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Museum Admits Picassos Are Fake, Part of a Stunt

Kirsha Kaechele comes forward in Australia

(Newser) - The Picassos were fake, as it turns out. The curator of a controversial exhibit at a museum in Australia has admitted that she painted three purported works by the artist that were hung in a women's restroom, reports the AP . Kirsha Kaechele moved her exhibit to the restroom to...

Welcome to the Poozeum. Yes, It's a Poop Museum

Arizona museum has some record-setting pieces of feces on display—and a lot of them

(Newser) - One way to tell how a Tyrannosaurus rex digested food is to look at its poop. Bone fragments in a piece of fossilized excrement at a new museum in northern Arizona—aptly called the Poozeum—are among the tinier bits of evidence that indicate T. rex wasn't much of...

World's Rarest Album Heads to Museum

Australia's Mona museum to air portion of Wu-Tang Clan's 'Once Upon a Time in Shaolin'

(Newser) - Members of the public have a rare opportunity to hear the rarest album in the world. The Wu-Tang Clan's Once Upon a Time in Shaolin, of which only one two-CD copy exists, is currently on loan to the Museum of Old and New Art (Mona) in Tasmania, Australia. Over...

At New Orleans Museum, AI Lets You Talk to WWII Vets

Participants sat for as many as 1K questions each

(Newser) - Olin Pickens sat in his wheelchair facing a life-sized image of himself on a screen, asking it questions about being taken prisoner by German soldiers during World War II. After a pause, his video-recorded twin recalled being given "sauerkraut soup" by his captors before a grueling march. "That...

Museum Seeks the 'Most Studious Swiftie'

London's Victoria and Albert Museum needs someone well versed on pop star to help curators

(Newser) - Are you the "most studious Swiftie"? London's Victoria and Albert Museum wants you stat, as a new "Superfan Advisor" to help inform curators on the museum's Taylor Swift collection, reports the Guardian . Candidates for this part-time gig, which will pay per session, "will meet...

Curator of 'Macabre' Museum Gets Macabre Package in Mail

Anonymous mailing of 2 preserved fetuses prompts Philly's Mutter Museum to call the cops

(Newser) - On Tuesday, Anna Dhody, the curator of Philadelphia's Mutter Museum—known for its "macabre curiosities" —received a package at work addressed to her, with no return address. What she found inside has now started a police investigation: two preserved fetuses floating in fluid in glass jars, with...

Tate Modern Sees Another Fall, This One Fatal

Man dies after plummeting from London art gallery

(Newser) - A visit to London's Tate Modern art gallery ended in tragedy for one guest on Friday morning. The Metropolitan Police in the UK's capital city say a man fell to his death from the museum around 10:45am local time, reports the AP . First responders attempted to resuscitate...

Museum's Rodin Statue Goes Missing
Museum's Rodin
Statue Goes Missing

Museum's Rodin Statue Goes Missing

The sculpture is part of artist's Les Bourgeois de Calais group

(Newser) - A Rodin sculpture has somehow vanished in Scotland, according to the Glasgow Museums. Officials at the city's museums say a statue by Auguste Rodin, part of the French sculptor's Les Bourgeois de Calais group, was last exhibited in 1949. In the intervening three-quarters of a century, it has...

US Tourist Arrested for Hurling Museum's Statues to Floor

Lawyer says man was suffering from so-called 'Jerusalem syndrome'

(Newser) - Israeli police have arrested an American tourist at the Israel Museum in Jerusalem after he hurled works of art to the floor, defacing two second-century Roman statues. The vandalism late Thursday raised questions about the safety of Israel's priceless collections and stirred concern about a rise in attacks on...

Museum Sues Ex-Director Over Fake Basquiats

Orlando Museum of Art says damage from fraud scheme may be irreparable

(Newser) - The Orlando Museum of Art has admitted its "99-year legacy was shattered" when it was found to be exhibiting fake paintings attributed to Jean-Michel Basquiat. Now it wants justice. In a lawsuit filed Monday, OMA "seeks to hold responsible the people the Museum believes knowingly misrepresented the works'...

