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DNC Is Nervous About 2 Virtual Caucuses

Democrats are nervous about virtual caucuses in Nevada and Iowa

(Newser) - The Democratic National Committee will recommend scrapping state plans to offer virtual, telephone-based caucuses in 2020 because of security concerns, sources tell the AP . The final choice whether to allow virtual caucuses in Iowa and Nevada is up to the party's powerful Rules and Bylaws Committee. But opposition from...

Clinton Takes California, 3 Others; Sanders Wins 2

It was the last big night of the primary season

(Newser) - Hillary Clinton has won the big prize in Tuesday's voting, California, though the news comes hours after she'd already declared herself the Democratic nominee. CNN and NBC News called the state for her early Wednesday. Earlier, she won in New Jersey, New Mexico, and South Dakota, while Sanders...

Hillary Clinton Gets the Win in Guam Caucuses

But Bernie Sanders still won the day in delegates

(Newser) - Hillary Clinton is the projected winner of the not-super-important Guam caucuses, the Hill reports. According to Politico , unofficial results have Clinton winning with 60% of the vote to Bernie Sanders' 40%. Both Clinton and Sanders had done minimal campaigning in Guam, with Sanders promising to visit if he's elected...

'Weirdness' in Colorado Shorted Sanders a Delegate, Briefly

And no one decided to tell him

(Newser) - Bernie Sanders was shorted a delegate in Colorado's March 1 caucus after—in the words of the state's Democratic Party chairman—"a little weirdness" happened when vote totals were punched in, the Denver Post reports. Chairman Rick Palacio says a "reporting error" by a volunteer resulted...

Sanders Wins Democratic Caucus in Wyoming

He'll take 8 delegates to Clinton's 6

(Newser) - Bernie Sanders has been declared the winner of Saturday's Democratic caucus in Wyoming, NBC News reports. With 94% reporting, Sanders had a 56% to 44% lead over Hillary Clinton. Unfortunately for Sanders as he tries to close the gap with Clinton, the win only nabs him eight of the...

Sanders Takes Early Lead in Saturday's Democratic Caucuses
 Sanders Sweeps 
 Saturday Caucuses 

Sanders Sweeps Saturday Caucuses

Notches wins in Alaska, Washington, Hawaii

(Newser) - Bernie Sanders has won Saturday's caucuses in Alaska, Washington state, and Hawaii as he fights to gain ground on Hillary Clinton, reports the AP . Washington was Saturday's big prize with 101 delegates at stake, and Politico called a victory there "essential" to Sanders' campaign hopes. The delegates...

Dems Cut Deal on Pelosi's No. 2
 Dems Cut Deal on Pelosi's No. 2 

Dems Cut Deal on Pelosi's No. 2

Give Clyburn TBD No. 3 post, avoid Hoyer dogfight

(Newser) - House Democrats have avoided a dogfight over their No. 2 leadership slot, announcing that Steny Hoyer would stay put while Jim Clyburn takes a to-be-determined No. 3 position. The move leaves Nancy Pelosi, who announced the deal last night, without any significant leadership battles ahead of Wednesday's caucus vote, Politico...

Dems' Supermajority: Be Careful What You Wish For

Sixty-senator caucus makes Reid hostage to any naysayer

(Newser) - The convergence of events that led to the Democrats getting 60 senators in their caucus must have felt like fate to Harry Reid, a sign that health care reform was meant to be. But as negotiations drag on, lucky No. 60 feels more like unlucky 13, because Reid must do...

Reid 'Optimistic' About 60 Votes

Majority leader thinks he's got the support to send bill to the floor

(Newser) - Harry Reid is “cautiously optimistic” about the success of his frantic attempts to unite the 60 votes of his caucus behind the Senate health care reform bill. “I think we’re together,” he says. But the majority leader was positively voluble about the bill itself, notes the...

Lieberman Won't Sink Health Reform: Reid
 Lieberman Won't Sink 
 Health Reform: Reid 

Lieberman Won't Sink Health Reform: Reid

Indy senator promises he'll vote with Dems to end filibuster

(Newser) - Forget all the grandstanding about joining a GOP filibuster of health care reform if it contains any kind of public option: Sen. Joe Lieberman won't do it, Harry Reid tells liberal interest groups, who tell the Hill . He has a deal with the Connecticut Independent, the majority leader claims. Lieberman...

