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Times to Daschle: Go Home
 Times to 
 Go Home 

Times to Daschle: Go Home

Tax, conflict-of-interest issues should disqualify ex-Senate leader

(Newser) - In the wake of revelations about his tax oversights and industry ties, the New York Times is calling on Tom Daschle to step aside and let Barack Obama pick a “less-blemished” Health and Human Services secretary. Daschle’s $128,000 tax lapse dwarfs even Tim Geithner’s. “The...

Daschle Plugged Sugar Daddy for White House Job

Mogul Hindery employed former senator at high pay; his limo service at root of tax flap

(Newser) - Health and Human Services nominee Tom Daschle advocated for an administration position for business patron Leo Hindery, Politico reports. Hindery gave Daschle a high-paying job (and the car service that led to tax questions), and Daschle suggested Hindery for a government role—maybe commerce secretary or trade representative. “It...

Daschle Faces Grilling on Charity Gifts, Apologizes on Taxes

Releases letter of apology to lawmakers for tax mistakes

(Newser) - Already beset with questions about his failure to pay taxes, Tom Daschle will likely also face questions today over whether he received improper gifts from charities, the Wall Street Journal reports. President Obama's nominee for health secretary is reported to have flown with an education charity to a Bahamas retreat...

GOP Goes Easy on Daschle, For Now

Key Senators will wait to learn more about tax problems

(Newser) - Influential Republicans are holding their tongues on Tom Daschle's tax troubles for now, Politico reports. GOP Senators Jon Kyl, Mitch McConnell, Jim DeMint, and Susan Collins all adopted a wait-and-see approach on today’s talk shows. “I want to find out more about it,” DeMint said of the...

Senate Queasy on Spending in Obama Stimulus
Senate Queasy on Spending in Obama Stimulus

Senate Queasy on Spending in Obama Stimulus

Kyl: 'Start from scratch;' McConnell vows Dems won't get 60 seats

(Newser) - The level of spending in Barack Obama’s House-approved $819 billion stimulus package will complicate its Senate passage, say two senators whose support will be crucial. “Unfortunately, this bill has become a Christmas tree,” Republican Susan Collins told CNN, while Democratic colleague Ben Nelson said, “There’s...

Daschle Waited to Tell Obama About Tax Glitch

HHS nominee knew his taxes needed fixing; didn't know how much

(Newser) - Health secretary-designate Tom Daschle didn’t tell the Obama administration that he owed years of back taxes until a month after he’d been nominated, the Washington Post reports. He paid $140,000 in taxes January 2 and told government leaders about it two days later. He had known his...

'Tax Issues' Delay Daschle Nomination

(Newser) - The White House acknowledged today that "some tax issues" had emerged in connection with Barack Obama's nomination of Tom Daschle as health secretary. But a spokesman says the president is confident the former Senate Democratic leader will be confirmed. White House officials confirmed a broadcast report that Daschle failed...

Daschle: Health Reform About Facts, Not Ideology

Obama nominee pledges bipartisan effort despite controversial plan

(Newser) - Barack Obama’s pick for Secretary of Health and Human Services promised today a bipartisan effort to reform health care, the New York Times reports. “When it comes to health care, we really are in it together,” Tom Daschle said during Senate confirmation hearings, where chairman Ted Kennedy...

As Hearings Begin, Daschle Wary of Clinton Miscues

Obama health chief to push early, at grassroots, with congressional input

(Newser) - Tom Daschle, Barack Obama’s health-care honcho, saw the 1993 Clinton-care debacle up close; his strategy for passing reform this time around is basically Anything But Clinton, reports Politico. The Clinton push, Daschle thinks, came too far into the first term, and was too exclusive, presenting Congress a completed proposal...

Obama Fills West Wing With Powerful Czars
Obama Fills West Wing With Powerful Czars

Obama Fills West Wing With Powerful Czars

Critics warn of collision between Cabinet, top advisers in key jobs

(Newser) - Stories of agencies working on the same projects and not bothering to coordinate dog every presidential administration, but Barack Obama has an ambitious plan to avoid all that: He’s concentrating power over domestic issues in the hands of White House advisers. “It really is a way of him...

