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Jamie Oliver 'Devastated' About Chain's Collapse

Chef's British restaurant chain has filed for bankruptcy protection

(Newser) - Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver's British restaurant chain filed for bankruptcy protection on Tuesday, partly due to increased competition and escalating rents in local commercial districts. The insolvency put 1,300 jobs at risk and reignited worries about local retail and food outlets in Britain, reports the AP . "I'...

A School Lunch Director Beat Jamie Oliver at His Own Game

Reality TV villain Rhonda McCoy is a real-life hero

(Newser) - It turns out it is possible to create healthy school meals without breaking the budget—as long as your town has "an overwhelming determination to prove a reality TV star wrong." In a massive dive into what's gone wrong with America's school lunches, Highline also looks...

Jamie Oliver Put Sausage in Paella, Spain Freaked Out

Everyone knows not to put chorizo in traditional dish, right?

(Newser) - Jamie Oliver has managed to "offend a whole nation," Stuff.co.nz reports—and he did it with pork sausage. The celebrity chef posted on Twitter what the Telegraph calls an "unorthodox" recipe for paella —a hodgepodge of rice, meats, veggies, and spices—incurring the wrath...

Jamie Oliver, ABC Sued Over 'Pink Slime'

Former beef worker says phrase figured in his firing

(Newser) - The war over pink slime has resurfaced: Now, a former beef worker is suing TV chef Jamie Oliver, ABC News, and a food blogger for using the unappealing term . Bruce Smith brought the lawsuit after he and some 750 others were fired from a company that makes lean, finely textured...

McDonald's Stops Using 'Pink Slime'

Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver spearheaded drive against controversial beef

(Newser) - Jamie Oliver's gastric juices must be bubbling with joy. The food activist and celebrity chef has fought for months against so-called "pink slime," and lo and behold, McDonald's announced last week it has stopped using the controversial beef, CBS News reports. The chain was "taking...

Jamie Oliver: Sarah Palin Is a 'Froot Loop'

The Michelle Obama-Sarah Palin food fight rages on

(Newser) - Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver has entered the Sarah Palin-Michelle Obama food fight , lobbing a sugary-but-not-so-sweet statement in Palin's direction: He called her a "Froot Loop" for criticizing the Obama administration's healthy eating initiatives. The US is in a "really dark moment" when it comes to children's health and...

Jamie Oliver Can't Save Us; Maybe Undercover Boss Can

Essay: Chubby Americans need to re-learn what it means to work

(Newser) - Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver is fighting the good fight against the obesity epidemic with his Food Revolution reality show, trying to get Americans to choose "seasonal parsnips over a burger with fries," writes Stephen Marche. Sadly, he's doomed to fail. Americans love to chow down, and the problem...

G20 Leaders Will Eat Well
 G20 Leaders Will Eat Well 

G20 Leaders Will Eat Well

But menu could represent some of the 'new Britain', chef says

(Newser) - President Obama and his fellow world leaders have their work cut out for them at the G20 summit tomorrow, but at least they won’t have to tackle the problems of global finance hungry. Star chef Jamie Oliver is planning a menu of organic Shetland salmon, Welsh lamb with mint,...

Naked Chef on Obesity: No One Knows How to Cook

Jamie Oliver, grilled on epidemic, rips lack of cooking skills

(Newser) - Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver, widely known as the "Naked Chef" after his hit TV series, blames the obesity crisis on schools for failing to teach students how to cook. Oliver told a British government panel exploring the growing crisis that the inability to cook has driven families to turn...

Naked Chef Wants UK Cooking Like It's 1939

Inspired by war food rations, Oliver launches effort against takeout

(Newser) - Inspired by WWII food rationing, a British celebrity chef has declared war on the UK’s poor eating habits. Jamie Oliver is encouraging families in one South Yorkshire town to shun takeout and ready-made meals in favor of home-grown food and other healthier alternatives. “People are really busy, they’...

Top Chefs Meet Their Meat
Top Chefs Meet Their Meat

Top Chefs Meet Their Meat

Jamie Oliver and friends work for better treatment of the animals they cook

(Newser) - Top chefs are trying to change the way we eat by calling attention to how animals are raised for meat. In Britain, Jamie Oliver killed a chicken on live television, and supermarkets across the UK sold out of free-range chickens and eggs. The New York Times reports it’s part...

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