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Naomi Campbell, 53, Welcomes Baby No. 2

Supermodel gives few details about baby boy

(Newser) - Naomi Campbell has welcomed her second child, and at age 53, the supermodel has a message for the world: "It's never too late to become a mother," she writes on her Instagram baby announcement. "My little darling, know that you are cherished beyond measure and surrounded...

Naomi Campbell Is First-Time Mom at 50
Naomi Campbell
Says Her Baby
Wasn't Adopted

Naomi Campbell Says Her Baby Wasn't Adopted

Supermodel who became a first-time mom at 50 talks to 'Vogue' about motherhood

(Newser) - Update: Naomi Campbell's baby daughter is now a Vogue cover star. The supermodel appears with her daughter on the cover of March's British edition. In an accompanying interview, Campbell, who announced the birth days before her 51st birthday last year, declined to share details including her daughter's...

Chappelle: I Saw Celebs Leave 'Dirty Notes' for Trump Aides

Comedian describes mischief during one of President Obama's last White House parties

(Newser) - In 2019, then-White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham claimed aides of former President Obama had left disparaging notes around the White House for members of former President Trump's administration to find. At Inauguration Day, "Every office was filled with Obama books, and we had notes left behind that...

The Hellish Life of a Celebrity Assistant

Of course, they do make good money...

(Newser) - How much money would you need to make in order to deal with laying out Lady Gaga's toothbrush and soap each day, carrying her luggage, sleeping in the same bed with her, and being "available 24/7"? Jennifer O'Neill, who is currently in the middle of an...

Naomi Campbell Hurt in Paris Mugging

Attack happened last month, but is now coming to light

(Newser) - Naomi Campbell was mugged in Paris as she was trying to hail a cab last month, sources tell the New York Post . A ligament in her leg was torn when she was pushed to the ground, and she's been using a wheelchair and crutches since. One source says the...

Naomi Campbell Rips 'Racist' Chocolate Ad

Cadbury calls campaign 'all in good fun'

(Newser) - Tranquility-challenged super model Naomi Campbell is furious and threatening to sue a chocolate company that's using her name in what she blasts as a "racist" ad. "Move over, Naomi, there's a new diva in town," say the British Cadbury ads touting the company's Dairy...

On Cannes Runway, Stars Walk, Model Falls

Jane Fonda, Naomi Campbell strut catwalk for Japan Earthquake relief

(Newser) - Fashion rolled out the red carpet for charity in Cannes yesterday, with a benefit runway show that saw A-listers including Naomi Campbell, Jane Fonda, Rosario Dawson, and tennis man Novak Djokovic strut their stuff for a good cause. Campbell's Fashion for Relief charity organized the show, which raised money...

Silvio Berlusconi Chased Naomi Campbell's Phone Number at State Dinner, Says Gordon Brown's Wife Sarah


Berlusconi Sought Naomi's Number

Gordon Brown's wife recounts PM's antics at state dinner

(Newser) - As if things weren't bad enough for Silvio Berlusconi, now he's got the wife of a former world leader gossiping about him: Sarah Brown, missus to former British PM Gordon Brown, has a new book out in which she recounts the randy Italian chasing around after model Naomi Campbell's phone...

Putin: Here's How I Stay This Buff
 Putin: Here's How 
 I Stay This Buff  

Putin: Here's How I Stay This Buff

Vladimir sits down with Naomi Campbell to talk fitness, tigers, bikers, oh my!

(Newser) - Hard-hitting, ahem, political interviewer Naomi Campbell sits down with Vladimir Putin for her latest GQ piece, and asks the really, really difficult questions. Like, just how does old Pooty-Poot manage to stay so fit? "I go to the gym, I swim daily and from time to time I...

10 Celebs Who OD'd and Lived

Fantasia isn't the only lucky one

(Newser) - DJ AM, Janis Joplin, Heath Ledger, Judy Garland: The list of stars lost to drug overdoses is a long one . Happily, there's also a roster of celebrities who OD'd and lived. As a follow-up to Fantasia's aspirin/sleeping pill incident , The Frisky runs down 10 celebs who did just that.
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Campbell May Face Charges Over Blood Diamonds

Possession of uncut diamonds criminal offense in S. Africa

(Newser) - After testimony from Mia Farrow and a former agent showed Naomi Campbell did knowingly receive blood diamonds from Liberian strongman Charles Taylor, the model could face criminal charges in South Africa, where she was given the diamonds. Possession of an uncut diamond is a criminal offense in South Africa, punishable...

