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Egypt Pleads With Parents to Have Smaller Families

Nation's resources are becoming strained

(Newser) - Last year, Egypt’s population topped 104 million, five times what it was in 1950, and it continues to grow at a steady clip, per the Washington Post . Egyptian President Abdel Fatah al-Sissi sees a population crisis that threatens national security and economic development, and he has “repeatedly scolded...

Big Heinz Move: Paper Bottles Come to Those Who Wait

Company developing alternative to iconic original glass bottle

(Newser) - People might be squeezing Heinz ketchup out of a paper bottle in the not-too-distant future. The company is teaming with the packaging company Pulpex—perhaps best known for making a paper bottle for Johnnie Walker whisky—to come up with a more green-friendly container, reports Axios . While the push for...

Jane Goodall Surrounded by Underwear in New Ad

Primatologist, 88, keeps her own clothes on in ad for sustainable clothing brand Boody

(Newser) - Dr. Jane Goodall has accomplished a lot in her life. But for the first time, at age 88, she's now fronting an underwear campaign. The renowned primatologist appears front and center in a new ad for Australian sustainable clothing brand Boody. Though her clothes remain on in the rainforest...

Plans Set for World's First Floating City

Construction to begin next year in Busan, South Korea

(Newser) - South Korea's second-largest city will reportedly play host to the world’s first "floating city." The major port city of Busan has partnered with the United Nations' Human Settlements Program and sustainable design startup Oceanix to develop a 15.5-acre floating city made up of three connected...

Crows Trade Butts—the Cigarette Kind—for Food

Sweden testing litter cleanup program

(Newser) - Some crows in Sweden will literally work for food now. A company based in suburban Stockholm is testing a program that sees trained crows pick up cigarette butts in the city in exchange for food, the Guardian reports. For each butt a crow places into a special machine, the bird...

World's Largest Jeweler Makes Huge Pivot on Diamonds

Pandora will sell lab-made diamonds only from now on in the name of sustainability, affordability

(Newser) - "Laboratory-made diamonds are a girl's best friend" may not have the same ring to it, but the world's largest jeweler is now banking on a shift in that direction and hoping it will be a lucrative one. The BBC reports that Pandora will cease to sell mined...

Where's the Beef? Not in This Popular Site's Recipes Anymore

Epicurious' move is in the name of sustainable cooking, but not everyone is happy about it

(Newser) - Food and cooking website Epicurious made a big announcement on Monday, with some critics saying it's a "drastic" one. "Epicurious is cutting out beef," the site, which falls under the Conde Nast umbrella, posted in a tweet , explaining that beef will no longer be included in...

Spirits Industry First: a Paper Bottle

Diageo announces Johnnie Walker Scotch whisky will have plastic-free packaging starting next spring

(Newser) - Tired: drinking out of a paper bag. Wired: drinking out of a paper bottle. Starting next year, you'll be able to do the latter, thanks to a spirits industry first. Reuters reports that Diageo—maker of such brands as Tanqueray, Captain Morgan, and Smirnoff, among others—has teamed up...

Starbucks Just Made a Change It Hopes You Don't Notice

Company is testing greener coffee cup with biodegradable liner

(Newser) - Starbucks' paper coffee cups aren't as easy to recycle as you may think. That's because it's challenging to separate the outer paper part from the thin plastic liner used on the inside to keep any hot beverage from seeping through. The chain hopes to change all of...

Virus Takes a Toll on Fashion Week
Virus Takes a Toll
on Fashion Week

Virus Takes a Toll on Fashion Week

Outbreak keeps buyers, journalists, and clothes from reaching show

(Newser) - Climate change demonstrators firing smoke flares blocked traffic in central London to call for the cancellation of London Fashion Week, which opened Saturday against a backdrop of the coronavirus outbreak. The scare has reduced attendance by investors, buyers, and journalists, Sky News reports, and the long-term effects of the outbreak...

Here's Why Coca-Cola Won't Ditch Plastic Bottles

Soft drink behemoth says it's because of consumer demand

(Newser) - Coca-Cola apparently believes "the customer is always right"—so much so that the soft drink giant is refusing to stop producing its plastic soda bottles. The company, which the BBC notes was deemed the "most polluting brand" in a global audit of plastic waste last year, churns...

Prince Harry Unveils Eco-Friendly Travel Initiative After Criticism

Travalyst to support sustainable travel, local communities

(Newser) - Prince Harry responded to the hubbub over his use of private jets while unveiling an eco-friendly travel initiative in Amsterdam on Tuesday. The Duke of Sussex said he spends "99% of my life traveling the world by commercial," but occasionally needs to fly on a private jet "...

Engineer's Award-Winning Idea: Clothes Grow With Kids

UK student Ryan Yasin comes up with Petit Pli

(Newser) - It's an age-old problem for parents: Shell out money for clothes that their young children quickly outgrow. Now, however, 24-year-old London designer Ryan Yasin has put his degree in aeronautical engineering to use to create origami-like pleated clothing designed to grow along with the kids, reports Quartz . The result...

Critics Say eBay Founder's Hawaiian Plan Literally Stinks

Pierre Omidyar wants to build a dairy on Kauai

(Newser) - The smell of cow dung and the sting of biting flies—it's not exactly what one dreams of when dreaming of a Hawaiian getaway. But it's the reality eBay founder/Honolulu resident Pierre Omidyar is hoping to create on Kauai. With an eye toward sustainability, Omidyar is looking to...

Which Animal Is the 'Superpredator'? We Are

The rate at which humans kill animals is not sustainable, study finds

(Newser) - For tens of thousands of years, where humans go, animals are driven to extinction. We are the superpredator, killing animals—and adults ones at that—at a much higher rate than other predators. And it's not sustainable. So say researchers at the University of Victoria in the journal Science...

Meat Industry Fumes Over Federal Report Touting Vegan Diet

Officials point to environmental benefits of avoiding animal products

(Newser) - A new federal report points to the environmental benefits of a vegan diet, and the meat industry is not exactly happy about it. Industry representatives say sustainability isn't within the purview of the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee, whose recommendations factor into guidelines by the federal agriculture and health departments,...

Why It's Better to Eat Older Animals
Why It's Better
to Eat Older Animals

Why It's Better to Eat Older Animals

Advocate: They get to lead full lives, and the bonus for humans is better flavor

(Newser) - If you eat meat, it's a safe bet that you're eating young animals—those whose lives are measured in months rather than years, writes Eve Fox at Modern Farmer . That's because the meat is more tender, and tender is what sells. But Fox talks to author Adam...

Group Trying to Save Ponies Recommends ... Eating Them

Eating pony meat would keep the species going by creating 'sustainable market'

(Newser) - Sometimes the solution you're looking for is right in front of your face. For example, if you'd like to save the ponies that roam the moors of southwestern England, perhaps you should ... eat one. This is the suggestion being bandied about by the Dartmoor Hill Pony Association to...

California Blue Whales Show Big Rebound

Population returns to 'sustainable levels'

(Newser) - After decades of deadly whaling, the California blue whale population has come back with a vengeance. A study in the Marine Mammal Science journal says that the once-endangered mammal, which can be found from Alaska all the way down to Costa Rica, has bounced back to "sustainable levels,"...

1% of World's Commercial Wood Goes to ... IKEA

The total comes to 17.8 million cubic yards of wood

(Newser) - IKEA, the Swedish furniture chain so massive it employs 150,000 people in hundreds of stores in almost 30 countries, now eats up an incredible 1% of the world's entire commercial wood supply, reports Pacific Standard . That was 17.8 million cubic yards in 2012—an amount so unfathomable...

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