Art Museum Cashier Guilty of Stealing $1.1M
Cashier Scammed
Museum for $1.1M

Cashier Scammed Museum for $1.1M

Swiss woman had many ways to skim money from ticket sales at art museum

(Newser) - A woman who worked at Switzerland's most popular art museum appears to have been the Rembrandt of scammers. The 54-year-old was found guilty Friday of stealing more than $1.1 million from the Beyeler Foundation museum near Basel between 2008 and 2019, the New York Times reports. Authorities said...

Antisemitism Apology Greets Visitors to Author's Museum

Statement calls Roald Dahl's racism undeniable

(Newser) - A museum that celebrates the writings of Roald Dahl is making clear that it doesn't celebrate everything the British author said and did. The Roald Dahl Museum and Story Center near London has installed a sign apologizing to visitors for Dahl's antisemitic statements, the Bucks Free Press reports....

Museum Puts Mastodon Bones Found by Work Crew on Display

(Newser) - A selection of bones belonging to a juvenile mastodon that roamed the woods of Michigan 13,000 years ago is now on display at the Grand Rapids Public Museum, after workers unearthed it by chance last year. Excited museum officials showed off some of the long-extinct pachyderm's remains on...

Ousted Florida Principal Sees David in Person
Ousted Principal Sees David

Ousted Principal Sees David

Florida educator goes to Florence to view Michelangelo's masterpiece in person

(Newser) - When Hope Carrasquilla and her family arrived in Florence on Friday, they went straight to the Accademia Gallery. The Floridians had traveled to Italy to see the museum's main attraction: Michelangelo's David, who was sculpted without clothes—an artistic decision that, more than 500 years later, cost Carrasquilla...

'Irish Giant' Will Be Taken Off Display in London Museum

Charles Byrne wanted to be buried at sea after 1783 death

(Newser) - For more than 200 years, the skeleton of Charles Byrne, known as the "Irish Giant," was on display in the last place he wanted it to end up: the collection of British surgeon John Hunter. But the 7-foot, 7-inch Irishman's wishes will finally be respected this year....

Scots Pick 'Obvious Choice' in Poll to Name New Museum

The museum in Perth will be called Perth Museum

(Newser) - A museum in Scotland decided to let the public choose its new name—and it isn't going to be Museum McMuseumface. After a period in which the public was invited to submit names and vote on the suggestions, the new museum in Perth will be called Perth Museum, the...

Children's Museum Worker Fired for Halloween Costume

Man who wandered downtown Madison, Wis., in Hitler outfit is said to have cognitive disabilities

(Newser) - A Wisconsin man has lost his job at the Madison Children's Museum over his choice of Halloween costume. Per a Monday statement from the museum, the unidentified employee was spotted Saturday night wandering around the city's downtown "dressed and otherwise [portraying] himself as Hitler."

Museum, Tribe Agree on Return of Wounded Knee Artifacts

Items are a fraction of those held by institutions that federal law says should be turned over

(Newser) - About 150 items considered sacred by the Sioux peoples that have been stored at a small Massachusetts museum for more than a century are being returned, museum and tribal officials announced Monday. The items including weapons, pipes, moccasins, and clothing—about seven or eight of which are thought to have...

Descendant Asks Harvard for Ponca Chief's Tomahawk
Harvard Gives Artifact
Back to Chief's Tribe

Harvard Gives Artifact Back to Chief's Tribe

Campus museum had held Standing Bear's tomahawk since 1982

(Newser) - Update: A tomahawk that once belonged to Chief Standing Bear is back with his tribe. A museum at Harvard University turned over the artifact to members of the Nebraska and Oklahoma Ponca tribes in a ceremony on June 3, the AP reports. The tomahawk had been in Harvard's possession...

Dish on Museum's Juneteenth Menu Sparks Backlash

Locals say menu item at Children's Museum of Indianapolis perpetuates racist trope

(Newser) - A kids museum in Indiana is at the center of controversy after a menu item for Juneteenth didn't go over so well. The Indianapolis Star reports that included among the food options at the Children's Museum of Indianapolis was a prepackaged watermelon salad ( TMZ has a pic),...

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