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ACLU: School Broke the Law by Forcing Boy to Cut His Hair

Native American child requested exemption for faith, cultural reasons but was denied, letter claims

(Newser) - The American Civil Liberties Union says an elementary school in Kansas is enforcing an unlawful policy under which an 8-year-old Native American boy was forced to choose between having long hair and attending school. The member of the Wyandotte Nation chose to cut his long hair after his mother visited...

A New Look at the Killing of the 'Face of Red Power'

Richard Oakes, a Mohawk, was shot to death in 1972, and the shooter went free

(Newser) - In one sense, the events that day were straightforward: "On Sept. 20, 1972, a white man pulled out a pistol, pointed it at an unarmed Indigenous father and fired a single bullet. It struck Richard Oakes in the heart, killing him almost instantly." So write Jason Fagone and...

Ancient Mounds in Ohio Join Ranks of World Gems

UNESCO recognizes earthworks by Native Americans as a World Heritage Site

(Newser) - A network of ancient Native American ceremonial and burial mounds in Ohio described as "part cathedral, part cemetery, and part astronomical observatory" was added Tuesday to the UNESCO World Heritage Site list. Preservationists, led by the Ohio History Connection, and Indigenous tribes, many with ancestral ties to the state,...

Colorado Peak Gets a Meaningful Name Change

Mount Evans is now Mount Blue Sky

(Newser) - Federal officials on Friday renamed a towering mountain southwest of Denver as part of a national effort to address the history of oppression and violence against Native Americans. The US Board on Geographic Names voted overwhelmingly to change Mount Evans to Mount Blue Sky at the request of the Cheyenne...

At This River, Officials Try to Turn Back the Clock 100 Years

Klamath River restoration project is a massive, $500M endeavor, involving removal of 4 dams

(Newser) - The largest dam removal project in US history is underway along the California-Oregon border—a process that won't conclude until the end of next year with the help of heavy machinery and explosives. But in some ways, removing the four dams is the easy part, per the AP . The...

Dig Begins to Find Buried Native American Children

Archaeologists are seeking lost cemetery on grounds of ex-boarding school in Nebraska

(Newser) - Bodies of dozens of children who died at a Native American boarding school have been lost for decades, a mystery that archaeologists aim to unravel as they begin digging in a central Nebraska field that a century ago was part of the sprawling campus. Crews toting shovels, trowels, and even...

DOJ: This 'Made What Happened to George Floyd Possible'

After 2-year investigation, agency finds Minneapolis cops engaged in pattern of discrimination

(Newser) - The Justice Department accused Minneapolis police Friday of engaging in a pattern of violating constitutional rights and discriminating against Black and Native American people following an investigation prompted by the killing of George Floyd. The sweeping two-year civil rights investigation concluded that systemic problems in the Minneapolis Police Department "...

Supreme Court Hands Big Win to Native American Tribes

Justices uphold law stipulating Native American kids up for adoption go to Native American families

(Newser) - The Supreme Court delivered a big win to American Indians on Thursday, upholding a law that stipulates Native American children up for adoption should go to Native American families. NPR reports that the 7-2 ruling defied predictions, with Amy Coney Barrett writing the majority opinion and only Clarence Thomas and...

Accused of Being a 'Pretendian,' College Prof Comes Clean

Calls emerge for UC Berkeley's Elizabeth Hoover to resign after admitting she's not Native American

(Newser) - A California college instructor accused of falsely claiming Native American ancestry is now admitting she's white and apologizing—and it was one of her closest friends who conducted a good amount of the probing that led to her apology. The hubbub stretches back to February 2021, when Elizabeth Hoover,...

Report Accuses University of Minnesota of Genocide

Researchers say institution needs to atone for ethnic cleansing of Native Americans

(Newser) - Researchers tasked with investigating the University of Minnesota's troubled relationship with Native Americans say they sometimes had to pause because they were overpowered by emotions. Their report concluded that the university's founders "committed genocide and ethnic cleansing of Indigenous peoples for financial gain, using the institution as...