Pelosi Willing to Deal to Win Back House Dems

They plan more flexible approach, postponed public option

(Newser) - House Democrats got whipped on health care over the August recess, and party leaders now have to win back some of their own shaky members, reports Politico. The push starts at a caucus meeting in the Capitol basement next week as Nancy Pelosi and other top leaders will try to...

Dems Go to Bat for Pelosi as Accusations Fly

Speaker 'not in any trouble' as loyal caucus backs her in CIA ruckus

(Newser) - Republicans have all but slapped a bulls-eye on Nancy Pelosi over what she knew about CIA interrogation practices, but as the Washington Post reports, House Democrats have rallied behind the speaker. In a sign of the considerable unity of the party caucus, several leading Democrats said yesterday that they believe...

Reid: I Won't Be Obama Rubber Stamp

Senate majority leader vows Congress won't just be Obama's rubber stamp

(Newser) - The 111th Congress is going to be a lot more than just a rubber stamp for Barack Obama's policies, Harry Reid tells the Hill. The Senate majority leader says Democrats must take care to avoid over-reaching. "If Obama steps over the bounds, I will tell him," the Democrat...

Pelosi to Emanuel: This Is My House
Pelosi to Emanuel:
This Is My House

Pelosi to Emanuel: This Is My House

Speaker wants White House to go through her to get to Dems

(Newser) - Speaker Nancy Pelosi is setting clear parameters for how she expects the Obama White House to work with House Democrats now that former lieutenant Rahm Emanuel will be chief of staff, Politico reports. When Emanuel recently offered advice on a leadership race, she replied that it is “an internal...

Now Joe Owes Barack One
 Now Joe Owes Barack One 

Now Joe Owes Barack One

(Newser) - Democrats everywhere, even in the Senate, are still furious with Joe Lieberman for campaigning against Barack Obama. So pushing to allow him to stay in the Democratic caucus, and continue as chairman of the Homeland Security Committee, was a savvy political move on Obama's part, Time reports: Lieberman will owe...

Lieberman Keeps Chairmanship
 Lieberman Keeps 

Lieberman Keeps Chairmanship

Will lose some meaningless subcommittee job instead

(Newser) - Senate Democrats voted 42-13 today to let Joe Lieberman keep his perch atop the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, hoping to prevent the Connecticut Independent from becoming a full-fledged Republican, the Hill reports, The former Dem, who actively supported John McCain's presidential bid, will instead lose his chairmanship of...

Dems Likely to Let 'Wayward' Lieberman Keep Senate Chair

Only token punishment for McCain support

(Newser) - Senate Democrats are likely to allow Joe Lieberman to retain chairmanship of the powerful Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee despite his vocal support for John McCain and repeated attacks on Barack Obama during the election, Politico reports. The Connecticut independent has threatened to leave the Democratic caucus and join...

Lieberman Should Be Punished: Leahy

Dem wants McCain-backing independent stripped of committee chairmanship

(Newser) - Patrick Leahy thinks fellow Sen. Joe Lieberman, after campaigning for John McCain, should no longer occupy the chair of key committees, the Democrat told Vermont Public Radio today. The Connecticut independent currently caucuses with the Democrats, and chairs the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs committees, the Hill notes. Lieberman went...

Dems Loath to Punish Traitor Joe

The party is ticked, but this might not be the time for vengeance

(Newser) - Joe Lieberman has crossed nearly every line there is in supporting John McCain—on Sunday he even praised Sarah Palin—and many liberals want him ousted from the Democratic caucus. But Harry Reid and company show no signs of moving against Lieberman, Salon reports. “We're going to have to...

Lieberman Shakes Both Sides of Aisle
 Shakes Both
 Sides of Aisle

Lieberman Shakes Both Sides of Aisle

Connecticut senator stands at the middle of Republican/Democrat divide

(Newser) - Had things gone just a bit differently in Florida in 2000, Joe Lieberman might be ending his second term as a Democratic vice president. Instead, the now-Independent is delivering a primetime RNC address and again being bandied about as a potential veep—this time for John McCain. The Boston Globe...

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