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ABC Cancels Republican Debate
Now CNN Calls Off
Its Republican Debate

Now CNN Calls Off Its Republican Debate

Ron DeSantis was the only GOP candidate who agreed to participate

(Newser) - CNN has decided not to take Ron DeSantis up on his offer to debate an empty podium (or two) in New Hampshire. The network said Wednesday that it is calling off its Sunday night debate because no other Republican candidates have agreed to participate, NBC News reports. ABC canceled its...

Trump Skipping Yet Another Debate
Trump Skipping
Yet Another Debate

Trump Skipping Yet Another Debate

Leaving just Nikki Haley and Ron DeSantis to participate

(Newser) - Another Republican debate, another event for former President Trump to skip. CNN has a primary debate scheduled for next Wednesday night in Iowa, but instead of attending that, Trump will participate in a Fox News town hall in Iowa scheduled for the same start time of 9pm Eastern, Politico reports....

More GOP Debates Are Now on the Schedule

CNN to hold one in Iowa, one in New Hampshire in January; ABC/WMUR also claim a debate in NH

(Newser) - If you were disappointed to see Wednesday's GOP debate in Alabama come to a close, good news—more faceoffs are heading our way in the new year. On Thursday, CNN announced it would host two Republican debates in the early primary states: one on Jan. 10 at Drake University...

Winners, Losers From the 4th GOP Debate

DeSantis 'didn't make it clear he can move the needle,' civility did not come out on top

(Newser) - With less than six weeks to go until the Iowa caucuses, a narrowed field of Republican candidates gathered in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, on Wednesday night for the fourth and final debate on the calendar. As in the previous three debates, former President Trump, whose poll numbers remain higher than those of...

On Trump: 'Is He Fit to Be President or Isn't He?'

DeSantis says he wants a younger candidate

(Newser) - An hour into the Republican debate Thursday night, the topic turned to Donald Trump. Samples of what the candidates said:
  • Ron DeSantis: "Father time is undefeated," he said when asked whether the 77-year-old Trump was fit enough for another term. "I think we need to have somebody

Ramaswamy Uses Fat Joke Against Christie

He tells him to get out of the race and 'enjoy a nice meal'

(Newser) - After Vivek Ramaswamy, as he has in previous debates, relentlessly went after Nikki Haley early in the Republican debate (he called her "corrupt" and a "fascist" and said she couldn't name three provinces in Ukraine), Chris Christie broke in to defend her—and blast Ramaswamy "as...

DeSantis, Ramaswamy Attack Haley, and Christie Sighs

Former NJ governor says other 3 candidates are ignoring the biggest issue: Donald Trump

(Newser) - The fourth Republican debate is underway, and it began with a sharp question by Megyn Kelly of Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis. Why, she wondered, is he faring so badly in the polls, well behind Donald Trump as well Nikki Haley in some states? DeSantis responded that he is "sick"...

Haley Aims for 'Knockout Punch' in 4th Debate
Haley Aims for
'Knockout Punch'
in 4th Debate
the rundown

Haley Aims for 'Knockout Punch' in 4th Debate

Expect mentions of Trump as 4 Republican candidates look to boost their campaigns

(Newser) - There will be a lot on the line for candidates during the fourth Republican debate, perhaps the final one before primary voters head to the polls in Iowa and New Hampshire. The debate stage Wednesday night in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, will be the least crowded yet , with just four candidates vying...

Who's In, Who's Out for 4th GOP Debate

Former President Trump is skipping again

(Newser) - The field of candidates onstage for the fourth Republican presidential debate will be the smallest yet, the AP reports. Four hopefuls will participate in Wednesday night's debate at the Moody Music Hall at the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa, according to the Republican National Committee. To qualify for the...

Winners, Losers From the 3rd GOP Debate

Pundits say Nikki Haley had a good night

(Newser) - Republican presidential candidates gathered in Miami on Wednesday for their third debate, minus former President Trump, who is polling higher than all his rivals put together—and for the third time, Trump was widely seen as a winner. While Chris Christie, Ron DeSantis, Nikki Haley, Vivek Ramaswamy, and Tim Scott...

