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Bad News, AT&T Wireless Customers
Bad News, AT&T
Wireless Customers

Bad News, AT&T Wireless Customers

Company says data from 'nearly all' of its wireless subscribers was hacked

(Newser) - AT&T delivered some stunning news to customers on Friday morning: "Nearly all" of its wireless subscribers were caught up in a data breach, in which hackers swiped call and text metadata from a third-party cloud system, reports the Wall Street Journal . In a securities filing, the company said...

Ticketmaster Customers Won't Love This News

Data breaches and scalpers reverse-engineering ticket resale barcodes are making headlines

(Newser) - If you're a Ticketmaster customer, you may have a concerning email waiting for you. Customers in the US, Canada, and Mexico have received a cautionary message from Ticketmaster to "be vigilant and take steps to protect against identity theft and fraud"—including by keeping close tabs on...

OpenAI Kept Mum After Hacker Stole Its Secrets
OpenAI Got Hacked,
Told No One

OpenAI Got Hacked, Told No One

April 2023 breach left some employees fearing a foreign state could steal data, too: NYT

(Newser) - ChatGPT maker OpenAI failed to disclose a 2023 hack of its internal messaging systems, through which secrets of its technologies were plundered, reports the New York Times . A hacker gained access to internal discussions among employees, who shared details of OpenAI's latest artificial intelligence tech, in April 2023, but...

In This Catholic Hospital System, 'Unusual Activity'

Cyberattack fells Ascension, diverting ambulances and wreaking havoc across the US

(Newser) - A cyberattack on the Ascension health system operating in 19 states across the US forced some of its 140 hospitals to divert ambulances, caused patients to postpone medical tests, and blocked online access to patient records. An Ascension spokesperson said it detected "unusual activity" Wednesday on its computer network...

Report: 23andMe Breach Affected Nearly Half of Users

Genetic testing company is now requiring 2-step verification for all users

(Newser) - The 23andMe breach confirmed by the company in October affected about half of the genetic testing company's 14 million users, TechCrunch reports. The company first acknowledged Friday, in an SEC filing, that hackers were able to access the personal data of 0.1% of its customers, which would be...

He Went From Most Wanted to Working for 'the Greater Good'
He Was Once
the 'World's
Most Wanted

He Was Once the 'World's Most Wanted Hacker'

Kevin Mitnick dies from cancer complications at age 59

(Newser) - Kevin Mitnick, named the world's most wanted computer hacker during a 1990s crime spree, died Sunday at age 59. Mitnick had been battling pancreatic cancer for more than a year, according to his obituary , which notes "much of his life reads like a fiction story." "An...

Report: Ex-Deadspin Journo at Center of FBI Search on Fox Leak

Per 'Tampa Bay Times,' agency searched home of Timothy Burke earlier this month in criminal probe

(Newser) - In October, Kanye West sat down for a two-part interview with Fox News' Tucker Carlson, when the latter was still part of the network's prime-time lineup. Just days later, Vice's Motherboard published unseen clips from that interview, with even more eyebrow-raising snippets from the rapper, including antisemitic tropes...

Feds: Twitter Hacker Left 'Impressive Trail of Destruction'

UK man pleads guilty to scheme that targeted accounts of 130-plus names, including Musk, Biden

(Newser) - A UK man arrested in Spain two summers ago and accused of hacking into the Twitter accounts of some big names—including the current owner of the platform himself—has pleaded guilty to the plot, which also involved the theft of a hefty amount of crypto. On Tuesday, the US...

Austrian Citizens Aren't Going to Like This News

Police say hacker took personal data for nearly every person living there, put it up for sale

(Newser) - If you live in Austria, chances are good that some of your personal information is now accessible to criminals. That's because police have revealed that a suspect they nabbed in November got their hands on data for pretty much every Austrian citizen and put it up for sale on...

Hacker: I've Got Source Code for Grand Theft Auto

Rockstar Games is 'extremely disappointed' on leaked footage of upcoming version of video game

(Newser) - Video game producer Rockstar Games said Monday that early development footage from the next version of its popular title Grand Theft Auto was stolen in the hack of its network. Someone claiming to be the hacker, posting on Telegram, dumped 90 video clips from the theft online on Sunday and...

