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Google Buys Frommer's Travel Guides

Brand may be combined with Zagat Survey

(Newser) - Apparently Google loves big-name guidebooks. The search giant has agreed to buy the Frommer's brand of travel guides for an undisclosed sum, Frommer's current owner, John Wiley & Sons, tells the Wall Street Journal . Wiley had been publicly trying to unload the brand, saying it no longer fit...

Google Buys Zagat Guide
 Google Buys 
 Zagat Guide 

Google Buys Zagat Guide

They promise to make it central to their local and map products

(Newser) - We’re going to bet that Yelp is pretty upset right now, because Google took what looks to be a big step into its turf today by acquiring Zagat to bolster its location offerings, Mashable reports. Marissa Mayer, Google’s VP of Local, Maps, and Location services, announced the deal...

Nina and Tim Zagat: Don't Open a Restaurant
 Seriously: Don't 
 Open a Restaurant 
Nina and Tim Zagat

Seriously: Don't Open a Restaurant

The Zagats have news for you: It's not as fun as it looks

(Newser) - Do you dream of opening your own restaurant one day? Well, Nina and Tim Zagat have some advice for you: "Don't do it!" And they should know, considering they co-founded and publish Zagat Restaurant Surveys. Opening a restaurant is about a lot more than just being "a...

Zagat Is Wrong: Peet's Is Better Than Starbucks
Zagat Is Wrong:
Peet's Is Better Than Starbucks

Zagat Is Wrong: Peet's Is Better Than Starbucks

Bad methodology gave Seattle giant the survey win: Nate Silver

(Newser) - Zagat’s annual fast-food survey served up its usual batch of surprises, but one stood out for Nate Silver of fame. Somehow, some way, Starbucks beat Peet’s Coffee for best coffee chain. A travesty of that magnitude can only mean mistaken methodology, Silver contends; Starbucks is fine,...

New Zagat Guide Gives Dating Advice

(Newser) - Zagat has issued a new guide—not to dining, but to dating and dumping in the big city, the New York Times reports. The survey of residents in New York, Los Angeles, and other cities says:
  • Blind dates: Just 2% considered them a good way to meet partners. Mutual friends

Noodle Chain Rules London Dining Scene

Wagamama tops pricey competitors in new Zagat survey

(Newser) - Wagamama, a chain of inexpensive Japanese-inspired noodle bars, is London’s most popular restaurant in the latest Zagat survey, the Telegraph reports. The low-key chain topped fine-dining establishments such as the Ivy and Gordon Ramsay for the top honor, which also takes price, atmosphere, and overall value into account. Ramsay’...

Family Puts Zagat Empire Up for Sale

Unable to gain traction online, founders ask Goldman to find a buyer

(Newser) - The founders and publishers of the Zagat guides have hired Goldman Sachs to find a buyer for their stake in the company, reports the New York Times. The value of the international icon may top $200 million—not bad for a company that grew out of a two-page typed list,...

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