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Shipwreck Hunters Make Big Find in Lake Michigan

Schooner went down with captain's dog 131 years ago

(Newser) - Shipwreck hunters in the Great Lakes have made another big find: the Margaret A. Muir schooner, which sank in Lake Michigan during a storm 131 years ago. The Wisconsin Underwater Archeology Association says a team of maritime historians searching for the Muir found the 130-foot schooner in around 50 feet...

Shackleton's Endurance Gets a Widened 'Protection Perimeter'

The no-go area around famous shipwreck in Weddell Sea is now almost 5,000 feet

(Newser) - Keep the Endurance safe, at all costs. That's the spirit behind the newly set up conservation management plan (CMP) for the sunken Ernest Shackleton ship idling nearly 10,000 feet below the surface of the Southern Ocean's Weddell Sea. Now, that initiative includes an extended "protection perimeter,...

Wreck That Ended the 'Heroic Age of Exploration' Is Found
Long-Lost Shackleton
Vessel Is Found

Long-Lost Shackleton Vessel Is Found

Quest, the last ship helmed by the adventurer, is discovered off Canada's east coast

(Newser) - Though not as famous as Ernest Shackleton's Endurance, one of the most sought-after shipwrecks in the world before its 2022 discovery , the sunken ship on which the Antarctic explorer made his final voyage has now been discovered, too. Quest, on which Shackleton suffered a fatal heart attack while trying...

Exploration Has Begun on 'Holy Grail of Shipwrecks'
Deep in the Caribbean,
an 'Unprecedented'
Mission Is Underway

Deep in the Caribbean, an 'Unprecedented' Mission Is Underway

Colombian government begins exploring Spain's San Jose galleon, the 'holy grail of shipwrecks'

(Newser) - In June of 1708, the Spanish galleon San Jose was attacked by the British Royal Navy and sank in the Caribbean off the coast of Cartagena, resting on the ocean floor with a reputed $20 billion in treasure on board. Only a handful of the 600 or so men on...

Salvage Firm Loses to South Africa Over $43M Treasure

But a 'confidential settlement' has been reached over silver found on SS Tilawa, sunk in WWII

(Newser) - A salvage company has lost its claim to $43 million in silver recovered from a passenger cargo ship that sunk during World War II, the UK's highest court ruled Wednesday, siding with South Africa's government. The Japanese navy sunk the SS Tilawa, later dubbed the "Indian Titanic,...

Warship's 1742 Sinking Left Crew on Deserted Island
1742 Sinking
Left Crew on
Deserted Island

Warship's 1742 Sinking Left Crew on Deserted Island

HMS Tyger's survivors built Garden Key's first fortifications, a century before Fort Jefferson

(Newser) - A British warship that sank off Florida nearly 300 years ago, forcing its crew to embark on a remarkable survival journey, has been identified. HMS Tyger, first discovered within Dry Tortugas National Park in 1993, was identified after archaeologists visited the site in 2021 and discovered five cannons, believed to...

Colombia's Going After 'Holy Grail' of Shipwrecks

It will spend millions to raise treasure-filled Spanish galleon San Jose, put it in a museum

(Newser) - After years of controversy, Colombia says it will begin raising the " holy grail of shipwrecks " within days. The Spanish galleon, San Jose, was sunk by the British off the coast of Cartagena in 1708 while transporting treasure from Spain's colonies in South America to Europe, killing 600...

24 Fishermen Rescued From Half-Submerged Ship

Ship was rocking in rough seas off Japanese island

(Newser) - A Japanese coast guard helicopter rescued 24 fishermen as they desperately clung to the deck of a tilting, half-submerged ship being pounded by high waves Monday morning off an island chain southwest of Tokyo. One crewmember thrown from the rocking ship into the rough seas before the arrival of the...

Town Entranced by Mystery Shipwreck That Washed Ashore

The race to learn about the vessel, thought to be from the 19th century, is on in Newfoundland

(Newser) - A small community in Newfoundland got a surprise visit from the sea this January from a 100-foot-long shipwreck—and locals have rallied around learning whatever they can about it before it disappears back into its depths. CBS News reports that the ship washed up along JT Cheeseman Provincial Park, located...

Lake Superior Ship That Sank With Captain Found

The Arlington went down in a storm in 1940

(Newser) - Shipwreck hunters have discovered a merchant ship that sank in Lake Superior in 1940, taking its captain with it, during a storm off Michigan's Upper Peninsula. The Great Lakes Shipwreck Historical Society and shipwreck researcher Dan Fountain announced Monday the discovery of the 244-foot bulk carrier Arlington in about...

