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Eclipse Watchers, Consider Wearing Red or Green

No, it's not Christmas in April—it's the best way to witness the 'Purkinje effect'

(Newser) - Warnings have been issued over the upcoming solar eclipse on Monday, with some areas even calling for a state of emergency . Now, a much more intriguing (and fun) phenomenon tied to the celestial event—one that involves viewers donning red and green outfits for their viewing parties to maximize the...

Cops: 115 Decaying Bodies Found in 'Green' Funeral Home

The owner tried to claim he was conducting taxidermy at the Colorado facility, authorities say

(Newser) - The awful smell seeped from a neglected building in a small Colorado town for days, followed by a report that made police take a closer look at the "green" funeral operator's storage facility. Inside, they made a gruesome discovery: at least 115 decaying bodies, per the AP . Investigators...

Mystery Solved on Why Venice Canal Turned Bright Green

Authorities know nontoxic chemical fluorescein is the cause; they just don't know who put it in water

(Newser) - Venice environmental authorities have now pinned down the "what" behind the city's suddenly fluorescent green Grand Canal—they just don't have the "who" yet. Per the Guardian , an analysis of samples showed that the color shift was caused by the presence of fluorescein in the water,...

This Is the Greenest City in America

San Diego takes the top spot in WalletHub's ranking of environmentally conscious metropolises

(Newser) - With what seems like a never-ending series of headlines tied to the effects of global warming on Earth, many of us may be thinking ahead on what we can do next to help save our planet. Where we choose to live could also prove meaningful, with some cities around the...

Most, Least 'Green' Cities in America
This Is America's
'Greenest' City

This Is America's 'Greenest' City

San Francisco tops WalletHub's California-dominant list

(Newser) - The Golden State might be more appropriately called green, according to WalletHub . The site looked at 28 "green" indicators—including water and air quality, greenhouse gas emissions, annual excess fuel consumption, and the share of electricity from renewable sources—in America's 100 largest cities to find those that...

Amid Drought, Homeowners 'Fix' Lawns With ... Paint

Using green dye on brown grass is catching on, says AP

(Newser) - Is your lawn wilting into a brown wasteland because of the drought? Consider a paint job. That's the solution many are relying on to give their dead yards the look of blooming green life as the worst drought in decades parches a huge expanse of the US. One New...

Parisians Get Charge Out of New Electric Car Share

Mini public cars available for quick trips

(Newser) - First there was the Velib system for bike sharing. Now Paris has launched an Autolib service allowing drivers to share small electric cars. During the pilot program, Autolib members will be able to rent the battery-powered Bluecar for 30 minutes for a cost ranging from $6 to $12, reports the...

Japan Cultivates 'Rice Farm' Bra

Grow your own

(Newser) - Japan is drawing abreast of cutting-edge green design with a bizarre "rice farm" bra that doubles as a field of dreams. The bra cups (presumably bigger than A's) double as recyclable plastic pots that can be filled with soil and rice seedlings. The wearer waters the crop with a...

Google Doodle Celebrates Earth Day

Search engine goes green for Ma Nature

(Newser) - The Google doodlers are at it again, this time with a vividly green Avatar-like image of a magical woodland to celebrate Earth Day. Clicking on the image on the Google search page calls up everything connected to Earth Day. The doodle marking the green day, founded in 1970 by a...

5 Big Fat Green Food Lies

 5 Big Fat Green Food Lies 
eco-friendly mcd's? C'mon!

5 Big Fat Green Food Lies

McDonald's and other companies that aren't as green as they act

(Newser) - The food industry hasn’t missed the fact that many people are hopping on the green bandwagon. But how can you tell the difference between true sustainability and marketing baloney? Anna Lappe lists the five least green claims in her book Diet for a Hot Planet, excerpted by Salon :
  • Sara

