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17 Years After Acid Attack, Dr. Phil's Sister-in-Law Dies

Cindi Broaddus was hit by acid thrown from overpass

(Newser) - The sister-in-law of Dr. Phil McGraw has died, 17 years after the act of a malignant stranger changed her life forever. Cindi Broaddus was a sleeping passenger in a car being driven from Oklahoma to San Diego in 2001 when she was hit by a bottle of sulfuric acid somebody...

'Cash Me Ousside' Girl Gets Own Reality Show

Danielle Bregoli has signed a production deal

(Newser) - Today in the "well, that was inevitable" department: Danielle Bregoli—perhaps better known as the " cash me ousside, howbow dah " girl—is getting her own reality show. Danielle appeared on Dr. Phil's talk show with her mother last year, when she was 13, and the aforementioned...

Dr. Phil Sues Enquirer: I'm Not Abusive Hypocrite

McGraw and wife Robin are suing for $250M

(Newser) - "Dr. Phil" McGraw and the National Enquirer are lining up for a courtroom brawl after the television talk show host and his wife filed a $250 million lawsuit against the tabloid and its sister publications, charging that they falsely accused him of being an abusive husband and a hypocrite...

Castro Victim: I Was Hung Up Like 'Ornament on the Wall'

First look at Michelle Knight's Dr. Phil appearance

(Newser) - A clip of Cleveland kidnapping survivor Michelle Knight's appearance on the Dr. Phil show has been released, with Knight revealing Ariel Castro tied her up by her hands, feet, and neck using an orange extension cord, and hung her on the wall. “I was tied up like a...

Te'o Hoaxer: I Was in Love With Te'o

Ronaiah Tuiasosopo gives first interview to Dr. Phil

(Newser) - Ronaiah Tuiasosopo, the 22-year-old man behind Manti Te'o's fake girlfriend, gave his first interview to Dr. Phil McGraw, and explained his motivation for continuing the hoax: love. Tuiasosopo revealed to McGraw that he "fell deeply, romantically in love" with Te'o, McGraw said in a preview of...

Casey Anthony Wears Caylee's Ashes Around Neck

People also reveals Dr. Phil donated $600K to Caylee charity

(Newser) - TV psychologist Dr. Phil made a $600,000 donation to a charity set up by Casey Anthony's parents in return for an interview with them last year—and some of that money went to support her, according to an upcoming report in People . The full report, titled "The...

If Casey Knocked on My Door I'd Turn Her Away: Dad

More tidbits from Dr. Phil interview released

(Newser) - Casey Anthony isn’t welcome at her parents' home—at least not while George Anthony is there, he tells Dr. Phil McGraw. More bits of the Anthonys’ interview with Dr. Phil are trickling out, and the AP reports that while Cindy Anthony was slightly more forgiving of the couple’s...

Dr. Phil to Mom: Don't Let Your Son Play With Barbies

The Oprah favorite offers up controversial advice to a mom

(Newser) - According to Dr. Phil, it’s not a good idea to let your little boy play with Barbies. Why not? Because it could “confuse” him, of course. On his website , the good doctor responds to a mom who’s concerned because her 5-year-old son likes to play with the...

Dr. Phil Guest Hit With Child Abuse Charges

Mom disciplines son with hot sauce, cold showers

(Newser) - An appearance on Dr. Phil has resulted in child abuse charges for an Alaska mother who disciplined her child with hot sauce and cold showers, the Anchorage Daily News reports. Jessica Beagley, 36, has also become a bit of a sensation in the Russian media, as her 7-year-old son is...

Letterman on Leno: 'He's a Complete Boob'
 Letterman on Leno: 
 'He's a Complete Boob' 
spills to dr. phil

Letterman on Leno: 'He's a Complete Boob'

The good doctor asks about late night wars and gets an earful

(Newser) - Leave it to Dr. Phil to get David Letterman to really open up about Jay Leno. The TV doc asked the Late Show host about the latest round of late night wars, and Letterman took it all the way back to 1975, when he and Leno first met. “He’...

