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Ancient Romans Smelled of Patchouli
Ancient Romans
Smelled of Patchouli
new study

Ancient Romans Smelled of Patchouli

Archaeologists identify a perfume of the empire in what may be a first

(Newser) - A first-century Roman tomb discovered in Carmona, Spain, has pulled researchers nose-deep into the history of human scents, reports Smithsonian Magazine . Scientists from the University of Cordoba and Carmona's city museum detailed how they detected the distinct aroma of a bygone era—thanks to a vial of patchouli perfume...

Ranger Has Unusual Theory on Kangaroo Attack

Blames jogger's Sarah Jessica Parker perfume

(Newser) - An Aussie woman says she'll never wear her Sarah Jessica Parker perfume again, at least not while she's out for a run, after a frightening incident with a resident kangaroo over the weekend. Tracy Noonan tells the 3AW Breakfast radio program she was jogging Saturday in the Melbourne...

Perfume Brand to Boyega: 'We Deeply Apologize'

Jo Malone removed him from a Chinese version of a cologne commercial

(Newser) - British perfume brand Jo Malone has apologized to Black actor John Boyega of Star Wars fame after cutting him out of the Chinese version of a cologne commercial he helped create, the AP reports. Jo Malone London said in a statement to the Hollywood Reporter that the ad designed for...

Cops: It Wasn't Smell of Booze That Gave Drunk Driver Away

Police in Germany say they found man suspected of DUI thanks to 'cloud of perfume'

(Newser) - He just didn't smell right. German police say they nabbed a drunk driver who tried to flee a traffic stop after finding him hiding behind a hedge "in a cloud of perfume," per the AP . Police in the southwestern town of Speyer said Saturday that officers saw...

Old Perfume Taking Up Space? Zoo's Big Cats Will Take It

Banham Zoo puts out a call for perfume, cologne

(Newser) - Have any old bottles of perfume or cologne lying around? Banham Zoo in Norfolk, England, will take them. The zoo says its lions, tigers, and leopards "respond very positively to unique scents when sprayed in their enclosures," and since their supplies are running low, they're hoping the...

Spike Jonze May Have Made the Weirdest Perfume Ad Ever

Margaret Qualley stars in 'My Mutant Brain'

(Newser) - In what might possibly be the strangest perfume ad of all time, actress Margaret Qualley spends nearly four minutes spastically dancing around and shooting lasers out of her fingertips while absolutely no mention is made of the perfume being sold until the very end of the ad. The ad for...

Perfume Maker Bottles Scent of Dearly Departed

Product promises 'olfactory comfort'

(Newser) - Photos, mementoes, an urn on the mantel—there are many ways to remember a loved one who has died. Now a French company is offering a new one: the bottled scent of the recently departed, Fusion reports. The product created by the firm Kalain offers "olfactory comfort" in a...

Study: Mosquitoes Hate Victoria's Secret Perfume

The fragrance was found to repel mosquitoes for around 2 hours

(Newser) - Camping trip in your near future? Maybe skip the bug spray and prepare like you're hitting the club instead. Popular Science reports that a new study out of New Mexico State University found two fragrances—including Victoria's Secret Bombshell perfume—work fairly well at repelling two common types...

New Invention: Perfume That Smells Better as You Sweat

It releases scent with moisture while banishing sweat odor

(Newser) - Huge news in the sweet-smelling world of perfume: Researchers at Queen's University Belfast say they're developed a perfume that makes you smell better the more you sweat. Basically, the perfume—a raw scent combined with an odorless ionic liquid—uses a special "delivery system" that releases more...

Old Shipwreck Yields 'New' Perfume

Scent is recreated from 150-year-old bottle found amid debris

(Newser) - A perfume soon to hit the shelves actually dates back a century and a half. The Bermuda Perfumery's "new" fragrance has a fascinating backstory: It was discovered in a shipwreck off Bermuda that occurred this month in 1864. The smuggling vessel Mary Celestia traveled between the island and...