Hacker Posed as Uber Staffer
Uber Hacker Gained
Admin Access

Uber Hacker Gained Admin Access

Experts lament Uber failures that allowed breach

(Newser) - The ride-hailing service Uber said Friday that all its services were operational following what security professionals are calling a major data breach, claiming there was no evidence the hacker got access to sensitive user data. But the breach, apparently by a lone hacker, put the spotlight on an increasingly effective...

Turkish 'Hacktivists' Deface Trump Site
Turkish Hacker Hit
Trump Website

Turkish Hacker Hit Trump Website

'Do not be like those who forget Allah,' message said

(Newser) - The "action" section of Donald Trump's website carried an unusual message in English and Turkish on Monday: "Do not be like those who forget Allah, so Allah made them forget themselves. Here they really went astray." The page had been defaced by Turkish hacktivist group RootAyyildiz,...

Hacker Behind $610M Crypto Theft: I Had Good Intentions

Almost all of the stolen funds have been returned by 'Mr. White Hat'

(Newser) - It seems pleading worked. Poly Network, which urged hackers to return more than $610 million in cryptocurrency stolen from its decentralized finance platform this week in one of the largest ever cryptocurrency thefts, says almost all of the assets have been returned. In a Thursday tweet, the platform said the...

Cyberpunk 2077 Maker on Hackers' Extortion: We Will Not Negotiate

Ransomware creators steal, threaten to release source code from CD Projekt Red

(Newser) - "You have 48 hours to contact us." That was the ransom note left Monday after a cyberattack against Cyberpunk 2077 maker CD Projekt Red, which has posted the note online and said it's not in the mood for negotiations. The hackers' message indicated that they stole the...

Calif.: Criminals Raided Unemployment Funds to Tune of $11.4B

State's labor secretary says hackers, other criminals may have stolen an additional $20B

(Newser) - From March of last year to the middle of January, California paid out some $114 billion in unemployment benefits. Now, the state's labor secretary, Julie Su, has some alarming news on about $11.4 billion, or 10%, of that figure—those payments were fraudulent, stolen by hackers, identity thieves,...

Tasked With Security, He Spied on 'Most Intimate Moments' Instead

Ex-ADT tech admits he hacked into home security systems to watch people get undressed, have sex

(Newser) - In Animal House, John Belushi's Bluto used a ladder to spy on women undressing. The modern-day (and perhaps creepier) version of a peeping Tom has a more high-tech method: hacking into home surveillance feeds. That's what Telesforo Aviles, a former employee for home security company ADT, has admitted...

Florida Man Kept the Governor From Voting

A hacker changed Gov. Ron DeSantis' voter registration info

(Newser) - Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis couldn't vote Monday because someone had gone online and changed his address in a state database, WESH reports. Authorities tracked the hacker via an IP address and arrested Anthony Guevara, a 20-year-old Naples man, on two counts including felony voter fraud. Authorities say Guevara had...

Hacker Breaches Trump's Twitter Account. Again
Twitter Skeptical of
Report Trump Was Hacked

Twitter Skeptical of Report Trump Was Hacked

Dutch security researcher says he gained access with 'maga2020!'

(Newser) - A Dutch tech researcher says he was able to gain access to President Trump's Twitter account last week by correctly guessing the password "maga2020!" There's a precedent here: He happens to be the same guy who accessed the president's Twitter account in 2016 by guessing...

21-Year-Old Linked to Massive Twitter Hack
21-Year-Old Linked
to Massive Twitter Hack

21-Year-Old Linked to Massive Twitter Hack

KrebsOnSecurity does a deep dive into what we know

(Newser) - The hackers who hit Twitter got big names such as Joe Biden and Jeff Bezos, so why not the most famous tweeter of all, President Trump? It seems that Twitter gave Trump extra protections after unspecified previous incidents, reports the New York Times . Both an administration official and a Twitter...

He Found a 'Loophole' for a 'Free' Flight. Now, a Lawsuit

Brussels Airlines is suing hacker who flew himself, 2 pals to New York for free

(Newser) - An overseas airline has filed a lawsuit against a hacker who booked a "free" flight from Belgium to New York. The Brussels Times reports that Brussels Airlines wants $22,000 in damages from the 25-year-old man after he flew himself and two buddies to the US in business class...

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