Springer to Host Dating Show
 Springer to Host Dating Show 
plus: dr phil gets a sidekick

Springer to Host Dating Show

Kelly Osbourne gets a new TV gig, too

(Newser) - Today's television news: Jerry Springer heads to another trainwreck-of-a-show, while Kelly Osbourne lands a gig trying to help trainwrecks-in-the-making. Springer—who calls himself “the crazy old uncle” that people tell secrets to—will host a dating show where contestants reveal their biggest faults then vie for a date, the...

Stop Making Excuses for Hasan
 Stop Making 
 for Hasan 
OPINION roundup

Stop Making Excuses for Hasan

Murderous Islamic extremism was his motive, not PTSD

(Newser) - Commentators are working overtime to explain away the Fort Hood shootings as a personal breakdown rather than what it obviously was, three conservative columnists argue today: a terrorist assault by an Islamic extremist.
  • The explanation for Major Hasan's actions should be crystal clear to anybody not afraid of offending Muslim

Octuplet Mom Spills to Dr. Phil, But Not on Stripper Past

Suleman defends firing free nurses

(Newser) - Nadya Suleman tells Dr. Phil her version of her home's staffing shakeup in an interview airing today and tomorrow, E! reports, while attorney Gloria Allred fires back, saying Angels in Waiting nurses filed three reports with Child Protective Services and that Suleman's octuplets are in danger. “I personally felt...

Octu-Mom Cans Free Nurses
 Octu-Mom Cans Free Nurses 

Octu-Mom Cans Free Nurses

Suleman freaks when one reports her to CPS

(Newser) - Never a dull moment in the octu-house: Nadya Suleman fired four Angels in Waiting nurses helping with her octuplets after one filed a report with Child Protective Services, the Orange County Register reports. The nurse was concerned the house was overcrowded, says Suleman’s lawyer. Two nannies are still...

Ripley's Fertility Exhibit Warns Octu-Mom Away

Suleman, Dr Phil, Allred are reportedly hatching 'rescue plan'

(Newser) - Nadya Suleman seems to be everywhere these days, but one place you probably won’t see her is the new fertility exhibit at Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Odditorium, TMZ reports. Reps from the Hollywood museum are urging the mother of 14 to stay away from the statues, which...

Octuplet Mom Birth Tape May Go Public

Video is being shopped for seven figures

(Newser) - Nadya Suleman may be serving up the realest reality show of all: TMZ reports a videotape of her octuplets’ delivery is being shopped for seven figures. Suleman apparently gave her consent, but it’s not clear who did the filming.

Octu-Mom Fears Hospital Won't Release Babies

Suleman says hospital is worried about her ability to care for eight more children

(Newser) - Nadya Suleman has told TV talk show host Dr. Phil McGraw that the hospital where her octuplets were born will not release them unless she can prove her ability to care for the babies, reports the Los Angeles Times. A distressed Suleman—due to appear on two episodes of the...

Celebs' Stupidest Moves of 2008

Atlanta Journal-Constitution lists the year's worst celeb incidents

(Newser) - Celebrities broke new ground with their moronic bungles this year, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports. And, let's face it, they're fun to watch:
  • Lil Jon: The rapper reacted to questions about his opening a winery: “I'm not like an expert, so don't ask me no questions. This is not some

Rap Fan's Sentence: Bump Bach
 Rap Fan's Sentence: Bump Bach 

Rap Fan's Sentence: Bump Bach

Unable to listen for 20 hours, defendant opts to pay fine

(Newser) - An Illinois municipal court offered to reduce a 24-year-old’s fine for a noise violation if he listened to 20 hours of classical music, but he lasted just 15 minutes, the Springfield News-Sun reports. "I didn't have the time," says the college basketball player, denying that the symphony...

Gramm in Doghouse After 'Nation of Whiners' Crack

Top McCain adviser in trouble with candidate, claims he was misquoted

(Newser) - After Phil Gramm, a ranking economic adviser to John McCain, described America as a “nation of whiners” suffering from a “mental recession,” the campaign trail is lit up over the topic, Time reports:
  • From McCain himself, “Phil Gramm does not speak for me. I speak for

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