Witness: Naomi Flirted With Blood Diamond Strongman

Ex-agent says model knew who diamonds came from

(Newser) - Naomi Campbell's former agent has testified that the model was fully aware that diamonds she was given in South Africa were a gift from Liberian strongman Charles Taylor. Campbell was flirting with Taylor at a dinner hosted by Nelson Mandela and Taylor was flirting back, Carole White told Taylor's war...

Mia Farrow: Naomi Lied About Blood Diamonds

Says Campbell got huge diamond, knew who it was from

(Newser) - Actress Mia Farrow testified at Charles Taylor's war crimes trial today that Naomi Campbell told her she had been sent a "huge diamond" by the former Liberian ruler, contradicting Campbell's testimony from last week. Farrow said that the morning after a party hosted by Nelson Mandela in 1997, Campbell...

Naomi's Blood Diamonds Handed Over to Cops

Official with Mandela fund had kept them

(Newser) - For those following the trail of Naomi Campbell's so-called blood diamonds: mystery solved. She testified yesterday at the war crimes trial of Liberia's Charles Taylor that she received three such uncut diamonds, almost certainly from Taylor, in 1997. Today, the Guardian reports that Campbell then handed them over to an...

Naomi Testifies About Blood Diamonds

 Naomi Testifies 
 About Blood 

looked like 'dirty stones'

Naomi Testifies About Blood Diamonds

Yeah, they probably came from Charles Taylor, model says at his war crimes trial

(Newser) - Naomi Campbell may not like to talk about it , but she did, in fact, receive a gift of diamonds probably from former Liberian President Charles Taylor, she said today at his war crimes trial. Campbell testified that two men gave her a pouch containing a few “very small, dirty-looking...

Tyra to Slam Other Models in Bizarre Books

 Tyra to Slam 
 Other Models 
 in Bizarre 

Tyra to Slam Other Models in Bizarre Books

Janice Dickinson may not want to read 'Modelland' books

(Newser) - Tyra Banks is already famous, which is probably how she managed to score a book deal for a tween series about models called “Intoxibellas” who rule over “Modelland” with their superpowers and have “edgy, sexy, exciting adventures.” Just in case the idea of a Top Model-meets-Harry ...

Blame Naomi Campbell's Rage on Syrup Diet

You'd be angry too, if you ate like she did

(Newser) - Naomi Campbell’s rage can be explained by her “abandonment issues,” she told Oprah Winfrey recently. Or maybe, just maybe, it’s because she doesn’t eat. The supermodel frequently goes on a "maple syrup diet" that “isn't so much a diet as self-flagellation minus the...

Naomi Cries, Explains Rage Issues to Oprah
 Naomi Cries, 
 Explains Rage 
 Issues to Oprah 
sad supermodels

Naomi Cries, Explains Rage Issues to Oprah

It all goes back to ballet...

(Newser) - Poor, poor Naomi Campbell was too tall to be a ballerina, and the ensuing anguish she went through probably has a lot to do with why she now punches cameras and throws cell phones at people. The supermodel actually broke down in tears yesterday on Oprah while talking about her...

Naomi Campbell Punches Camera, Storms Off Set

 Naomi Campbell 
 Punches Camera, 
 Storms Off Set 
don't ask her about blood diamonds

Naomi Campbell Punches Camera, Storms Off Set

Supermodel hasn't gotten anger issues under control

(Newser) - In case there was any doubt, Naomi Campbell still has a pretty bad temper. The supermodel lashed out during an interview with ABC, when asked if she was given a blood diamond by former African dictator Charles Taylor. “I didn't receive a diamond and I'm not going to speak...

Driver Apologizes to Campbell for Overreacting
 Driver Apologizes 
 to Campbell for  
Who's the victim here?

Driver Apologizes to Campbell for Overreacting

but no one denies that she punched and slapped him

(Newser) - So this is rich: Instead of Naomi Campbell apologizing for punching and slapping a New York cabbie Tuesday, it's the cab driver who has apologized. "This whole thing has been blown out of proportion and I apologize to Ms. Campbell for causing that to happen," driver Miodrag Mejdina...

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