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WNBA Announces First Franchise Outside US

It's going to Toronto

(Newser) - Toronto has been awarded the WNBA's first franchise outside the United States, with the expansion team set to begin play in 2026. The team will be owned by Larry Tanenbaum-led Kilmer Sports Ventures. Tanenbaum also is the chairman and a minority owner of Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment, which...

Report: Man Shot at Drake's Mansion
At Drake's Mansion,
a 2nd Incident in 2 Days

At Drake's Mansion, a 2nd Incident in 2 Days

Police say 'person in crisis' tried to gain access to rapper's Toronto home

(Newser) - A man was arrested Wednesday in the second incident in two days outside Drake's Toronto mansion. Police said a "person in crisis" was taken into custody after he tried to gain access to the property through a service entrance gate, the Toronto Sun reports. "The person was...

How Canada's Largest Ever Gold Heist Went Down

Authorities announce arrests in theft of $15M in gold bars from Toronto's Pearson Airport

(Newser) - Authorities have named nine men accused of carrying out the largest gold heist in Canadian history at Toronto's Pearson Airport a year ago, three of whom remain wanted. Among the suspects are two Air Canada employees, confirming the brazen heist of $15 million in gold and nearly $2 million...

A Year Later, Arrests Made in Brazen $17M Gold Heist

Brink's, Air Canada each blamed the other for the Toronto airport heist

(Newser) - A year after millions of dollars worth of gold and cash were stolen in a brazen airport heist in Toronto (the most recent reporting puts the value at $14.5 million), police say arrests have been made in the case. The National Post reports three men from Ontario, Canada, and...

He May Be the World's First Incel Terrorist
He May Be the World's
First Incel Terrorist

He May Be the World's First Incel Terrorist

Maclean's explores the groundbreaking case of Oguzhan Sert in Toronto

(Newser) - Oguzhan Sert is serving a life sentence in Canada as a convicted terrorist, but as Lana Hall writes in Maclean's , he appears to be the first person in the world convicted of his particular brand of terrorism. As a 17-year-old, Sert walked into a massage parlor in Toronto in...

Toronto Is Running Out of Burial Space
Toronto Is Running Out
of Burial Space

Toronto Is Running Out of Burial Space

The Local looks at the complex dynamics at play in the bereavement industry

(Newser) - Residents of Toronto who aim to be buried in their city better be planning ahead. Because as Inori Roy reports in the Local , the city is quickly running out of burial space. Advocates have been raising the alarm for years, and the issue is coming to a head. The city...

The Phony Will Worked— Until His Ex Got Suspicious

'Toronto Life' unravels story of ex-cop, his mistress, and the money they stole from a dead man

(Newser) - In one sense, the story by Katherine Laidlaw in Toronto Life recounts a straightforward, depressing crime: When an elderly man with dementia died without a will and seemingly without relatives, a couple successfully schemed to illegally obtain his estate of more than $800,000. They pulled it off because Adellene...

Driver, 79, Faces Murder Charge After Vehicle Hits 3

Officials say man at the wheel knew them

(Newser) - A 79-year-old man who Toronto police said drove into three people, killing one of them, on purpose has been charged with first-degree murder. A woman in her 60s died at a hospital after being hit by a vehicle driven by Ciro Garofano in a parking lot on the northeast section...

'They Were Among the Wealthiest Murder Victims in History'

'Bloomberg Businessweek' revisits the case of Barry and Honey Sherman

(Newser) - "They were among the wealthiest murder victims in history." And nearly six years later, the December 2017 murders of Barry and Honey Sherman have yet to be solved. No suspects have been named, but as Matthew Campbell and Ari Altstedter write for Bloomberg Businessweek , police and the private...

Zoo Cracks Down on Gorilla's Screen Time

It seems they really like visitors' cellphones

(Newser) - If you've ever had a kid, spouse, or decidedly boring date you couldn't drag away from their phone, the Toronto Zoo can commiserate. The Toronto Star reports that visitors have for some reason felt the urge to show Nassir the gorilla videos on their cellphones. "Nassir is...

