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UN Nuke Team Presses Iran; Oil Embargo Vote Tomorrow

Prove You're Not Making Nuclear Weapons: Inspectors

(Newser) - A UN nuclear inspection team is headed to Tehran today with a blunt message: You've been stonewalling for too long. "We're looking forward to the start of a dialogue," said atomic energy chief Herman Nackaerts. "A dialogue that is overdue since very long." The...

Iran Agrees to UN Inspection
 Iran Agrees to UN Inspection 

Iran Agrees to UN Inspection

And calls for 'serious' talks in Turkey

(Newser) - Maybe Iran isn't barreling toward war after all. Western diplomats say Iran has agreed to allow UN nuclear inspectors into the country, with the trip currently scheduled for Jan. 28, the Wall Street Journal reports. That surprise move came as the speaker of Iran's parliament announced yesterday that...

Iran on Brink of Nuclear Capability: Atomic Energy Agency

 Iran on Brink of 
 Nuclear Capability 
says IAEA

Iran on Brink of Nuclear Capability

IAEA: No weapons yet, but nation 'could move quickly'

(Newser) - Iran now has all the technical know-how needed to make working nuclear weapons—thanks to the technical assistance of scientists from the former Soviet Union, Pakistan, and North Korea, reports the Washington Post . Officials at the International Atomic Energy Agency, which is due to release a report on Iran later...

UN Nuclear Experts: Iran Hacked Us
UN Nuclear Experts:
Iran Hacked Us

UN Nuclear Experts: Iran Hacked Us

IAEA investigating suspicions of tampering

(Newser) - Some of the International Atomic Energy Agency's top experts think Iranians hacked their cell phones and laptops, diplomats tell the AP. The incident is believed to have occurred earlier this year, when the diplomats left the equipment unattended during an inspection tour in Iran. The watchdog group became suspicious...

Fukushima's Disaster Plan: A Stretcher and a Fax

Plant was woefully unprepared for natural disaster

(Newser) - Tokyo Electric Power Co. had a disaster plan in place at its Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear plant, but certainly not a very thorough one: It only involved one stretcher, and relied heavily on a satellite phone and fax machine for emergency communications. In a look at the plan, the Wall Street ...

Radiation in Fukushima, Nearby Waters Spikes

Radioactive iodine hits 10 million times normal level, forcing evacuation

(Newser) - Radiation is spiking both in and around the stricken Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear plant, forcing workers to evacuate the plant. Radioactive iodine in water leaking from the No. 2 reactor's turbine housing unit soared to 10 million times the usual limit, said Tokyo Electric Power Co., where workers had been struggling...

Japan Nuclear Power Plant Crisis: Government Was Warned of Safety Issues in 2008, WikiLeaks Cables Reveal
 Japan Was Warned 
 About Nuke Safety in '08 
wikileaks reveal

Japan Was Warned About Nuke Safety in '08

WikiLeaks cables also reveal a number of other past concerns

(Newser) - The Japanese government was warned in 2008 that a strong earthquake would be a “serious problem” for the country’s nuclear power stations, WikiLeaks cables reveal. An International Atomic Energy Agency official declared twin concerns at a meeting of the G8’s Nuclear Safety and Security Group: that safety...

Japan Declares Emergency at 2nd Nuke Plant

22 people found to be contaminated at Dai-ichi plant

(Newser) - The International Atomic Energy Agency said today that Japan has declared a state of emergency at a second earthquake-ravaged nuclear plant after measuring higher-than-permitted levels of radiation. The IAEA says the source is being investigated, but all three reactors at the Onagawa plant are currently under control. Japan also said...

Iran Snubs US With Nuke Tour Invites

Russia, China, EU states offered tour of facilities

(Newser) - Russia, China, and several European Union countries have been invited to tour Iran's nuclear facilities later this month—but the US has been snubbed. Diplomats were offered an all-expenses paid visit to Iran's nuclear sites in a copy of the invitation obtained by AP . Iranian officials say the invitations are...

