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Visit These Tiny (but Cool) US Cities

Travel writers reveal their favorites on Thrillist

(Newser) - Smaller cities don't always make it into guidebooks, so a visit means you're in for a unique regional experience, minus the crowds. Thrillist tapped travel writers to name America's best small cities to visit, and they came up with 16 that span the country. Here are a...

Travelers Choose the World's Top 10 Beaches

Tripadvisor has the scoop on which beaches vacationers love most

(Newser) - It's about that point in winter when dreams of sandy beaches start kicking in. To help illustrate those fantasies, Tripadvisor has released its "Best of the Best Beaches" list for 2024, which ranks the very top tier of its users' ratings and reviews. Topping the list is Praia...

Major Station Closures Are Stranding Bus Passengers

Over 45 Greyhound stations have been sold off in major transportation hubs

(Newser) - Intercity bus riders are being left out in the cold, quite literally, as Greyhound's former owner sells the valuable stations that connect its vast network. CNN Business reports that bus depots have shuttered in major cities, including Houston, Philadelphia, Cincinnati, Tampa, Louisville, and Charlottesville, with Chicago and Dallas next...

New Twist on Travel: Mystery Trips
New Twist on Travel:
Mystery Trips

New Twist on Travel: Mystery Trips

Destination is not revealed until the day of departure

(Newser) - Travel planning can be a real chore. Booking flights, deciding on the right hotel, and building an itinerary might be fun for some, but others dread it. In an article syndicated to the AP , NerdWallet writer Sam Kemmis writes this is why some travelers are opting for an unorthodox travel...

Please Stop Traveling to Antarctica
Please Stop Traveling
to Antarctica

Please Stop Traveling to Antarctica

Sara Clemence makes her case in the 'Atlantic'

(Newser) - In the first part of her essay on Antarctica, Sara Clemence recounts its "otherworldly" beauty. But that's merely a prelude to a plea she then issues: Everybody should stop traveling there before the increasingly fragile continent is wrecked irreparably. In the Atlantic piece, she notes that Antarctica drew...

It's Hot in Europe, and We're Traveling Differently

The summer tourism trade is heating up in Scandinavia

(Newser) - As summers in Europe grow hotter, tourists are rethinking their travel plans, reports Forbes . Spain reportedly already broke records for heat and dry weather in April, and Southern Europe in general is dealing with the same dilemma. According to Travel Weekly , climate change data predicts temperatures in the region will...

Cities With the Worst Hotels
US Cities With
Worst Hotel Reviews

US Cities With Worst Hotel Reviews

PlanetWare gives the unwanted top honor to Myrtle Beach

(Newser) - The travel site PlanetWare is out with rankings that no chamber of commerce in the country wants to be on: US cities with the worst hotels. The site pored over online reviews at Tripadvisor (which isn't affiliated with the rankings) to figure out which cities get consistently lousy assessments...

You Might Want to Start Planning Now for 2024 Eclipse

Total solar eclipse next April cuts across 13 US states

(Newser) - What Smithsonian calls "one of nature's grandest spectacles"—a total solar eclipse—is slated to sweep across North America on April 8, 2024, from Mexico to Eastern Canada. According to CNN and Smithsonian, it's a not-to-be-missed phenomenon for sky watchers as the moon slides in front...

10 Busiest Airports in the World
10 Busiest Airports in the World

10 Busiest Airports in the World

Atlanta stays on top

(Newser) - Atlanta's airport is the busiest in the world for the second straight year and third of the last four, reports the Wall Street Journal . Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport lost its title briefly during the weird travel days of the pandemic but has since returned to the top. The new...

The List of Every Place on Earth Just Got Bigger

The 'Most Traveled People' group ups the count to 1.5K

(Newser) - Quick: Name how many countries and territories one could visit on Earth. If your guess was in the hundreds, you're already way off, at least according to the "Most Traveled People" (MTP) community. MTP was founded by Charles Veley after he tried and failed to have Guinness World...