Why Your House Doesn't Smell —to You

Your brain can effectively 'turn off' the scent

(Newser) - Ever noticed how your friends' homes have a distinct scent—but yours doesn't? Or wondered why the smell of your perfume doesn't get to you after a while? It's essentially because your brain has noticed these scents, registered them as unproblematic, and decided to ignore them, an...

Coming Soon: Notre Dame ... Perfume

And it will set you back only $62

(Newser) - The smell of Notre Dame doesn't come cheap. The university says Gold Eau De Toilette for men and Lady Irish Eau De Parfum will be available this fall, with 3.4-ounce bottles expected to retail for $62. The Cloudbreak Group—the folks behind a scent for the New York...

New Cologne Lets You Smell Like a Boston Firefighter

Scents include rubber and smoke

(Newser) - Is there any better way to pay tribute to Boston's first-responders than trying to smell like them? Probably, but Demeter is putting out a new cologne anyway called First Response—Boston, which has scents "overlaid with white rubber and smoke." It also has plenty of spices and...

This Exists: Pizza Hut Perfume
 This Exists: Pizza Hut Perfume 

This Exists: Pizza Hut Perfume

It started out as a joke, but now it's real ... sort of

(Newser) - What started out as a big, cheesy joke has come to pass: Pizza Hut has actually released its very own perfume. The Christian Science Monitor explains that the company's Canadian marketing group playfully suggested the idea in a Facebook post, asking fans what they would name such a scent....

New Perfume: Smell Like ... Your Favorite City?

Paris, New York, Tokyo, and more ... for $45

(Newser) - A new fragrance swears it offers the distinct aroma of your favorite city. Spray it on, and you'll smell of New York, Paris, Tokyo, Miami, or 15 other metropolises. The bottles of the perfume, called Scent of Departure, are going for $45 at airport shops, reports MSNBC , with each...

Cosmetics Thieves Caught With $20K in Goods: Police
Shoplifters Caught With
$20K in Cosmetics: Police
Hello, resale

Shoplifters Caught With $20K in Cosmetics: Police

Alleged shoplifters resold high-end beauty products

(Newser) - Police say they caught a pair of women shoplifting at a JC Penney this week in the suburbs of Washington, DC. No big deal, except the women had allegedly stuffed $20,000 in stolen beauty products into their shopping bags and car trunks, the Washington Post reports. Police accuse Darquesha...

Eau de Pope: Benedict Gets Own Cologne

One-of-a-kind scent features 'lime, verbena, and grass'

(Newser) - Holy water de cologne? Boutique perfume maker Silvana Casoli has created a special cologne for the famously well-dressed Pope Benedict XVI, featuring "hints of lime tree, verbena, and grass" based on the pope's love of nature, reports the Guardian . But don't try to find this unique blend...

Smell Like a Million Bucks: DKNY Sells $1M Perfume

DKNY teams with jewelry designer for luxe bottle

(Newser) - How much do you normally smell like? Would you rather smell like a million bucks? Now it's possible. DKNY has unveiled a $1 million bottle of Golden Delicious perfume. It helps that the container is molded from 14-karat yellow and white gold and adorned with 2,700 white diamonds,...

Why, Oh Why, Would Chanel Name Perfume 'Jersey'?

New fragrance name was baffling, at first: Simon Doonan

(Newser) - Simon Doonan wasn’t sure what to think when, while flipping through Vogue, he discovered that Chanel’s new scent is named Jersey. “A fragrant homage to our Garden State, created by the legendary French fashion house?” Doonan wonders. Not quite: The name is actually an homage to cotton...

Pastry Chef Invents Dessert-Scented Perfume

He also bakes desserts based on famous fragrances

(Newser) - A little cream, butter, and lemon sponge cake may just give Calvin Klein a run for his money. For years, Spanish pastry chef Jordi Roca has been baking desserts that smell like perfumes; now he's bottling a spray that he also uses to enrich citrus notes in desserts. And...

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