Daschle Will Play Hardball on Health Reform

Incoming HHS Secretary will avoid Hillary's pitfalls

(Newser) - Tom Daschle, Barack Obama's incoming Director of Health and Human Services, has an aggressive strategy for reforming health care, and no intentions of seeing it fizzle the way the Clintons' efforts did in 1993, reports the Los Angeles Times. The key will be reeling in major health-care interest groups, along...

Spouses Put Obama's Lobbying Rules to Test

President-elect struggles with ethical promises

(Newser) - The spouses of some of Barack Obama’s top appointees are lobbyists, the New York Times reports, presenting a test to strict ethics policies the Democrat pushed on the campaign trail. Health Secretary-designate Tom Daschle’s wife, Linda, is one of Washington’s top aviation lobbyists, and reported energy-czar pick...

Daschle to Head Health Services, New Reform Office

Move seen to signal Obama's focus on issue

(Newser) - As expected, President-elect Barack Obama today nominated Tom Daschle as Secretary of Health and Human Services, CQ Politics reports. Daschle will also head the new White House Office of Health Reform, geared toward providing near-universal health care to Americans. Daschle “will be responsible not just for implementing our health...

Obama: I Had No Contact With Blago

(Newser) - Barack Obama went before reporters to introduce Tom Daschle as his pick to head the Department of Health and Human Services today, but the real attention was on his reaction to the Rod Blagojevich scandal. “I was as appalled and disappointed as anyone,” he said, sayinghe's still gathering...

Daschle Begins Push to Reform Health Care

Would-be secretary will ask Americans to contribute ideas

(Newser) - Although his nomination as health secretary hasn't yet been announced, Tom Daschle is already beginning his push for a comprehensive overhaul of the system, the Wall Street Journal reports. In a speech today, Daschle will emphasize that the economic downturn makes it all the more important to lower health care...

In Health Reform, Obama Returns to Grass Roots, Tech

Dem's team give Web activists chance to weigh in on efforts

(Newser) - In an effort to jump-start health care reform, Barack Obama is returning to the social networking tools that got him elected, the Washington Post reports. Likely Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Daschle is starring in YouTube videos and taking massive conference calls with supporters interested in the subject. “...

Next Stab at Health Reform Looks More Promising

Industry claims to be ready to compromise

(Newser) - If health care reform passes this time, a major factor will be that its erstwhile enemies are now rooting for it, the Wall Street Journal reports. An industry roadblock killed the Clinton administration’s attempt in the early 1990s, but this time, insurers are playing ball. “You see a...

Daschle to Be Health Secretary
 Daschle to Be Health Secretary 

Daschle to Be Health Secretary

Will head health transition

(Newser) - Former Senate Minority Leader Tom Daschle has been offered, and intends to accept, a post as Barack Obama’s Secretary of Health and Human Services, Roll Call reports. Daschle will also head the health care policy transition group. Nearly all of Obama’s transition policy working group heads are expected...

McCain Cleverly Made Race Factor: Emanuel

Campaign prevented backlash by panning Obama comment

(Newser) - John McCain’s campaign managed to slip the issue of race into the presidential election, Democratic heavyweight Rahm Emanuel said today. “They got it through customs," Emanuel said at a Politico-hosted roundtable, characterizing the Republicans’ tactic of injecting race with reaction to a perceived offense by Barack Obama....

Obama Building His Own Democratic Party
Obama Building His Own Democratic Party

Obama Building His Own Democratic Party

Candidate focuses on boosting top-to-bottom health through better infrastructure

(Newser) - Barack Obama is running as an “outsider candidate” fed up with partisan politics—yet he is, ironically, perhaps the most party-focused presidential candidate in history, Dana Goldstein and Ezra Klein write in the American Prospect. Obama has moved much of the Democratic National Committee apparatus to Chicago, rebuilt its...

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