Turn St. Patrick's Day Dishes Green ... Naturally

Peas, parsley, pesto help, and there's guacamole, too

(Newser) - Perhaps your grocery store is already out of green food coloring ahead of St. Patrick’s Day, or maybe you’d rather tint your celebratory grub naturally. Ann Hodgman, writing for Slashfood , has suggestions:
  • Peas: Adding some to your mashed potatoes will change the color but not the taste.
  • Parsley:

How to Have Greener Sex
 How to Have Greener Sex 

How to Have Greener Sex

Eco-friendly products coming to a bedroom near you

(Newser) - If you’re an environmentalist with a strong libido—and hey, who isn’t?—why not try some of these naughty ways of helping the planet? They won’t hurt a bit, unless you ask nicely, the Chicago Tribune promises.
  • Vegan Condoms: Most condoms contain the milk protein casein, but

Right-Wingers Go Ballistic Over Avatar

 Go Ballistic 
 Over Avatar  

Right-Wingers Go Ballistic Over Avatar

Anti-military sci-fi 'hippies' giving conservatives fits

(Newser) - Here's one more thing that's sure to rocket hyper-popular Avatar to even greater heights: right-wingers hate it. America's "prickly cadre of political conservatives" can't stand its eco message, negative portrayal of vicious military contractors and its "can't-we-all-get along counterculture vibe," writes Patrick Goldstein in the Los Angeles ...

'Green' Gizmos You Don't Need
 'Green' Gizmos 
 You Don't Need 
dumb gadgets

'Green' Gizmos You Don't Need

These gizmos won't improve the world

(Newser) - Sure, we’re all trying to save energy and help the environment, but some of the “green” gadgets out there are just plain stupid. Here are some of the worst offenders—wind-up razors, energy monitors that Tweet, etc.—via the Business Insider .

Gisele Named UN Goodwill Ambassador

Bundchen more than just a supermodel, has long campaigned for environmental issues

(Newser) - Gisele Bundchen will have more than a baby with hubby Tom Brady to keep her busy—yesterday she was named a Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations Environment Programme, the Boston Herald reports. “Mother Earth is our fundamental life-support system, and by becoming aware and responsible now, we can...

Colleges Ditch Trays; Students Learn to Juggle

Diners willing to sacrifice for planet's sake

(Newser) - College students may feel they’ve added juggling to their courseloads as the trayless cafeteria trend picks up steam, the Los Angeles Times reports. The increasingly popular measure, meant to save water and electricity, often meets with a sort of grudging acquiescence. “It's definitely difficult and a little bit...

Green Burial Method Turns You Into Soil— Via Liquid Nitrogen

(Newser) - As the movement toward greener, more natural burials gains steam, a Swedish biologist who specializes in soil production thinks she's got the best method, reports the Walrus magazine. It's called promession, and it's a doozy: Corpses are frozen with liquid nitrogen, then shattered into tiny pieces on a vibrating table....

Electric Bikes Take Off in China
 Electric Bikes 
 Take Off 
 in China 

Electric Bikes Take Off in China

(Newser) - Chinese drivers are seeing a new vehicle zip by on the nation's congested, smog-choked freeways: electric bicycles, Austin Ramzy writes in Time. Promoted by the government as affordable solutions to cars, so-called e-bikes are growing in popularity, offering a green solution to the country's automobile boom. About 21 million e-bikes...

Peru Army Cracks Down on Amazon Eco Uprising

(Newser) - The Peruvian Army has imposed a curfew and set up checkpoints following deadly clashes with indigenous tribes protesting plans to drill for oil and gas in ancestral homelands in the Amazon region, reports the BBC. Dozens of people, both police and protesters, were killed in the clashes that mark the...

Leo, Oprah Voted Greenest Celebs
 Leo, Oprah Voted 
 Greenest Celebs 
earth day

Leo, Oprah Voted Greenest Celebs

Mariah, Travolta not so much

(Newser) - Oprah Winfrey was voted the greenest female celebrity in an Earth Day poll, the New York Daily News reports. Leonardo DiCaprio beat out Brad Pitt and Bono for the No. 1 male spot in the survey by and On the other hand, Mariah Carey is least...

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