopia, and South Africa. "Sad to be leaving the continent...for now," he wrote, adding,...

Think Life Endures Anywhere on Earth? Try This Place
Life Endures Pretty Much
Anywhere—Except Here
new study

Life Endures Pretty Much Anywhere—Except Here

The landscape at Dallol is forbidding to say the least

(Newser) - Just because a planet has liquid, don't expect life there—at least according to a new study that delved into one of Earth's most toxic environments, CNN reports. Scientists took samples from the creepy, multicolored pools on a volcanic crater in Ethiopia, and found not one living thing....

Woman Beats Legendary Runner on Her First Try

While Geoffrey Kamworor takes his second NYC marathon title since 2017

(Newser) - Joyciline Jepkosgei arrived in New York with a modest goal for her first marathon ever. "My focus was to finish the race," she said, a gold medal hanging around her neck. Not bad for a novice. Jepkosgei upset four-time champion Mary Keitany to win the New York City...

Ethiopian Leader Wins Nobel Peace Prize

Abiy Ahmed ended border conflict with Eritrea

(Newser) - The 2019 Nobel Peace has been awarded to Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed. Ahmed was cited for his efforts to achieve peace and international cooperation, and in particular for his decisive initiative to resolve the border conflict with neighboring Eritrea. The Norwegian Nobel Institute on Friday also praised the "...

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