UN Thinks Iran Is Building Two Nuke Sites

Tehran official says they'll be 'inside mountains'

(Newser) - Iran is apparently building two more uranium-enrichment sites and doesn't seem to care about keeping it a secret. A high-ranking Iranian official told the Student News Agency that Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has ordered the work to begin soon "inside two mountains." The interview drew little attention at first, but...

Iran Says Nuclear Enrichment Has Begun

IAEA inspectors are there, but agency cannot confirm announcement

(Newser) - Iran took its test of international resolve and patience to the next level today, with state media reporting that it has indeed begun to enrich uranium to a higher level, as threatened yesterday. UN inspectors were present, but couldn't confirm what exactly the Iranians are doing to their current stock...

White House: UN Nuke Vote a 'Clear Message' to Iran

International community united against Tehran's nuclear program

(Newser) - The IAEA vote demanding that Tehran stop its nuclear enrichment demonstrates a broad international consensus against the nation’s nuclear program, the White House said today. "Our patience and that of the international community is limited, and time is running out," said press secretary Robert Gibbs. Gibbs noted...

Ahmadinejad Backs Nuke Deal—in Some Form

But Iran won't retreat 'even an iota' on right to program

(Newser) - Iran will not give up its nuclear program but is ready to cooperate with the West, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said in a speech today. It's Western powers that have moved, he said in a speech on state television, “from confrontation to interaction” with Iran on the nuclear issue so that...

UN Inspectors Get 1st Look at Iran Nuke Site

Will spend 3 days inside

(Newser) - UN inspectors got their first look today inside Iran's once-secret uranium enrichment facility that has raised Western suspicions. The semiofficial Mehr news agency reported a four-member team visited the heavily protected facility at Qom, carved into a mountainside south of Tehran. The tour marked the first independent examination of the...

Iran OKs Nuke Deal, Will Give Up Uranium

Tehran said to be giving nuclear material to Russia

(Newser) - Iran has agreed to a draft deal on its nuclear program, the UN's nuclear watchdog announced today. The International Atomic Energy Agency said that Iran, the US, Russia, and France had agreed to the deal but gave no details. According to diplomats, however, the agreement would see the country ship...

Obama's Nobel Is the 'Not George W. Bush' Award

He's now the fourth recipient

(Newser) - The Nobel Peace Prize President Obama won today is nothing more or less than the “fourth Nobel Prize for Not Being George W. Bush,” writes Michael Grunwald. The other beneficiaries of the NPNBGWB were Jimmy Carter in 2002, for criticizing the Iraq war buildup; Mohamed ElBaradei of the...

Iran to Allow Inspectors at Qom Site on Oct. 25

IAEA head says Tehran is moving toward 'transparency and cooperation' on nuclear issue

(Newser) - Iran will allow UN inspectors into the newly-disclosed nuclear facility near the city of Qom on October 25, the head of the IAEA said yesterday, a day after arriving in Tehran. Iran and the West seem to be “shifting gears from confrontation into transparency and cooperation," he added...

Iran, Western Powers Schedule More Nuclear Talks

Inspector may visit Qom site within weeks

(Newser) - Talks in Geneva today over Iran’s nuclear program ended with a firmer commitment from Tehran to allow international inspectors into the newly disclosed enrichment site at Qom and an agreement to continue negotiations by the end of the month. The EU’s foreign policy representative said inspectors may be...

Iran Confirms Secret 2nd Nuclear Lab
 Iran Confirms Secret 
 2nd Nuclear Lab 

Iran Confirms Secret 2nd Nuclear Lab

Tehran preempts Obama accusation, admits to underground enrichment site

(Newser) - Iran confirmed today that it has built a second uranium enrichment site in an underground facility hidden from weapons inspectors—a revelation coming just hours before Barack Obama and other Western leaders were prepared to disclose it. The US has been tracking the secret project for years, officials say, but...

Iran Nuclear Talks Stall; Sanctions Loom

Stalemate seen as Ahmadinejad refuses more negotiations

(Newser) - Iran looks set to face another round of international sanctions as nuclear talks have reached an impasse and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad refuses to discuss a compromise, reports the Guardian. Mohamed ElBaradei, who heads the UN nuclear watchdog, said today Iran has not suspended enrichment activities and continues to be uncooperative with...

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