Here Are the Most, Least Livable Cities on Earth
This Is the
Most Livable City
in the World
in case you missed it

This Is the Most Livable City in the World

Vienna is No. 1 in rankings of 170+ cities worldwide; no US cities make the top 10

(Newser) - Looking to pull up roots and try to make it in an exciting new city? Head to Vienna, deemed the most livable city, or to Canada, where three cities are among the top picks on the Economist Intelligence Unit's Global Liveability Index . The EIU based its rankings of more...

This Is the Friendliest City in the World

Toronto takes the top spot in Preply's rankings; 2 US cities also make the top 10

(Newser) - Looking forward to a summer vacation, or even a relocation? Preply is out with its Community Spirit Index , which ranks more than 50 cities around the world in terms of how friendly they are to non-natives. The language learning app examined six main metrics to gather a sense of how...

City's Mayoral Race Certainly Has Interesting Candidates

Molly the rescue pup, comedian, former police chief, high school senior all vying for Toronto title

(Newser) - Over the weekend, Toronto Star columnist Edward Keenan made his picks for the six top contenders to be the next mayor of Ontario's capital, after Friday's deadline for submitting candidacy papers came and went. Most notable in this year's mayoral race, Keenan wrote: the "whopping" 102...

Aircraft Container Holding $15M Worth of Gold, Valuables Stolen in Heist

No suspects yet arrested in Toronto incident

(Newser) - Authorities say $15 million worth of gold and other valuables were stolen Monday in a heist at Toronto Pearson International Airport. The airport is often used to ship gold mined in Ontario, the BBC reports. A "high-value" aircraft container arrived on a plane that night and was unloaded and...

You Don't Want to Know What This Plane's Parking Fee Is

Russian aircraft stranded at Toronto airport for more than a year has racked up $330K bill so far

(Newser) - Toronto Pearson International Airport spells out pretty clearly how much patrons might owe for both short- and long-term parking there, but the venue is now contending with one situation that isn't covered on its rates sheet. There are just over two dozen Antonov AN-124 cargo planes that exist on...

8 Teen Girls Swarmed, Killed a Stranger: Cops
Cops Name Man Who
8 Girls Allegedly Swarmed

Cops Name Man Who 8 Girls Allegedly Swarmed

Toronto residents charged with second-degree murder of man outside homeless shelter

(Newser) - The man who was stabbed to death in December in what police have called a "swarming" attack was on Tuesday identified as Ken Lee; he had previously been described as a 59-year-old who was residing in Toronto's homeless shelters. The Guardian reports Lee was attacked near the main...

Daughters Say Condo Gunman Was Controlling, Abusive

5 victims of Toronto-area shooting identified as board members, partners

(Newser) - The three daughters of the gunman who killed five people in a Toronto-area condo building Sunday night say they cut their ties with him years ago and they "are in absolute shock and utter devastation at the events that have transpired." In a statement to the Toronto Star...

Condo Shooting Happened Night Before Eviction Hearing

Lawyers for Toronto-area building said Francesco Villi was 'ungovernable'

(Newser) - A suburban Toronto man who was killed by police after authorities say he fatally shot five people in his condominium building, including three members of the condo board , had a court hearing scheduled for the next day to determine if the building's management could evict him. Francesco Villi, 73,...

Toronto Suspect Had Yearslong Dispute With Condo Board

3 members of board among the dead in Toronto-area shooting

(Newser) - Police have not yet identified the five victims killed in a rare mass shooting in the Toronto area Sunday night, but they said Monday that all of them were residents of Bellaria Residences, the condo building in Vaughan where the shootings took place, and that three of them were members...

5 Killed in Rare Canada Mass Shooting
Cops: Condo Gunman in
Toronto Was 73 Years Old

Cops: Condo Gunman in Toronto Was 73 Years Old

Five victims were killed before police killed the shooter

(Newser) - A few more details have emerged about a mass shooting in the Toronto area Sunday night, the most notable of which is that police say the gunman was 73 years old, reports the AP . Authorities say the unidentified man killed five in a condominium building in Vaughan before police killed...

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