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Relief Payments Result in 'Surprising' Poverty Decline

Official poverty rate rises, but 'supplemental' measure declines

(Newser) - The share of Americans living in poverty rose slightly as the COVID-19 pandemic shook the economy last year, but massive relief payments pumped out by Congress eased hardship for many, the Census Bureau reported Tuesday.
  • Official number: The official poverty measure showed an increase of 1 percentage point in 2020,

Democrats Say COVID Relief Bill Is a 'Turning Point'
What's in the $1.9T
COVID Relief Bill

What's in the $1.9T COVID Relief Bill

Analysts say it could halve child poverty

(Newser) - President Biden is a day away from signing the landmark COVID-19 relief bill, which supporters say does more to tackle poverty and inequality since the days of FDR—and detractors say is the biggest example of government overreach in decades. The $1.9 trillion relief bill received final congressional approval...

Biden Plans 'Victory Lap' After Signing Relief Bill

PR blitz has already begun

(Newser) - The White House began highlighting the $1.9 trillion COVID relief bill immediately after it gained final congressional approval on Wednesday, wasting no time in selling the public on President Biden’s first legislative victory. The West Wing began an ambitious campaign to showcase the bill’s contents while looking...

House Gives Final Approval to Landmark COVID Relief Bill

$1.9T bill is on its way to Biden's desk

(Newser) - A Congress riven along party lines approved a landmark $1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief bill Wednesday, as President Biden and Democrats claimed a triumph on a bill that marshals the government’s spending might against twin pandemic and economic crises that have upended a nation. The House gave final congressional...

Biden's Name Won't Be on Stimulus Checks

'This is about the American people getting relief'

(Newser) - The House is expected to send the $1.9 trillion COVID relief bill to the White House for President Biden's signature Wednesday—but Biden's signature won't be on the checks. White House press secretary Jen Psaki said Tuesday that in contrast to the checks sent out under...

COVID Relief Bill Might Backfire in the Long Run

Megan McArdle makes her case

(Newser) - New COVID relief payments of $1,400 will be landing in Americans' bank accounts soon, but Megan McArdle makes the case in a Washington Post op-ed that the checks are a bad idea. She's all in favor of the government helping people and businesses in genuine need during the...

Your COVID Relief Money Might Arrive This Weekend

House to finalize measure early this week, send it to president's desk

(Newser) - The Senate had a busy weekend , and the bottom line for most Americans is this: Relief payments of $1,400 for individuals and $2,800 for couples might arrive by this weekend, reports CBS News . Senators passed their version of a COVID relief package, and the House—which already passed...

Biden: Look for Payments This Month

President savors Senate victory on pandemic relief bill

(Newser) - After the Senate passed his coronavirus relief package Saturday, President Biden told Americans they'll get their stimulus payments soon. "This plan will get checks out the door starting this month to the Americans that so desperately need the help," he said in a news conference at the...

Ron Johnson Made Clerks Read 628-Page COVID Bill

The exercise took nearly 11 hours

(Newser) - Before President Biden's $1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief bill can be voted on by the Senate, all 628 pages had to be read aloud by clerks. That was Republican Sen. Ron Johnson's idea, USA Today reports. He said he doesn't like much of what's in the...

Biden, Senators Agree to Lower Cutoff for Relief Checks

No more partial payments for those earning above $80K

(Newser) - Millions of people who received stimulus checks under former President Trump might not be getting one from the Biden administration. The Washington Post reports that the president and Senate Democratic leaders have agreed to narrow the eligibility for checks in the $1.9 trillion COVID relief package: individuals earning up...

'American Rescue Plan' One Step Closer to Arrival

House votes 219-212 to approve $1.9 trillion COVID relief bill, sends it to Senate

(Newser) - A long-awaited COVID relief bill is now making its way to the US Senate after the House of Representatives approved the $1.9 trillion package early Saturday. CNN reports that the vote was 219-212, with no Republicans casting a "yea," and two Democrats joining their GOP colleagues in...

White House: Biden Will 'Respect' Minimum Wage Ruling

But he's 'disappointed' by Senate parliamentarian's decision, Psaki says

(Newser) - After the Senate parliamentarian dealt a potentially lethal blow Thursday to Democrats’ drive to hike the minimum wage, deciding that the cherished progressive goal must fall from a $1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief bill the party is trying to speed through Congress, the White House said President Biden will respect...

After 'Vote-a-Rama,' Harris Breaks Tie on Budget Bill

Chamber spent 15 hours voting on amendments

(Newser) - After a freewheeling 15-hour "vote-a-rama," Vice President Kamala Harris used her vote to break a 50-50 Senate tie and clear the way for President Biden's $1.9 trillion COVID relief plan early Friday. The budget resolution will allow Democrats to bypass the filibuster and get the relief...

Republicans Take Their Relief Plan to Biden

Collins says they'll keep talking, but Democrats are setting up passage of president's proposal

(Newser) - Republican senators who presented their own, much smaller, coronavirus relief package to President Biden on Monday night said the two sides will keep working together—but there's no deal yet. The president met with 10 GOP senators in the Oval Office for almost two hours, the Washington Post reports....

GOP Senators Put Together Smaller Relief Package

Group calls for bipartisan effort to pass COVID relief legislation

(Newser) - A group of 10 Republican senators appealed Sunday to President Biden's desire for unity, proposing a smaller COVID relief plan. "We want to work in good faith with you and your administration to meet the health, economic and societal challenges of the covid crisis," the senators wrote....

Plan Calls for Payments of $3K Per Child

The benefit would be higher for younger kids

(Newser) - Recurring payments from the IRS may be on tap for tens of millions of American families. Unnamed Democratic officials tell the Washington Post that a plan being drafted includes monthly payments to families of $300 per child younger than six and $250 per child aged six to 17, amounting to...

Biden Plans $1.9T for Stimulus, Vaccinations

President-elect will outline $1.9T package in address to nation

(Newser) - President-elect Joe Biden plans to present his $1.9 trillion plan for economic relief and stepped-up coronavirus vaccinations to the nation on Thursday evening. It includes $1,400 stimulus payments to Americans, on top of the $600 approved by Congress last month, the Hill reports. The package devotes $415 billion...

One State May Send Out Its Own Relief Checks

Maryland governor urges legislature to pass package without DC-style 'bickering'

(Newser) - Maryland's Gov. Larry Hogan says his state needs its own economic stimulus package, and he hopes lawmakers approve it as soon as they return to work Wednesday. The Republican unveiled the "RELIEF Act" Monday, which includes tax cuts and relief for small businesses as well as payments to...

You Might Get $2K Relief Check After All

Schumer says it's No. 1 priority in Democrat-controlled Senate

(Newser) - It got a little lost in the shuffle of Wednesday's chaos in DC, but the pair of Democratic Senate wins in Georgia means that Americans might get $2,000 in COVID relief checks after all. In this case, that would likely mean an additional payment of $1,400 on...

Senate Gets Tense as GOP Again Blocks $2K Payments

Schumer blames McConnell, who rips 'cash giveaways'

(Newser) - Time ran out Friday on winning congressional approval of raising coronavirus relief payments from $600 to $2,000, as senators spent the holiday arguing the issue. Majority Leader Mitch McConnell blocked a vote on the increase for the fourth straight day, the Hill reports. Congress adjourns on Saturday. Saying it...

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