Canada Suspects Remains at Beach Are Tied to Shipwreck

Prince Edward Island resident made the discovery in a cliff

(Newser) - Human remains found embedded in a seaside cliff could be connected to a 19th-century shipwreck, Canadian officials said. Exposed bones were spotted last weekend in western Prince Edward Island, CBS News reports. "It would appear that the cliff had eroded with time and revealed the human remains," said...

Nature's Taking a Final Toll on This Instagram Star

Storms have ravaged the beached SS Point Reyes, a beloved selfie spot in California

(Newser) - A beloved landmark for selfie-seekers and photographers alike is in its final days. According to SF Gate , winter storms have ravaged the remains of the SS Point Reyes, a beached vessel that's been left to the elements for decades in Northern California. Though it's been dubbed a shipwreck...

Dad, Daughter Discover Shipwreck While Fishing
Dad, Daughter Discover
Shipwreck While Fishing
in case you missed it

Dad, Daughter Discover Shipwreck While Fishing

Vessel is believed to be one that was lost in 1871

(Newser) - A Wisconsin man and his 6-year-old daughter may have discovered an 1871 shipwreck while fishing off Green Island in Lake Michigan over the summer. Tim Wollak tells WLUK his daughter, Henley, first spotted something strange on the sonar and thought it was a Green Bay octopus. But to Wollak, it...

Florida Road Workers Make 'Incredible' Find Under Highway
Florida Road Workers Make
'Incredible' Find Under Highway
in case you missed it

Florida Road Workers Make 'Incredible' Find Under Highway

Shipwreck believed to be from 1800s discovered in St. Augustine, 'encapsulated in soil and mud'

(Newser) - A construction crew doing routine roadwork in a Florida city have made a decidedly unroutine find. FOX 35 and 10 Tampa Bay report that workers with the state's Department of Transportation were recently working on a stretch of road near the Bridge of Lions in St. Augustine, the continuation...

Team Researching Mussels Finds Shipwreck From 1895

Lake Huron wreck was covered in invasive mussels

(Newser) - A husband-and-wife team filming a documentary on invasive mussels in the Great Lakes found a shipwreck from 1895—covered in mussels. Yvonne Drebert and Zach Melnick searched the Lake Huron lakebed after fisheries scientists notified them of an "unusual bump" in a flat area, CBS News reports. They say...

Judge: France Owns 'Most Historically Important Shipwreck'

Battle over 16th-century La Trinite, off Florida coast, may finally be over

(Newser) - The wreck of a three-masted ship that sank in 1565 rests a stone's throw from a Cape Canaveral beach in less than 33 feet of water. It holds three bronze cannons, worth more than $1 million each, along with untold treasures. Yet since the discovery of La Trinite in...

The Feds Battle a Planned Titanic Expedition—Again

RMS Titanic Inc. and US government engaged in a nearly identical battle in 2020

(Newser) - The US government is trying to stop a planned expedition to recover items of historical interest from the sunken Titanic. The expedition, tentatively planned for May 2024, is being organized by RMS Titanic Inc., the Georgia-based firm that owns the salvage rights to the world's most famous shipwreck. The...

41 Feared Dead in Mediterranean Shipwreck

4 survivors were rescued Wednesday

(Newser) - Forty-one people are believed dead after a boat carrying migrants capsized off Tunisia in rough seas, the Italian Red Cross and rescue groups reported, citing four survivors who were rescued and brought to land Wednesday. The survivors reported having left Sfax, Tunisia, on a metal boat with a total of...

Malaysia Thinks Chinese Barge Was Looting WWII Warships

Chinese-registered vessel busted on suspicion of illegally salvaging 2 UK shipwrecks

(Newser) - Malaysia's maritime agency said Monday it found a cannon shell believed to be from World War II on a Chinese-registered vessel and was investigating if the barge carrier was involved in the looting of two British warship wrecks in the South China Sea. Illegal salvage operators were believed to...

Lost WWII US Navy Destroyer Found Near Okinawa

84 sailors died when the Mannert L. Abele was attacked in 1945

(Newser) - Recently the ocean gave up one of its many mysteries, reports NBC News, when a group of civilian underwater explorers known as the Lost 52 Project unveiled a major discovery. They found the long-lost wreckage of the USS Mannert L. Abele, a Navy destroyer sunk in the Pacific by a...

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