10 'Coolest' Neighborhoods in the World

Time Out puts 2 spots in the US in top echelon

(Newser) - It's a little subjective, but Time Out has come up with the "coolest neighborhoods" in the world to visit. Colonia Americana in Mexico tops the list, and two places in the US—the Ridgewood neighborhood of New York City and Barrio Logan in San Diego—crack the top...

This Is the Least-Visited National Park in America

Gates of the Arctic National Park & Preserve in Alaska is where you can head for some solitude

(Newser) - Looking to avoid crowds while visiting a national park? A CNN travel story highlights the 15 least-visited parks in the nation, with Alaska's Gates of the Arctic National Park & Preserve topping the list. It logs only about 7,000 visits each year, largely because visitors must fly there,...

This Is the Safest City for Travelers
This Is the Safest
City for Travelers

This Is the Safest City for Travelers

Copenhagen is No. 1 in new ranking by the 'Economist'

(Newser) - The Economist is out with its annual ranking of "safe cities" in which to travel, and the top spot is occupied by Copenhagen for the first time. Typically, an Asian city has been No. 1, notes CNN . Crime obviously factors into the rankings, but the Safe Cities Index 2021...

Europe Poised to Close Doors to US Travelers
EU: Time to Close Doors
to US Travelers

EU: Time to Close Doors to US Travelers

European Union recommends member nations ban non-essential travel

(Newser) - American tourists have been able to fly to Europe throughout the summer, but it will likely become more difficult to get those flights in the near future. The European Union on Monday recommended that its 27 member nations ban non-essential travel from the US, reports the Wall Street Journal . The...

Hawaii Is Just Not Up for Visitors Right Now

Governor stops short of banning travel, but says 'it's not a good time'

(Newser) - Summer is winding down. The weather is cooling. Students are getting ready to go back to school. Doesn’t it sound like a great time to squeeze in a little vacation, maybe a trip to Hawaii? Guess again. "It’s not a good time to travel to the islands,...

Woman in Tonga for Weekend Ends Up Trapped For 18 Months

She's not that upset about it

(Newser) - A British woman is telling her story of a weekend trip to the South Pacific that has now stretched on for some 18 months. It'll come as no surprise that COVID is to blame for what Zoe Stephens dubs "the longest weekend of my life," but the...

CDC's Thanksgiving Travel Advice Is Pretty Simple

Just don't do it, says health agency in new advisory

(Newser) - The CDC's new advice for Thanksgiving travelers can be summed up in two words: Stay home. The federal health agency "is recommending against travel during the Thanksgiving period," CDC coronavirus official Dr. Henry Walke said Thursday, per CNBC . He said the agency is alarmed by the "...

Travel Is Still the Answer, Rick Steves Figures
Staying 6 Feet Apart Is
No Way to Travel: Steves
in case you missed it

Staying 6 Feet Apart Is No Way to Travel: Steves

Host is off the road for the first summer in 30 years

(Newser) - For the first summer in 30 years, Rick Steves is home instead of savoring Europe. It's an adjustment. He doesn't know what's next for travel after the pandemic any more than the rest of us do, he told the Washington Post in an interview. But he knows...

When Traveling, Beware of This
When Traveling,
Beware of This

When Traveling, Beware of This

Experts warn against using public USB charging stations

(Newser) - Travel much? You may already know not to fire up your devices on free USB public charging stations, but if not, here's the warning: "Depending on the vulnerability they exploit, they would have access to everything you would have access to on your phone," cybersecurity pro Jim...

Huge Airlift Planned for 600K Travelers

Debt-laden Thomas Cook is teetering on the edge

(Newser) - More than 600,000 vacationers who booked through tour operator Thomas Cook were on edge Sunday, wondering if they will be able to get home, as one of the world's oldest and biggest travel companies teetered on the edge of collapse. The debt-laden company, which confirmed Friday it was...

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