Native Americans Had Horses Long Before Europeans Came
Narrative of Early Horses
in America Just Changed
new study

Narrative of Early Horses in America Just Changed

Study suggests they were here with Native Americans much earlier than thought

(Newser) - Horses evolved then went extinct in the Americas 4 million years ago, but not before they crossed the Bering Land Bridge to Eurasia, were they were domesticated. Then in 1519 the Spanish brought them to Mexico—and from there, a new study suggests horses arrived in North America earlier than...

Famous 'Crying Indian' Ad Is Being Retired

Anti-pollution spot from 1970s has been acquired by Native American group

(Newser) - Since its debut in 1971, an anti-pollution ad showing a man in Native American attire shed a single tear at the sight of smokestacks and litter taking over a once unblemished landscape has become an indelible piece of TV pop culture. It's been referenced over the decades since on...

CBS Announcers Repeatedly Mock Native American Player's Name

They referred to Wichita forward Isaiah Poor Bear-Chandler as 'Pooh Bear'

(Newser) - Two CBS Sports Network broadcasters have apologized for mocking a player's Native American name during a Wichita State basketball game against Grand Canyon University. Chris Walker and Chick Hernandez repeatedly referred to Wichita forward Isaiah Poor Bear-Chandler as "Pooh Bear," Deadline reports. "Who got that offensive...

'Long Overdue' Name Change Coming to Grand Canyon

Popular Indian Garden campground to become Havasupai Gardens in honor of tribe

(Newser) - A popular camping spot at Grand Canyon National Park is shedding its "offensive" name. Indian Garden, a camping and rest area reached from the South Rim via the Bright Angel Trail, is to be renamed Havasupai Gardens in honor of the Native American tribe that was forcibly removed from...

Name Change Approved for Mountain With Link to Massacre

Colorado's Mount Evans could soon become Mount Blue Sky

(Newser) - A Colorado state panel recommended Thursday that Mount Evans, a prominent peak near Denver, be renamed Mount Blue Sky at the request of the Cheyenne and Arapaho tribes. The Colorado Geographic Naming Advisory Board voted unanimously for the change. Colorado Gov. Jared Polis will weigh in on the recommendation before...

Kansas Board: Please Drop Native American Mascots

Report cites harm the branding can do to students' self-esteem

(Newser) - The Kansas State Board of Education on Thursday recommended that the state's public school districts eliminate Native American mascots and branding to reduce their harmful impacts on students. The board approved a motion making a "strong recommendation" that Kansas public K-12 nontribal schools retire Native American-themed mascots and...

Museum, Tribe Agree on Return of Wounded Knee Artifacts

Items are a fraction of those held by institutions that federal law says should be turned over

(Newser) - About 150 items considered sacred by the Sioux peoples that have been stored at a small Massachusetts museum for more than a century are being returned, museum and tribal officials announced Monday. The items including weapons, pipes, moccasins, and clothing—about seven or eight of which are thought to have...

2 Weeks After Academy Apology, Littlefeather Dies at 75

Native American actor received 50-year-old mea culpa after she turned down Brando Oscar in '73

(Newser) - Last month, Sacheen Littlefeather received a mea culpa 50 years in the making from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, which apologized for how she was treated when she rebuffed a 1973 Oscar for Marlon Brando. Now, just over two weeks later, the Native American activist and actress...

At 643 Federal Sites, a Slur Is Gone

Interior Department removes 'squaw' in deference to Native Americans

(Newser) - The place long known as Squaw Canyon in Arizona is now Red Rock Canyon. In California, Squaw Valley Spring is now Oso Kum Spring. And on and on across the US—the Interior Department this week released a list of 643 federal lands that have been renamed to remove the...

Wounded Knee Artifacts Illustrate a Slow Process

Institutions working, slowly, to return Native American items taken more than a century ago

(Newser) - One by one, items purportedly taken from Native Americans massacred at Wounded Knee Creek emerged from the display cases where they’ve sat for more than a century in a museum in rural Massachusetts. Moccasins, necklaces, clothing, ceremonial pipes, tools, and other objects were laid out as a photographer snapped...

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