On Abortion, Differences on Push for a Federal Ban

Tim Scott calls for a 15-week limit, but Nikki Haley tells him it's politically impossible

(Newser) - The five GOP candidates in Wednesday night's debate were asked about abortion in the last portion of the forum, and while a pro-life sentiment was dominant, differences emerged:
  • Nikki Haley: The former South Carolina governor said she was pro-life and supported federal restrictions, but she also offered what the

How the 5 Candidates Would Handle Israel-Hamas

Netanyahu should 'finish the job,' says DeSantis, and others agree

(Newser) - One issue the five GOP candidates on stage Wednesday night agree upon appears to be Israel, or more specifically the need to wipe out Hamas. All were asked how they would respond to the Israel-Hamas situation:
  • Ron DeSantis: He said Israeli leader Benjamin Netanyahu should "finish the job once

'Leave My Daughter Out of Your Voice'

Haley slams Ramaswamy as 'scum' after he says her daughter is on TikTok

(Newser) - At the last GOP debate, Nikki Haley got off one of the night's more memorable lines at the expense of Vivek Ramaswamy by saying, "Every time I hear you, I feel a little bit dumber." On Wednesday night, Ramaswamy went after the former UN ambassador early, referring...

DeSantis: 'I'm Sick of Republicans Losing'

Florida governor goes after Trump in debate's first question

(Newser) - Republican debate No. 3 is underway, with a smaller field of candidates—five—though none of them named Donald Trump. In the first question of the night, Lester Holt of NBC News asked each candidate why they should be the nominee instead of Trump. Some highlights:
  • Ron DeSantis: The Florida

Trump Holds Rally as GOP Candidates Gather for 3rd Debate

This time, it's down to 5 candidates

(Newser) - It's time for the third Republican presidential debate , and there's going to be an even smaller lineup onstage than the last gathering . The two-hour debate will start at 8pm ET. It's being moderated by NBC's Lester Holt and Kristen Welker, as well as nationally syndicated Salem...

GOP Debate Stage Loses One More Candidate

North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum didn't meet polling requirements for Miami event but soldiers on

(Newser) - Just five candidates are expected to take to their podiums in Miami this week for the third GOP presidential debate, and Doug Burgum isn't one of them. KMOT reports that the North Dakota governor didn't fulfill all of the polling requirements to qualify for the Wednesday matchup, with...

Fewer Than 10M Watch GOP Presidential Debate

GOP candidates still outdraw regular TV programming

(Newser) - About 9.5 million people watched the Republican presidential debate Wednesday night over all platforms, a decline of 27% from the 13 million who tuned in for the first debate in August. That means the first two GOP debates this cycle attracted half the audience of the first two debates...

One Sign Haley Is Gaining Traction: Trump Goes on Attack

Former president's campaign criticizes her on multiple issues after debate performance

(Newser) - In the eyes of most observers, Nikki Haley acquitted herself well Wednesday night for the second GOP debate. Maybe the most telling evidence of that is that the campaign of Donald Trump made a point to go after her with a statement titled "The Real Nikki Haley." Among...

Winners, Losers From the GOP Debate
Winners, Losers From
the GOP Debate

Winners, Losers From the GOP Debate

Analysts say it was another good night for Trump

(Newser) - Republican presidential candidates, minus frontrunner former President Trump, debated again on Wednesday night—and as in last month's debate in Milwaukee, Trump is being seen as perhaps the night's biggest winner. "This was another debate where the guy leading by 40 points was not onstage and took...

Candidates Refuse Final Request From Moderators

They were asked to write down which candidate should be voted 'off the island'

(Newser) - The three moderators of the GOP debate often struggled to keep the seven candidates from talking over each other Wednesday night, and the candidates united to refuse a final request from the trio. Moderator Dana Perino asked them all to write down the name of a candidate on stage who...

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